How to gain weight at home?

How to gain weight at home?

Today more than 60% of the population struggles with excess weight, and only 10% suffer from its shortage. That is why today in the open spaces of the Internet and in book stores there are many recommendations on how to lose weight, and not vice versa. Let's talk about how to gain weight quickly at home and without harm to health.

Causes of shortage of weight

Weight gain is quickly possible, only it is worth considering the fact that any load, even in the form of kilograms, can adversely affect the condition of the joints and the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is very good to think before starting to increase body weight and undergo a complete examination to identify diseases of internal organs and systems.

As a rule, the cause of shortage of weight are acute or chronic diseases. After the examination, you will find out whether you have such a disease or not. If they are, you must first cure them and only then proceed to gain weight. In most cases, getting rid of diseases, a person's weight is normalized without any effort.

How to gain weight

Another reason that often occurs when weight is underweight is heredity. If you have thin people in your family who are constantly trying unsuccessfully to get better, then most likely you will not succeed. Unfortunately, this is your physiology, there's nothing you can do about it. To gain weight in this case it is possible only having addressed for the help to the plastic surgeon who by pumping fat will increase your weight.

If you do not have skinny in the family and you have undergone a complete examination, in which there were no diseases affecting your weight, then you should pay attention to your lifestyle. Perhaps, your diet consists of low-calorie products and while you are actively active and constantly exposed to stressful situations. In this case, you need to avoid stress or take sedatives that allow you to calm down and not take everything so close to the heart.

How to quickly gain weight thin: recommendations

If you are wondering how to gain weight, then you should understand that simply eating fatty and high-calorie food, you will hurt your health and spoil the figure. You need to gain weight gradually, while increasing both fatty layer and muscle mass, otherwise you will have a "beer" tummy and cellulite, which does not look attractive.

So, in order to gain weight, you need:

  • to reconsider your diet;
  • try to avoid stressful situations;
  • regularly engage in gyms.

Diet for weight gain

Here you must follow a certain diet. Only not the same as when losing weight, but which is based on the opposite principle. That is, if the basis for a diet for weight loss is the restriction in eating, then you should not have them.
But this does not mean that you need to overeat fatty food, always sit in front of the TV, holding a pack of chips and drink soda. All this has a negative impact on health.

Diet for weight gain

Your diet should consist of healthy food, but only from one that has a high calorie content. Instead of milk, which has 1.5% fat, you need to drink milk with 3 - 4% fat content. The usual sour cream, containing 15 - 20% fat, should be replaced with sour cream with a higher fat content - 30-35%, etc.

What to eat to gain weight? Yes, whatever you want, the main thing is that it's healthy food. In your diet should be present foods such as:

  • eggs;
  • meat( preferably pork and beef);
  • bakery products, including muffins;
  • confectionery, but not in large quantities;
  • fruits, in particular bananas, grapes, peaches and apricots;
  • vegetables;
  • leguminous crops;
  • pasta;
  • porridges cooked in milk with a high liquid content and with butter;
  • fish and seafood;
  • nuts;
  • seeds.

weight gain

Sunflower seeds contain a lot of calories, for 100 g of product there are almost 500 calories. However, they should not be abused, as they negatively affect tooth enamel.100 grams of seeds per day will be enough to gain a couple of kilograms.

Also you should not forget about sour-milk products. They contain a huge amount of substances that normalize the work of the digestive tract. Therefore, their use becomes simply necessary, especially when it comes to the additional burden on the body in the form of high-calorie food.

If you are wondering how to gain weight properly eating, then you should understand that the regime here is also of great importance. The basic meals should be at least 3( breakfast, lunch and dinner).Do not miss them. Even if for some reason you did not manage to have breakfast in the morning, postpone this meal for a while.

It is also desirable to arrange snacks between meals. It can be a small sandwich with sausage and cheese, or a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.

You do not need to eat before going to bed, as the digestion process is disturbed and you can feel the heaviness in the stomach that will accompany you all night and all the next day. Diet to gain weight

how to gain weight properly eating

It will be very good if in your diet 30% will consist of fast carbohydrates, which are stored in the body and converted to fat, resulting in weight gain. Fast carbohydrates are in baking, various sweets and in fried potatoes.

You also need to include in the diet sports nutrition, which allows you to quickly build muscle mass, due to which the weight also increases, and the figure acquires an attractive appearance.

Before taking any measures to gain weight, you need to visit a nutritionist so that he can calculate your daily calorie intake for weight gain. The daily calorific value is calculated individually, taking into account age, sex and initial weight. Lowering it can lead to a lack of results, and an increase can lead to problems related to the state of health.

Visiting gyms

Visiting gyms when gaining weight is necessary. Since in the absence of physical exertion, only the fat layer will grow, which will damage the figure.

Visiting gyms when gaining weight

Attend gyms at least 3 to 4 times a week. In doing so, you will need to find a trainer who will develop for you an individual program that allows you to quickly build muscle tissue, while not greatly affecting the fat layer.

To improve the effect, you can drink specially designed for a set of muscle mass cocktails, which are actively used by athletes. The basis of these cocktails is protein, so they should not be abused, as they for a long time muffle the appetite, resulting in a decrease in the amount of food eaten several times and the body begins to consume the energy stored in the fat cells. Consequently, the fatty layer decreases and the weight also.

The best option is if you are preparing yourself a cocktail yourself and drinking it directly before classes. You can use the following recipe: mix 2 liters of milk with a high fat content with two glasses of milk powder and 40 grams of protein. Mix all this with a mixer, and to improve the taste, add vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

And before each meal, about half an hour, drink one glass of fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. They will increase appetite, as a result of which you will be able to fully increase the portion and gain weight.

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