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Physical stress is one of the most important in order to maintain a beautiful, tight figure, and to fight excess fat deposits. If only diets are used for weight loss, the result may not be happy - excess deposits will leave and weak muscles will remain. And the effect without an active lifestyle will not last long. One of the most popular ways to keep yourself in shape is running for weight loss.

The effectiveness of running for weight loss is very high, as during it the metabolism is accelerated, and a lot of energy is released. Thus, jogging helps burn calories. In addition, the oxygen system circulates the circulatory system, which improves the work of all organs and tissues. Regular exercises help to strengthen the muscles, tighten the figure, improve health and appearance.

The main advantages of running:

  • increases the body's resistance to any viral diseases and increases efficiency;
  • cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, it all goes through sweat;
  • lowers cholesterol and improves metabolism;
  • all cells are saturated with oxygen;
  • running is considered the best way to relax from any kind of activity;
  • improves coordination of movements;
  • improves the performance of the entire cardiovascular system;
  • helps to lose weight.

Running rules for losing weight

Rules of running for weight loss

Undoubtedly, running for weight loss is not a miracle diet, on which you can throw off 5 kilograms in three days. It is necessary to tune in to the fact that a positive result is real for regular and everyday lessons. Successes will appear after a few weeks of training, but they should not be doubted.

How to run correctly? To any physical activity and jogging, including, the body needs to be accustomed gradually. To begin with, you need to listen to the state of health - to run through strength, or when something hurts, you can not. All people are different, and everyone will have to adapt in different ways, some will be able to get used quickly, and others will need much more time.

It is likely that you will not have to start at all with jogging, but with ordinary walks on foot, gradually increasing distances and walking speed. Everything will depend on individual physical fitness, weight, and overall health. And by the way, people who suffer not just overweight but obesity, it is necessary to visit a doctor and get permission to run for consultations. But even in the case when there are no contraindications, one should not immediately load the organism in full, he will not appreciate it.

For training, you need to choose a place that is remote from people and routes. Perhaps it will be a school stadium in the evening, a park, a field or a path in the forest. It will be better if the surface is not completely level, but with ups and downs. On the asphalt, too, it is better not to run, because it has an increased trauma.

Any run always starts with a ten-minute warm-up, and ends with a stretch, the duration of which for each muscle group is 15 seconds.
Beginners need to start with small runs in 15-20 minutes. It is desirable to run at an average pace, so that the body does not get tired, but the work began to burn calories, excess fat, and all metabolic processes became active. To accustom an organism to jogs it is necessary 3 times a week, gradually bringing up their duration to 60 minutes.

The first 10-15 days of running will be difficult: untrained muscles will whine and constantly remind themselves of themselves. But if you only endure this period of time and jogs become a habit, they will start to bring pleasure, because during the run, serotonin is developed - a hormone of happiness. Regular jogging will guarantee a constant good mood for the whole day.

In order not to risk health, it is required before running and after, to measure your own pulse. The best activity is that in which the pulse is 120-130 beats per minute. But the increase should not be more than 70% of the initial heart rate, which was measured before the run. To return to the previous parameters, the pulse should be in 25-30 minutes after the end of the session.

Higher efficiency will be from interval running, not simple. With this kind of runs, a fast run for short distances alternates and slow for long distances. Results will please - running at the usual pace helps to lose 300 grams in 30 minutes, and the interval will give a better result - up to 500 grams for the same 30 minutes.

the plan of interval run for growing thin for 10 weeks

The slimming plan for slimming for 10 weeks is offered to the slimming:

If desired, corrections are possible as needed.

Week Jogging plan Jogging schedule Total duration
1 one minute running and two minutes walking 21 minutes
2 two minutes running and two minutes walking 20 minutes
3 three minutes running and two minutes walking 20 minutes
4 five minutes running and two minutes walking 21 minutes
5 six minutes running and 1.5 minutes walking 20 minutes
6 eight minutes running and 1.5 minutes walking 18 minutes
7 ten minutes running and 1.5 minutes walking 23 minutes
8 12 minutes running 1.5 minutes walking and 8 minutes running 21 minutes
9 15 minutes run 2 minutes walkba and 5 minutes running 21 minutes
10 20 minutes of running without walking 20 minutes

You need to follow a few important tips on how to run to lose weight:

  • throughout the workout you need to monitor your breathing, especially when moving to a faster pace- all the results of the run will come to naught if the breathing is wrong;
  • should not rush to increase the pace: quickly - does not mean better. There is much more important than convenience, the optimal jogging speed is individual for everyone,
  • needs to try different kinds of running: running for long and short distances, jogging, with or without obstacles - the most important thing is to decide which of these species will suit the body;
  • breathing should only be through the mouth, and inhale and exhale;
  • the choice of footwear and running clothes requires special attention - no need to expect to save, but it is better to prefer products of well-known and proven brands of sportswear, because it is about health.

When is it useful to run for weight loss?

When is it useful to run for weight loss?

Depending on when a run occurs, it can have a different effect on the body. Morning jogging will help strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system. Running in the afternoon is best to strengthen the muscles. Evening run is useful for the maximum effect of losing weight and burning extra pounds.

So if the goal is to lose weight - the best choice will be evening running, which will burn calories well.

But if the evening run is not available for some reason, then do not give up on the morning runs. Although he is not as effective for losing weight, but at the same time improve the condition of the body and burn calories and he is able to.

To run was correct, in the morning you need to run on an empty stomach, just before breakfast. In the evening, the best time is 2 hours after or 1 hour before the last meal. To raise muscle tone, it is advisable to take a contrast shower before training. After running through the shower should be already warm.

In general, the main intervals for the best readiness of the muscles for the load are the time from 6.30 to 7.30, from 11.00 to 12.00, from 16.00 to 18.00.

Running also has contra-indications. It is forbidden to run:

  • to those who have such diseases as hypertension, cardiovascular insufficiency, heart disease;
  • with various diseases in the period of exacerbation;
  • with any inflammatory processes;
  • with peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum;
  • with diseases of the spine, which are associated with deformation of the vertebrae( osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and others);
  • to those who have recently suffered any injuries or surgery;
  • with varicose veins;
  • with severe myopia, which begins with minus six;
  • for any violations in the endocrine system;
  • with bronchial asthma;
  • with flatfoot.


Running for weight loss, like any other workout, there is a lot of feedback. Among them there are very different.

Olga, 22 years old.
At first I ran only in the morning, but then because of the schedule I rebuilt, and began running in the evening. After jogging, I feel just fine!

Galina, 42 years old.
I've been running a little over two years, and during this time my result is minus 17 kilograms.

Anna, 37 years old.
With the help of jogging, I not only lost weight by three sizes, but also returned to normal my health was spoiled. In the summer I run in the stadium near the house, and in winter on a specially purchased treadmill. At the very beginning, I was embarrassed, and thought that my jogging would cause neighbors only laughter, but over this time I was not only laughed at, but my neighbor joined me, and now we run together.

Irina, 29 years old.
I learned that interval running is best for fighting large fat deposits. I began to apply it, the results are, but they are rather modest - 3 kilograms. But for me this is an additional motivation.

Kira, 26 years old.
I did not lose weight at all. I ran for several days an hour and a hill. I burned a maximum of calories - about 400. I ran both myself and under the supervision of the coach. I definitely worked and stamina increased, if at the beginning I was choking and tired, then it became easier for me, but the weight did not move by a gram.

Video about slimming run

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