How to make yourself lose weight: motivation and self-adjustment

How to force yourself to lose weight: motivation and self-adjustment

If you ask a person how to lose weight, then he will start telling you about numerous diets that effectively and quickly help to reduce weight. But if you ask him the question "how to make yourself lose weight", you will hardly get an answer from him. The answer to this question can only be given by someone who has already been able to bring his weight back to normal, or someone who "sits" on a diet and successfully dumps excess kilograms.

Let's talk about how you can make yourself lose weight and whether you need to do it at all?

Motivation for losing weight

Motivation for losing weight

If you are wondering how to make yourself lose weight, then first give yourself an answer to the question "why do you need to lose weight?".Surely, your answer was one of these:

  • I have health problems, and the extra weight only aggravates the situation;
  • I am fat, ugly( and not at all like the opposite sex).

Do you have another answer? Probably not. If you are completely healthy, you have a beautiful appearance and you successfully communicate with the opposite sex, then why lose weight?

Answering this question, you will get a motivation that will move you in the right direction. Without motivation, you will not succeed.

If it's a matter of health, then it's definitely impossible to delay. You need to start right now. After all, you can not buy health for any money and just "do not lie on the road".Therefore, it should be protected and postponed the process of losing weight for a week or two is unreasonable.

Well, if you need to lose weight just to improve your appearance, then there is a lot of new problems that people who want to lose weight create for themselves.

Self-adjustment for weight loss

And basically these problems are formed on a psychological level. In most cases, fear arises, fear of a "new life", because you have to give up all bad habits and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle.

But before you ponder on this topic and create additional problems to yourself, remember when you last made complement? Remember how your husband or wife, coming to the beach, looks at beautiful and slender guys or girls? And when was the last time they looked at you like this?

Psychological mood

Undress up to the goal, take the marker and go to the big mirror. Look at yourself. What do you see? And what would you like to see? That's what you would like to see in the reflection, you need to draw a marker. And now see how your reflection differs from the one drawn. Shocking? Do not wipe the mirror with your silhouette.

Psychological attitude

Every time you want to once again pamper yourself with a piece of fatty roasted meat or candy, undress and come to this mirror. Your desire to eat something tasty immediately disappears. And when your body starts to change and gradually approach the reflection reflected on the mirror, then you will not make yourself lose weight.

You will have a sparkle in your eyes, self-confidence and a wild desire to finally achieve your goals, which will be much more than the desire to get yourself something delicious.

You are still interested in the question, how to psychologically force yourself to lose weight? Why bother? Does someone make you eat? You yourself express the desire to eat. So here, you should have an incentive, you should have a desire to lose weight. Otherwise, all the measures you have taken will not be effective.

The main thing, do not create your own problems and do not listen to others. Many in order not to offend you, they will say that you absolutely do not need to lose weight and you look perfectly.

to force oneself to lose weight

And do not ever think of excuses, which the process of losing weight is put in the back box. The most popular excuse among fat people is "I have no willpower."All this is nonsense. If there is a true desire, then willpower will not be needed here.

Communicate more with others, tell them that you want to lose weight and what you have already done for it. This will help you keep your temper. And after returning to the old way of life will be uncomfortable and ashamed of others.

Begin to lose weight right now and without any excuses. Only you can influence yourself and your mind. Take it under control and then you have to get it all!

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