How often can I wash my hair?

How often can I wash my hair?

Wash your head - this is a fairly simple procedure, which some women resort to quite often. But, as practice shows, they are not doing it correctly. It would seem, what mistakes can be allowed while washing your head? He wet his hair, soaped with shampoo and washed it off with water.
In fact, if you after washing your head need a hair styling, then you do not wash them correctly. And this is confirmed by any experienced hairdresser. The thing is that if the procedure for washing your head went right, then the hair looks and without styling is attractive and has a beautiful shine.

In this case, it is very important not only to properly conduct the procedure and to know how often you can wash your head. First of all, the beauty of hair depends on these two factors. We'll talk about them now.

How does the frequency of washing the head affect the condition of the hair?

To answer the question of how often you need to wash your head, only an experienced specialist will be able to answer you. After all, in each case the frequency of this procedure is individual and depends on such factors as:

  • hair length;
  • type of curls;
  • the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • time of year.

Long hair is soiled much more slowly than short hair, so it should be washed much less often. Dry locks should also not be subjected to frequent washing, because from this they become even drier.

In fact, disputes over how often you can wash your head, there is a lot to this day. Some scientists say that it is extremely rare to do this, because every time we wash our heads, we injure the follicles and wash off the keratin from the hair, which makes them smooth and shiny.

How does the frequency of washing the head affect the condition of the hair?

When you apply warm water while washing your head, the skin begins to steam out and the pores on it expand. As a result of this nest, from which the hair grows, become vulnerable. And any friction or embarrassing action can provoke hair loss.

Therefore, scientists do not recommend washing their head often for those who are faced with the problem of falling curls. After all, resorting to this procedure too often, they only aggravate their situation.

In addition, frequent washing leads to the erosion of keratin, which is the main in the structure of the hair. It makes him shiny and soft, and also gives him a beautiful healthy appearance. Its lack leads to the fact that the locks begin to split and break, so many can not grow a thick and long hair.

But other scientists believe that washing the head does not do any harm, and even vice versa, leads to the cleansing of the skin, which facilitates the supply of a large amount of oxygen to the follicles through the pores.

And when the hair breathes, they become healthy and beautiful. But the amount of keratin washing head really affects. But, according to the second half of the scientists, each organism has the ability to quickly adapt to any conditions. Therefore, the more and more keratin is washed out of the hair, the more it is produced by the body. So do not worry about it.

And although opinions on how often to wash their hair, the scientists disagree, they still came to a common opinion that it is necessary to resort to this procedure as the hair gets dirty, not more often.

How to wash your hair?

Hair beauty directly depends on how you wash it properly, and no matter how often you do it. If you wash your head every day, but by all rules, then you will do them much less harm than if you wash them once a week, but doing so all the same.

Remember, the head wash should begin with the setting of the optimum water temperature. It should not be too cold or hot. We need the optimal temperature in 45С-50С.It is this temperature of water that contributes to the good dissolution of sebum and to the removal of contaminants from the hair.

How correctly to wash a head?

Remember that it is best to wash your head under a shower, so water will drain over them and they will not need to crumple or rub once more.

Shampoo should be used only on the type of hair. If you have fatty ringlets, then you should use shampoo for oily hair. If you buy a means for dry hair, your sebaceous glands will produce even more subcutaneous fat and the curls will get dirty much faster.

Shampoo should not be applied directly to the hair. It is necessary to pour a little water in a glass( literally ½ part) and add 1 tablespoon to it.shampoo. Beat all to a persistent foam and apply it evenly to the curls. Do not rub the shampoo, give him time to remove all the dirt. Just apply and wait for 2-3 minutes.

To wash off shampoo from hair also follows a stream of water from the shower, not pulling hair and in any way in general to them not touching.

Then you must necessarily use the air conditioner. It should be used even if your hair and after washing with ordinary shampoo become soft and silky. The conditioner promotes formation of invisible film on hair which protects them from influence of external negative factors.

Another point, if you want to get the maximum benefit from washing your head, then treat your hair a few hours before the procedure with some cosmetic oil( olive, coconut, burdock, etc.).Do not forget to warm it up.

Oils will provide your locks with adequate nutrition, after which they will get a beautiful shine. But remember that too much oil to apply to the hair is not worth it, otherwise it will be difficult for you to get rid of it afterwards and your hair will even look greasy even after washing your hair.

How to wash your hair properly

How to dry your hair?

Hair drying is an integral part of washing your hair. Therefore, every woman is simply obliged to know how to dry her hair properly, in order to preserve their natural beauty.
Naturally, you can not use a hairdryer in this case. Experts recommend to use it only in emergency cases, when you need to dry your hair urgently. Because the effect of hot air does them great harm.

Dry your hair naturally. In doing so, do it right. Take a dry towel and start dabbing your hair. Do not crush them and do not rub them, this will lead to the opening of scales.

As soon as the hair becomes wet, you can comb them. It is better not to use a brush, but an ordinary comb, preferably with a few prongs. During combing, you can use essential oils. They will have a good effect on the condition of your hair. They will provide them with adequate nutrition and will give a natural shine.

Then take another warm towel and wrap your head around it. Walk like this for about half an hour, and then remove it and allow the hair to dry to the end. Such drying will allow the locks to absorb a sufficient amount of moisture, after which they stop breaking and cutting.

So, let's sum up. Remember that the head needs to be washed as it is contaminated with a means that are suitable for the type of hair. To dry curls too it is necessary correctly, without a hair dryer. Doing all these simple recommendations, you can not worry about damaging your hair when washing your head. Remember, cleanliness is a guarantee of health!

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