Diathesis in children: photo, causes, treatment

Diathesis in children, in fact, it's not even a disease. At present, the so-called predisposition of the child's organism to the appearance of allergic reactions, acute respiratory infections, convulsive syndrome, atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis and other diseases is called so.


  • 1 Causes of diathesis in children
  • 2 Symptoms of diathesis
  • 3 Traditional treatment of diathesis
  • 4 Treatment of diathesis in children by folk methods

Causes of diathesis in children

There is a wide range of causes and factors that cause the development of pediatric diathesis. Among them there are:

  • a susceptibility to allergies transmitted from a parent to a child;
  • improper organization of a woman's nutrition during the period of carrying out the fetus, eating her food and dishes containing allergens( honey, raspberries, strawberries, sweets, citrus, egg white, etc.);
  • improper organization of nutrition of the mother breastfeeding the baby;
  • premature and uncontrolled introduction to the diet of a toddler's baby( doctors do not recommend introducing a lure for a baby who has not reached the age of 6 months);
  • insufficient air humidity in the room in which the child spends most of his time, lack of regular wet cleaning;
  • incorrectly selected baby food.

On the issue of choosing baby food should be stopped special attention. It is better that it be selected in accordance with the recommendations of pediatricians and, at the same time, take into account the individual characteristics of the baby. By preferring one or another nutritional formula, parents should remember that the right food for crumbs is the basis on which its full development and sound health is based.

Symptoms of diathesis

Diathesis in children photo

Diathesis in children

The most common sign of childhood diathesis is the appearance of bright red spots on the child's cheeks. These spots eventually become covered with dense crusts, itch and give crumbs discomfort. Redness of the skin can also be observed in the axillary and inguinal folds, behind the ears. Another, no less important and common symptom of diathesis is the appearance of gneiss - yellowish dry crusts on the head, on the eyebrows and on the forehead of the child. In some cases, there may be signs of diathesis in children, such as conjunctivitis and long-lasting diaper rash.

Later a patient with diathesis begins to noticeably lag behind in physical development, doctors diagnose a significant decrease in his muscle tone. In addition, he has an unstable, diarrhea-prone chair, the baby begins to accumulate excess fat mass. In the most severe cases, the clinical picture of the disease is supplemented by inflammation of the tonsils, nasopharynx, larynx, and also the organs of vision.

Traditional treatment of diathesis

Treatment of diathesis in children includes three main directions:

  • diet appointment;
  • administration of antihistamines;
  • topical therapy.

First of all, all allergen-provoking foods should be removed from the ration of the breast-feeding mother or from the menu of the baby itself. In the future, new dishes should be introduced into the lure cautiously, in small quantities and with careful monitoring of the reaction of the baby's body to some of their components. In order to determine the allergens with high accuracy, it is necessary to maintain a so-called food diary.

Special attention should be given to the fight against external manifestations of diathesis in crumbs. Gneiss on his head must be carefully processed with any vegetable oil and gently combed out with a rare comb after bathing. Redness on the baby's cheeks doctors recommend to regularly rub with a light solution of furatsilina or antiseptic properties of herbal decoctions.

Treatment of diathesis in children by folk methods

Along with the traditional methods of treating pediatric diathesis, people's means, proven by time and deed, are widely used.

Recipe 1. Prepare a decoction based on herbaceous grass, walnut leaves, three-colored violet grass, a large burdock root, yarrow herb and white clearcoat, black currant leaves, birch, strawberry and bearberry and give to his child 6 tablespoons a day.

Recipe 2. Prepare an aqueous infusion based on the root of a large mug and daily give the child a few tablespoons of the product.

Recipe 3. Prepare the broth on the basis of herbaceous peas and use it as a basis for lotions and compresses applied to the affected skin areas.

Recipe 4. Prepare ointment based on baby cream and fir oil( 3: 1) with the addition of vitamin C and regularly lubricate it with affected areas of the skin.

Recipe 5. Mix sulfuric ointment with fir oil and baby cream and regularly lubricate the affected area with affected areas.

Recipe 6. Prepare the decoction on the basis of a collection consisting of a clear white grass, a tri-colored violet, a strawberry leaf and a herbaceous grass, and regularly give them a sick baby.

Recipe 7. Daily give the child to eat a teaspoon grinded in a coffee grinder shell fresh chicken egg, extinguished a small amount of lemon juice. By the way, this tool not only helps the baby get rid of diathesis, but also helps to strengthen and grow his teeth.

Recipe 8. Grind the root of wheatgrass and cook on its basis a rich broth. The received means to give to drink to the child on some tea spoons in day.

Recipe 9. Grind the bark of the viburnum and prepare a rich broth based on the obtained medicinal raw material. Daily give the child a few teaspoons of the prepared product, diluting it with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

Recipe 10. Regularly give the baby before eating a black radish juice. Start the course of taking one drop of juice and, gradually increasing the daily dose by 2 drops, bring the required volume to 1 tablespoon.

Recipe 11. Grind the roots of dandelion and pour them with boiling water in a ratio of 1:20.Daily give the child a few tablespoons of the product.

Recipe 12. Prepare a deep decoction based on flowers and dandelion grass and give your child 1 to 2 teaspoons of the product daily, before diluting it with water.