Why belly hair grows during pregnancy

Why abdominal hair grows during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes tremendous changes that affect not only the state of health of a woman, but also her appearance. Her skin can become covered with age spots, her hair becomes dry or fat, and her nails are strong. Also, a woman can have increased hair growth, not only on the head. Undesirable hairs can appear on the chest and stomach. Why there are hair on the abdomen during pregnancy, we now discuss.

The main reason for

If we talk about the appearance of hair on the belly of a woman, then we can say only one thing - they have every woman. They are just so thin and soft that we almost do not notice them, and therefore we are not looking for ways to get rid of them.

If a woman on her stomach has a thick and dark vegetation, then this is most likely a genetic predisposition. During pregnancy, these women only increase hairiness in this area.

Quite often, women develop unwanted vegetation on their stomachs during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is due to the occurrence of hormonal changes in the body, during which the development of the male hormone. He then provokes an increase in the level of hairiness in women.

In addition to this hormone in the female body, progesterone is also excreted. It is under the influence of this hormone that the lengthening of the life phase of the hairs occurs. They cease to fall out, which is the reason for increasing the density of hair that occurs during pregnancy. However, the life cycle of the hair increases not only on the head, but also on other parts of the body, which leads to the appearance of hair on the stomach.

Quite often, the embryology of the abdomen occurs due to hyperandrogenism, which is characterized by disruption of the ovaries and adrenal glands. Instead of maintaining hormonal balance, they start to produce more male hormones, which leads to the appearance of this unaesthetic problem.

In addition, when such changes occur in the body, in addition to the appearance of hair on the body, you can also notice a change in the skin - they become fat and on their surface there are pimples. In this case, an urgent call for a doctor is required.

But do not worry much about this. Even if the cause of the appearance of hair on the abdomen is hyperandrogenia, the pregnant woman does not need any special treatment, but only on the condition that this condition does not pose a threat to the development of the fetus.

Why belly hair grows during pregnancy

Hair on the abdomen during pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon!

Do not worry about the fact that during pregnancy, your hair grows on your stomach. This phenomenon is temporary and will soon stop worrying you.

After the birth, the hormone level returns to normal. And in about 3-4 months your hormonal background will be the same as it was before pregnancy. And such changes will also affect your appearance.

You will begin to notice that your hair is falling out, not only on the head, but on the whole body. And after a few months from the hairs on the stomach, which caused you so much discomfort, there will be no trace.

Remember that doing any manipulation to remove hair on your stomach is not recommended. Neither wax strips, nor tweezers, nor shaving machine can not be used. And all because under their influence the density of the hair cover will only increase, while it will be accompanied by irritations, redness of the skin and the appearance of pustules. And this can not be allowed.

It is also in no case possible to resort to laser removal of hairs on the abdomen during pregnancy, as this procedure leads to a violation of blood circulation and damage to the placenta. And this all has a destructive effect on the development and formation of the fetus.

If you are concerned about the increased hairiness of the abdomen, do not take any independent attempts to eliminate them, and better indicate your problem to the doctor. Perhaps he will find a way out of this situation.

But we recommend you not to focus on this problem, since the appearance of hair during pregnancy on the abdomen is a natural process, which is observed in almost every second woman.

Better take care of your emotional state. After all, your psychological health plays a big role in the development of your unborn child. So why bother with all sorts of nonsense? Better think about the fact that very soon you will have a wonderful baby, and from the hair on your stomach will not remain a trace.