Acne on the head - causes, treatment

pimples on the head Acne can appear on different parts of the body, including under the scalp on the head.

This phenomenon is not only a medical, but also a cosmetology problem.


The reasons for the appearance of acne can be different: from irregular washing to hormonal changes and disturbances in the work of internal organs. In small children, small pimples on the head can signal an allergic reaction to a new food product or other irritant: animal hair, pollen, household chemicals. Do not forget about the disease, like chicken pox, the first symptom of which are small water pimples on the head.

In adolescents, the appearance of rashes on different parts of the body is associated with the onset of puberty. Intensive rashes require treatment in a dermatologist and cosmetologist, in other cases, enough care for the skin at home. As a rule, teenage blackheads completely pass to 18-20 years.

As for adults, they periodically have acne on the scalp. At the age of 30 years and older this is usually associated with hormonal disorders. In women, this phenomenon is observed against a background of various gynecological pathologies, in particular, polycystosis and ovarian tumors. Provoke the appearance of acne can and the reception of steroid hormonal drugs, which are often prescribed for autoimmune diseases.

The appearance of acne on the head can be caused by external causes, including prolonged exposure to chemicals that cause blockage of the sebaceous glands. Such substances include various cosmetic creams and detergents. In addition, this problem is possible due to the influence of mechanical factors: wearing a close headgear or habit to constantly comb the skin. Very often the itch of the head and acne are interrelated, because with regular injury of the skin in the wound can get an infection and cause the appearance of pustules.

Pimples on the head under the hair


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Acne on the scalp, as on other parts of the body, is the result of the wrong operation of the sebaceous glands. Rashes on the head and body are very diverse, depending on the mechanism of development and the causes of the onset. Strict medical classification of acne does not exist, but conditionally they can be divided into two groups: comedones and eruptions of an inflammatory nature.

Comedones are formed as a result of blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles with septic plugs. The sebaceous glands of a person continuously develop a secret that can accumulate in the pores, clog them and oxidize with the formation of characteristic black dots. Sometimes comedones are not located on the surface of the skin, but in its deep layers - so are formed acne subcutaneous on the head.

Acute pimples on the head are comedones in which an inflammatory reaction has developed due to the penetration of bacteria. In this case, the rashes may have the nature of papules - reddish nodules on the surface of the skin, or pustules - located in the thickness of the skin pustules with a white head.

Acne Treatment

To eliminate this unpleasant cosmetic defect, there are many medications and prescriptions for traditional medicine. It is simply impossible to list them in one article. However, it should be noted that treatment with folk methods: aloe juice, blue clay, tea tree oil and other such products is effective only with minor and irregular rashes. In more serious cases, you need to see a doctor for local or complex therapy. For adequate treatment it is necessary to know why acne on the head appeared - this will help to eliminate the cause of rashes.

Local therapy is the use of so-called exfoliants - preparations containing lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids. Complex of these acids effectively softens sebaceous plugs and cleanses pores. To exfoliate, renew skin cells and reduce inflammation, preparations from the group of retinoids, in particular, adapalene, are used. A persistent antibacterial effect is possessed by another popular drug for the treatment of acne - benzoyl peroxide in a concentration of 5-10%.Creams and ointments with benzoyl peroxide are dotted on the skin once or twice during the day and give an excellent result within a month after the start of application.

In severe forms of acne on the head and other parts of the body, antibiotic therapy with antibiotics with a wide spectrum of action is indicated. Together with them antifungal agents and preparations of zinc are appointed. The duration of antibiotic therapy is at least 6-8 weeks.