How to give volume to hair at home: means, styling, recipes


  • Care for hair that has lost volume
  • Hair styling for giving volume
  • Home masks for volume of hair

Even thick and curvy by nature curls with the passage of time lose their volume, become thinner and look not so chic as before. What can we say about the initially rare, liquid strands, which need to constantly curl and stack in such a way that it seemed that there are more of them than there is in reality. Hair, devoid of volume, is a real problem for many women, when special piles and various remedies stop helping, strands become thinner and turn into a dull, lifeless hanging patch. The whole point is that it is possible to give the hair volume only complex care for them. Disparate actions and activities will remain ineffective and disappoint. Try to master a three-dimensional program to make ringlets thicker and more voluminous : care + styling + mask. Only a single implementation of these measures can give you amazing results that will be visible to the unaided eye.

Care for hair that has lost volume

A unique program to give volume to hair, recommends starting with the right care, which is the base, the foundation, the foundation for all other manipulations. At this stage, there are several points that should be strictly observed. Doing them, you will soon feel how the hair not only acquired volume, but became even stronger, stronger, more radiant and shiny. Analyze your life: is everything in it good enough for curls to blossom with health and beauty?

  • Cosmetic store tools

What hair care products are there in your arsenal? It's time to reconsider them in the most drastic way, if you have set yourself the goal of making your hairdress large and lush. First, forget about ordinary shops and cosmetic boutiques. You will need professional cosmetics. Secondly, all means try to select one manufacturer and one line. In your case, on all tubes and cans should be the inscription: "FOR HAIR EXT."Thirdly, you will definitely need shampoo, conditioner, balsam-conditioner and mousse( spray) for styling.

  • Home remedies for the volume of hair

Only store tools for giving hair volume is not enough. Nothing soothes ringlets, like the use of home masks from ordinary food( honey, kefir, eggs) 2 times a week, rinses from herbs( sage, mint, rosemary, hops, calendula, birch, lavender, burdock root, oak bark andetc.) after each washing of the head, daily aroma-combing( using essential oils of lavender, mint).Their regular application will help you achieve your goal much faster.

  • Power

Revise your power. Masks, of course, nourish the roots of hair, but biologically active substances( the same vitamins) still can not penetrate to a sufficient depth to update and restore all cellular processes on which the density of hair depends in one way or another. A much greater effect can be achieved by enriching your diet with vitamins and microelements. From the inside they will reach their destination much more quickly and thereby transform the appearance of the curls. The principles of proper nutrition are familiar to everyone, but only to adhere to their lack of spirit is not at all. First, we will have to limit the number of fast food, fatty, sharp, smoked products and alcohol consumed. Secondly, daily in the diet should be enough greens, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, red meat. It just seems that there is no visible connection between the food and the hair. Try for a week to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition - and you yourself will notice those changes that occur with your curls: they will become more voluminous and lush.

  • Treatment of

Very often, the cause of hair loss of the former volume is one or another disease that undermines the body from the inside. Do not let it develop. Go through an annual medical examination, ask for help from doctors, be treated, and take care of the prevention of those diseases to which you are inclined. Locks are a litmus test that reflects any illnesses and ills.

Implementing gradually this program, you can create a volume of hair at home by any means - to do the laying, which now falls on healthy curls much easier than it was before.

The masks that you did before, but were not satisfied with the result, will now become much more effective, because they will be backed up by proper, competent care for thin, rare, liquid hair. If the action of masks is a fairly long process, when one and the same tool has to be used regularly, the styling gives an immediate, quick result. How can you make it to keep the volume on your hair as long as possible?

Styling hair to give them volume

The purpose of these folds is to create a volume at the roots of the hair , which will lift the entire mass of curls and give the impression that there are many strands, they are thick and lush. The method, indeed, is good from the point of view of the results obtained. However, to resort to it often( every day, for example, as many women do before work in the morning) is undesirable, since it involves the use of tools such as hairdryer, tongs, curling iron, ironing. All of them do not have the most beneficial effect on the inner health of the locks, although the external gloss will undoubtedly lead. Consider this: giving hair volume by laying should not be permanent.

  1. Thin, straight hair before styling is better to make wavy - this will give them extra volume. It is not necessary for this to resort to a harmful and pernicious chemical wave and even forceps: use the curlers .To give volume to long hair, it is good to use hair curlers: after their removal, the treatment with a hairdryer will make your hairdo fantastically magnificent and luxurious.
  2. Light hair looks thicker( airy) than dark ones, therefore should be clarified for a couple of tones of .
  3. Always wash your head before laying.
  4. On damp hair( to be more precise - on their radical part) apply special mousse for volume ( very little).
  5. Next, there is a process of drying the hair with a hair dryer, the power of which to obtain the optimum volume should be at least 1,600 W.The head should be lowered down, strands from the roots are recommended to be pulled, to direct air from the hair dryer into this area of ​​the head. After this part is dry, lightly dry the rest of the hair.
  6. With long hair, it would be good if is used instead of a hair dryer, , which perfectly raises the locks from the roots. However, after such a method, the hair is very confused.
  7. Give your hair the right shape.
  8. Apply a thin coat of lacquer. Styling, increasing the volume of hair, is ready.
Now you know how to make the volume on the hair in just a few minutes with the help of self-styling. As we have already said, this is not the only way to make your hair feel luxurious and chic.

