Scarlet fever in children - symptoms, treatment, photo of scarlet fever

symptoms of scarlet fever in children photos The cause of scarlet fever in children is streptococcus bacteria.

Inside the body, they usually get through the mucosa of the mouth, however, in adults, skin lesions can serve as entry gates for infection.

Symptom of scarlet fever is angina caused by streptococcus, adversely affecting the whole body, leading to damage to the heart, kidneys, nervous system. The toxic substances released by the causative agent lead to the initiation of autoimmune processes, as a result of which tissue lesions occur. The danger is presented by patients with a hidden form of scarlet fever. They are not isolated from other children, because their disease is not diagnosed. They are the main source of the disease, spreading the infection into the environment.
The source of streptococcal infection can be quite "healthy" people, those who suffer, such as nasopharyngitis or angina.

The incubation period of scarlet fever in children lasts 5-7 days. The beginning is almost in all cases acute and violent. Children have a fever( up to 38 or 39 degrees), they are unwell, feel a headache, discomfort when swallowing( sore throat is a frequent companion).Cervical lymph nodes increase in size. There may be vomiting, sometimes multiple.

Symptoms and signs of scarlet fever in children


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Already in the early days, a clear red or pink rash may be a clear symptom of scarlet fever in children. It appears on the body, the internal surfaces of the limbs under the influence of streptococcal toxins. Hence the name "scarlet fever".In translation, this word means "purple".A rash in scarlet fever in children is a small bubble filled with transparent contents. Many children have itching.

symptoms of scarlet fever in children photos Redness often spreads to the face. Do not blush only the nasolabial triangle, the area around the nose and mouth.

Symptom of scarlet fever is a swollen tongue in the first few days. On the fourth day the tongue becomes bright red with white papillae.

After 2-5 days the rash starts to turn pale, the temperature is normalized. A few more days pass and the rashes are replaced by skin peeling, which lasts about a week.

Treatment of scarlet fever

symptoms of scarlet fever in children photos Even the slightest suspicion of scarlet fever should be a signal to call a doctor.

Scarlet fever is a disease that, with proper and sufficient treatment with antibiotics, ends safely, and in the absence of treatment leads to severe complications.

Until the temperature drops, patients are on bed rest. To prevent toxic complications, be sure to drink abundantly. All other food is wiped, semi-liquid, proteins are limited.

Treatment is most often performed at home. Hospitalized only those who are ill in moderate and severe forms, those who have children under seven in their families, as well as primary school children who used to have scarlet fever before.
Penicillin therapy is prescribed for 5-7 days. With intolerance to drugs of this series, other antibiotics are used.

All complications in children can be divided into:

• purulent( for example, lymphadenitis or otitis).In our time, these complications are quite rare;
• and allergic( synovitis and nephritis).

The first are more frequent in young children( especially those who are weakened by chronic diseases), and the latter - in older ages. Allergic appear only in the second period of the disease, and purulent - during the entire illness. The protective regime, early hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics reduce the probability of complications to a minimum.