A diet from cellulite - whether it is necessary to starve?

Diet from cellulite - whether it is necessary to starve?

In many women, the word diet means "several weeks of hunger strike", and when it comes to cellulite, everything becomes completely scary. The fact is that most of the female population of the planet somehow faced with the problem of cellulite. Someone expresses it more vividly, some do not, but, in any case, it is necessary to fight it correctly. Many women begin a mindless hunger strike, but this is a completely wrong approach - you need to understand the causes of cellulite, choose the right diet and only then start a planned diet.

Is cellulite the norm?

Let's just say that this is a significant female problem that many people suffer from: a well-known star of one reality show Kim Kardashian herself admitted that she has certain problems, but at the end she added: "So what?"This is an excellent indicator of how to treat this issue. Yes, it needs to be solved, but to make it the center of the universe, when talking about cellulite constantly, it's not worth it. In fact, cellulite is normal, and it becomes a problem only in one case: if fat cells become too much, and lymph can not normally circulate. Because of this, fibrosis of the tissues begins - the same "orange peel" that can be seen without the first squeezing of the limb. The affected areas( usually everything starts from the thighs and buttocks, but then the cellulite can go to other parts of the body) become quite hard, uneven, because that connective tissue, which used to be strong enough, is weakened by toxins that lymph can not wash out because of thefor the abundance of fat cells. In men, as a rule, cellulite does not exist - their structure of connections between the outer covers differs from ours, so they do not have such problems.

Causes of cellulite

The reasons for the appearance of cellulite, like its mechanism, have not been studied enough - modern doctors have not been able to come to a single opinion on what cellulite is and how it is best to fight it. There are several guesses and certain diets - with a part we will introduce you further.

Protein is your main ally

In any case, your diet should contain a lot of protein. This is an important point - the protein can be compared to a stove that simply burns fat, which in turn gives your body the energy it needs. Protein allows you not only to burn fat, but also to increase muscles, so that a protein diet is one of the most effective ways to throw off a couple of kilograms and get muscles instead. This is a very effective way - usually it takes only a couple of weeks for the skin to become smoother.

Naturally, there should be no visible fat in the meat you select. In general, all products containing protein should be minimally fatty. Ideally, you have to buy only factory options, because "home" milk contains a very high percentage of fat. But even with the choice of low-fat products, it's worth to be attentive: in some of them, manufacturers add substances that are not recommended on a diet.

Another point - your body will not be able to process at a time more than 30 grams of protein, so the diet should be designed so that you get at least one hundred grams of cottage cheese per day. Smash the right amount by eating: in the morning it can be cottage cheese, for lunch - any suitable meat. ..

Protein is your main ally

And lastly - the protein diet should be combined with at least minimal physical exertion. This is very important, because if they do not, you will not get strong muscles. In the period of training it is better to monitor the amount of plant fiber - it is through her that some decay products are released from your body, the delay of which in the body will not lead to anything good.

What to include in the diet menu against cellulite on the hips and legs?

In this paragraph, we list the ten most suitable products that simply must be in your diet. This does not mean that you only need to eat them, and even more so do not be afraid if something is allergic to you - in any case, you can easily exclude something from your diet. So:

  • Bananas. They contain a lot of starch, which is why many refuse to use them in their diets, but if you look closely, you can understand that the ratio of potassium to sodium is very good, so you can easily eat a banana if you really want to eat. Among other things, potassium increases the flow of blood, because of which the transport of nutrients to your body cells is markedly improved.
  • Water. That without which there is not a single diet. Your stomach is filled, but you do not get calories - you must agree, it's very cool. Pure water is also a source of material for lymph, but if you do not move, that all the water will be wasted in vain. Sunflower seeds
  • Sunflower seeds. It is a product that is very rich in vitamins E and B6, which are simply necessary for your body to digest proteins and remove the hated "orange peel".Unfortunately, there are a lot of calories in seeds, so it's not worth it to put on, but if you just want to click a bit or you decide that this is a great additive to a salad, then everything is fine.
  • Various spices, for example, ginger or chili. As certain studies have shown, chili helps a person lose weight much faster.

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