Exercises from scoliosis: with a fitball at home, LFK + video

Physiotherapy is prescribed for many diseases not only of the musculoskeletal system, but also of the internal organs. It helps not only to get rid of pathology, but also to prevent its development with regular physical exercises. Exercises from scoliosis - this is an obligatory and main therapeutic and preventive measure for this disease of the spine. In this case, exercise therapy is not an additional method of therapy, but the main one.

Correctly selected gymnastics, which takes into account the stage of scoliosis, the type of curvature, the age of the child, concomitant diseases, individual characteristics and preferences allows avoiding the progression of the curvature of the spine and the need for surgical treatment, improve the condition of the internal organs, reduce the load on individual segments of the spine( lumbar and thoracic).

It should be noted that exercises in scoliosis in children are effective at any stage of curvature of the spine, but the best results can be achieved at the initial stages of the disease.

Rules for performing physical exercises

The first thing you need to know is that only a specialist should select the exercise complex of exercise therapy, especially if the curvature is already 4 and 3 degrees or there are specific forms of curvature, for example, S-shaped scoliosis.

It is absolutely not recommended to select exercises yourself at home. After all, there are movements that are forbidden in this or that kind of curvature. In some cases, such a gymnastics can only increase the arc of curvature in scoliosis and provoke its rapid progression.

The most optimal option is the selection of exercises in the clinic during individual or group sessions under the guidance of an instructor or physiotherapist. And after learning all the principles of the implementation of certain movements, you can start and independent studies.

Much more important are the other rules for chest scoliosis or lumbar:

  1. Individual approach to each child and adult. The exercises that help one patient can harm the other.
  2. Exercises for children from scoliosis should be selected strictly depending on the stage of curvature of the spinal column.
  3. You need to start physical therapy with a minimal load, gradually increasing the amplitude of movements.
  4. In the event of any discomfort from the patient( back pain, dizziness, palpitation), classes should be suspended or interrupted until the next time.
  5. The key to success is regularity. Complex exercises should be done every day at the opportunity or at least 3-4 times a week.
  6. It is not recommended to perform active stretching of the spine, even with lumbar scoliosis, as well as active rotational movements.
  7. Classes must begin with a warm-up.
  8. LFK can and should be combined with other methods of treatment and prevention.
Group exercise with exercise therapy
LFK in scoliosis should be selected in individual and group sessions under the supervision of the instructor

Selection of exercises depending on the stage of scoliosis

Scoliosis 1 degree allows the use of the basic exercise complex, which is described below. All other types of curvature need careful selection of each movement.

For example, in lumbar scoliosis, the exercise therapy should be aimed at developing and strengthening the muscles from the necessary side, which depends on the direction in which the arc of curvature is open. The muscle of the opposite side must be relaxed. Thus, it will be possible to normalize all the muscles of the back and straighten the spine.

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Depending on the principle described above, exercises of exercise therapy for scoliosis include:

  • symmetrical;
  • asymmetric.

The first can be performed independently only in the initial degree of scoliosis. The second can appoint only a doctor after a thorough examination and mandatory radiography of the spine with the measurement of the curvature of the kut.

Beginning with the 2nd degree of scoliosis, the gymnastics should be directed not only to strengthening the muscular back skeleton, but also to correcting the already present disorders.

Treatment of scoliosis of 3rd and 4th degree with one curative gymnastics is practically not applied. Here the therapy should be comprehensive, including massage, special corrective corsets, as well as a surgical operation.

Prohibited exercises for scoliosis:

  • on a horizontal bar;
  • pull-up in the air, lift-turn on the bar;
  • somersaults and other acrobatic movements;
  • weight training, for example, with a barbell or weights;
  • fast sports games and dances;
  • martial arts;
  • long distance runs.

Basic complex of exercises

This basic complex of scoliosis exercises is designed for correction of the 1st stage of curvature, as well as for prevention:

  1. Walking is not a place with maintaining an even posture for 2-3 minutes.
  2. We climb to the socks and pull the arms up as high as possible, then slowly return to the starting position, repeat 5-6 times.
  3. Circular motion shoulders, repeat 10 times forward and backward.
  4. The slopes of the body forward with the stretch of the hands, repeat 10 times.
  5. Raising the hands to the sides with parallel body turns to the sides, repeat 10 times.
  6. I.P. - lying on the back, legs bent at the knees. Pull the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa. We execute 5-10 times.
  7. . The item is the same. Alternately, pull your knees to your stomach. For each leg - 5 times.
  8. The same thing. Hands rest on the floor and slowly tear off the pelvis, caving in the thoracic spine, then smoothly lie back. Repeat 10 times.
  9. Scissors and a bicycle perform 10-15 times.
  10. I.P. - lying on the stomach. We tear off the head and shoulder girdle from the floor, stay for a few seconds in this position, then gradually descend. Repeat 10 times.
  11. The same thing. From the floor tear off the upper body with arms outstretched and legs( we form a boat).We linger for a few seconds and go down. Repeat 10 times.
  12. Lying on your stomach, simulating swimming movements.
Complex of exercises in scoliosis
Exemplary basic set of exercises for scoliosis

In conclusion, charging can be walked around the room on elongated socks or on the heels.

LFK in scoliosis in water

Medical swimming is a very effective method of exercise therapy in scoliosis and is the least traumatic. Swimming and exercise in water with scoliosis reduce the spastic strain of the back muscles and the severity of contractures, provide a safe stretching of all muscle groups, increase the mobility of the joints, heal the body as a whole.

In scoliosis, classes are recommended to be performed after a day and alternate with therapeutic gymnastics. The water complex includes:

  • breathing exercises in water;
  • swimming in the position on the back at the same time with both hands and with their alternation;
  • swimming style breasts, crawl, butterfly.
The child is engaged in water gymnastics
Training in the water is not only useful for children's spine, but also fun

Gymnastics with a fitball

Fitball is a special gymnastic ball of a large size. There are several varieties and diameters of the sports equipment, for example, for children and pregnant women.

The exercises for the spine with the fitball allow you to strengthen the muscles of the back and legs, improve the tone and flexibility of the body. Gymnastics with fitball affects almost all muscle groups, but the special emphasis is on the stabilizing muscles of the spine, so this gymnastics has a beneficial effect on the initial stage of scoliosis.

Sample complex:

  1. It is necessary to lie on the fitball in such a way that the lower part of the feet rests on the ball and the hands on the floor in the straightened position. Then slowly go forward with your hands a few steps and back.
  2. The same thing. We perform 5-10 push-ups.
  3. We lay down on the ball with our backs, we hold hands clasped behind the head, perform 5-10 hull lifts.
  4. I. p. The same, raise one leg up, repeat 10 times for each limb.

When making a conclusion, it is worth noting that scoliosis is easily treated with gymnastics in the initial stages, which can not be said of far-reaching forms, when even a severe operation on the spine can not correct the curvature. So watch your posture and your children, accustom them from childhood to an active lifestyle. Only in this case the posture will not spoil anything.

LFK in scoliosis
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