Causes of bladder cancer

The development of bladder cancer is due to abnormal growth and cell mutation of this organ. Unfortunately, this pathology occurs quite often. This type of malignant tumor ranks 11th in frequency of occurrence. Men are 4 times more likely to suffer from this disease than women, and this is due to the anatomical features of the structure of the organ. The leading method of treating cancer of the bladder in many countries of the world, for example, in Turkey, is a surgical operation. Find all the necessary information about the treatment of bladder cancer here http: //ru.bookimed.com/clinics/ country = turkey / illness = rak-mochevogo-puzurya /, on the pages of the portal Bookimed, where the best clinics of the world are represented.

Why does this disease occur and what are the risk factors? Knowing the main causes of bladder cancer can try to prevent the disease.

Among the main provoking factors include:

  • smoking - causes congestion in the urine and subsidence on the walls of the bladder of harmful substances that damage the mucosa;
  • age - cancer can develop at any age, but in people younger than 40 it is very rare;
  • race - a higher risk of bladder cancer in light-skinned people;
  • detrimental effects on the bladder of harmful substances;
  • taking certain medications from diabetes;
  • presence of chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • is a family or personal history of cancer.

The presence of the above risk factors does not at all mean that the disease will develop with a 100% guarantee, as well as the absence of these factors, does not guarantee that a person will not get bladder cancer.

According to medical statistics, 60% of patients who have suffered a resection of the bladder due to cancer develop relapses of the disease. Therefore, the best results are provided by a comprehensive approach to treatment with surgical intervention, radiation and chemotherapy.

To prevent the development of this dangerous disease it is necessary to give up smoking, monitor your health, to treat all inflammatory processes in a qualitative and timely manner, try to exclude the influence of harmful chemicals on the body, watch your weight and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. If there are relatives in the family suffering from this or that cancer disease, it is necessary to be twice as attentive to one's health.