There were white spots on the skin - the causes and treatment of spots

The appearance of white spots on the skin of anyone, including white, indicates a pathological process, which is not always associated with skin diseases. A healthy human skin has an even, solid color, the saturation of which depends on the content of the particular melanin substance. Its shade is influenced by the location of the blood vessels.

White-red spots on the skin of and mucous membranes are almost always a symptom of any disease, especially of the skin, as well as allergies, genetic and somatic pathologies.

white spots on the skin Physiological and pathological causes include vegetovascular changes occurring in the cardiovascular and vegetative systems.

So, for example, fear, excitement can affect the lumen of blood vessels and cause the appearance of spots that after a long time pass completely.

White spots on the face skin, as well as other parts of the body remain after sunbathing. Closed areas of the body contrast sharply with tanned skin. A rare genetic disease that is characterized by the lack or insignificant content of melanin in skin cells is albinism.

Causes of white spots

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  1. Pityriasis is a skin disease, the causative agent of which is a fungus that affects the upper layer of the( horny) epidermis. Developing azelaic acid, it affects the synthesis of melanin, which is accompanied by discoloration of skin areas. Exacerbation of lichen is observed in the warm season. Favorite location: neck, arms, back.
  1. Vitiligo is a skin disease associated with a deficiency in certain areas of the skin of melanocytes. It is accompanied by the appearance of white spots on the skin. The causes of vitiligo are not fully known. Many experts suggest that the disease contributes to a metabolic disorder, disruptions in the work of the endocrine glands, a strong emotional experience, etc. It is proved that the risk of the disease increases if it is manifested in close relatives. Women suffer more often than men.

White spots Symptoms

  1. white spots on the face For vitiligo, the main symptom is the appearing of the irregularly shaped white spots on the skin of the hands of , as well as other parts of the body that noticeably "spoil" the appearance. Together with the skin, the hair becomes discolored. Over time, the white small spot on the skin of the increases in size, and if there are several, the fusion occurs in large spots. In addition to the cosmetic defect in the form of white spots, the disease does not show itself to another - , that is, the discolored areas of the skin are not itchy, they do not hurt, they do not flake, they do not become inflamed. Melanin skin areas quickly burn out under the influence of sunlight. That is why it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun. Vitiligo is poorly treatable. Patients with lesions of small areas of the skin are prescribed drugs that promote the synthesis of melanin under the influence of ultraviolet irradiation.
  2. White, flaky spots on the skin of the regular shape with clear boundaries - this is the main sign of the pityriasis. Favorite location - shoulders, chest, armpits. The affected areas do not sunbathe, therefore remain bright spots on the background of healthy skin. In addition to discoloration and flaking, itching, hyperhidrosis( excessive sweating) is noted. A number of factors contribute to the disease: immunodeficiency, endocrine pathology, long-term insolation and exposure to ionizing radiation, etc. Treatment is performed with antifungal drugs.

White spots on the skin of a child

Hypomelanosis is a pathological process that leads to a disruption of the production of melanin by special cells and promotes the appearance of white spots( hypopigmentation) on the skin.

Synthesis and transformation of melanin is a complex process, regulated by a special combination of genes. If something affects their structure, the disease must manifest itself in the form of white areas of the skin, devoid of pigment, including on the scalp, which is accompanied by the growth of blond hair that never acquire color. Hypomelanosis manifests itself at any age, but it is in children that it is noticed for the first time.

Vardenburg's syndrome in children is manifested by light areas of the skin, the presence of white strands of hair, different colors of the irises of the eyes, as well as congenital deafness.

Another disease, in which there are white spots up to 3 cm in size on the skin of the child - is tumorous sclerosis. The appearance of spots is accompanied by the formation of small nodules on the skin of the hands, feet and in the forehead. Often, the above symptoms are accompanied by epilepsy, mental retardation, the formation of cysts in the kidneys, lungs, etc.

If appeared white spots on the skin - treatment , which is preceded by a diagnosis should only be done by a doctor. Diagnostics includes examination, various skin tests( for example, with iodine), as well as instrumental( MRI, CT, etc.) and laboratory( including histological) methods of investigation of various organs and systems.