Much more effective will be regular home masks that thicken the hair, make it strong and strong - due to this and there is an increase in the volume of hair.

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Home masks for the volume of hair

Home masks for giving volume to hair are prepared from the most ordinaryfood that is in your refrigerator, from certain cosmetic and essential oils, from herbs. The naturalness of the means ensures their high efficiency. In addition to the volume, these masks intensively nourish the roots and moisten the strands, which is very important for the health and well-groomed appearance of the hair. Means of this kind rarely contain aggressive components, so their aging time under the insulation can be extended to 1 hour. This method of giving hair volume should be regular: perform such procedures 1 or even 2 times a week. There are a lot of recipes: pick them up according to the composition( what products you do not have allergies, which are available to you), by the type of your hair.

  • Sea salt + cognac + honey

100 ml of fresh honey slightly warm, combine with the same amount of good cognac, pour 100 g of sea salt. Mix thoroughly, pour into a jar, tighten tightly, send for 10 days to the darkest and coolest place.

  • Mayonnaise + egg + olive oil

30 g low-fat mayonnaise whipped with two homemade raw eggs. In a water bath, lightly heat a tablespoon of olive oil, add to the bulk. The mixture can be left on the head for up to 2 hours.

  • Gelatin + water + mustard + yolk

Pour the teaspoon of gelatinous powder with warm water( 100 ml), leave for 20 minutes. Beat teaspoonful of mustard powder with raw yolk at this time. Combine the two mixtures. The aging time is no more than half an hour( due to the presence of mustard in the mask).

  • Nettle + colorless henna + yolk + water

Dry nettles to grind( half cup), add to it a powder of colorless henna( 2 teaspoons), raw whipped yolk. Dilute the mass with warm water so that a creamy creamy consistency mask is obtained. The duration of the action can be increased to two hours.

  • Lemon + castor oil + honey + yolk

Freshly squeezed lemon juice( tablespoon) is mixed with castor oil( the same amount), warmed with warm honey( 2 tablespoons), yolk.

  • Castor oil + vodka

Castor oil to bring to a warm state( 2 tablespoons), mix thoroughly with vodka( 1 tablespoon).This mask for the volume of hair is recommended to wash off without shampoo.

  • Kefir + egg

Half a liter of fatty yogurt is slightly heated, a raw homemade egg is driven into it.

  • Castor oil + burdock oil + aloe + yolk

Mix 2 tablespoons of castor and burdock oil, warm slightly in a water bath. Add a tablespoon of crushed aloe pulp, raw yolk.

  • White clay

Mask for giving hair volume with white clay is very effective and easy to prepare, although it can somewhat shock your results. Two tablespoons of powder kaolin( white clay) dilute with warm water until the desired consistency. The action time is only 15 minutes. When rinsing, a large amount of hair will wash off with shampoo. It is not worth to be afraid of this: white clay eliminates dead follicles, which prevent grow and develop new, healthy, strong hair.

  • Kefir + yeast

Pour two tablespoons of dry yeast with a glass of warm kefir. In addition to giving the hair the desired volume, this mask also contributes to the incredibly fast growth of the strands.

  • Pine nuts

100 g of peeled pine nuts to grind, dilute with warm water until the mass of the desired consistency. Place the mixture in a ceramic pot, put for half an hour in an oven heated to 150 ° C.If daily rubbed into the roots of such a miracle cure, the hair will become sturdy, thick, voluminous and very beautiful. The course of treatment is 14 days.

  • Herbs + esters + apple cider vinegar

Mix 1 teaspoon of mint, basil, rosemary, sage, chop, pour two cups of apple cider vinegar( one cup will be enough for dry hair), add mint essential oil( 3-4 drops) and lavender(5-6 drops).Close the tight lid, leave in a glass container for two weeks in a dark place. Then two tablespoons of the resulting infusion of dilute a glass of boiled warm water and rub into the skin for the whole night: wash only in the morning.

Home increase in hair volume is not an easy task, it is complex, including many measures and manipulations.

However, all this pays off the results that can be achieved with their help. With them you can forever forget about thin, liquid, rare hair and become the owner of luxurious, thick, voluminous curls.

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