How to provide first aid in case of sunburn

With the onset of summer, most people rush to the beach, where they inevitably exposes their skin to the ultraviolet radiation emanating from the sun. Excessive exposure to open air under direct sunlight in most cases leads to burns, which by their nature are in no way inferior to thermal .At the person thus the state of health worsens, there are painful sensations and if to not undertake adequate measures the consequences of a solar burn for an organism and integuments can be serious enough. First aid for sunburn can be provided on site and for this you do not need to have special knowledge of .


  • 1 First aid for skin burns
  • 2 Help with sunburn
  • 3 Prevention of repeated injuries

First aid for skin burns

As you know, any burns in nature are divided into several degrees of complexity. If the cause is the sun, then in most cases a first degree burn occurs, less often the second .With the provision of timely and proper care after these burns, the damaged skin is restored, and full recovery occurs within a few days. All measures aimed at providing first aid for sunburns are reduced to a reduction in pain and to the prevention of the death of damaged epithelium.

The first thing to do with a sunburn is to move the victim to .It is best to go into the room, but if this is not possible at this time, you should cover the entire body with clothing that will prevent skin contact with ultraviolet radiation, such as cotton. In extreme cases, a person can cover with a usual wet towel.

Skin exposed to sunlight should be able to cool the as quickly as possible. For these purposes, use ordinary cold compresses, which are applied to the affected parts of the body, for example, on the hands or feet. In the event that the burn is extensive and the large area of ​​the skin is affected, the best option is to take a cool shower or bath.

girl on the beach smeared with cream

Although folk remedies with solar shocks are also effective, in difficult cases it is better to use special preparations of

. In most cases, the main cause of ultraviolet damage to the skin is the person's desire to get sunburned, and instead a normal burn is obtained. In the event that a sunbather has noticed redness on his skin, then immediately stop the solar procedures and take the first steps to save the skin.

With sunburn, various folk remedies provide real assistance in the reconstruction. For these purposes, use sour cream, kefir, as well as decoctions of various herbs such as chamomile, St. John's wort, aloe juice and much more .All this should be applied to the affected areas of the skin in the form of compresses. It should be remembered that all these drugs have a positive effect only with mild burns, and therefore, in severe cases, special preparations will be needed.

In case of severe burning of the skin, and they have acquired a bright red shade, and any touch causes severe pain, special non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be used. For these purposes, suitable aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol, which are taken orally. Reducing redness and pain will help hydrocortisone ointment. It should be applied twice a day.

aspirin tablet

Inside, you can take regular aspirin, it will relieve inflammation

Help with sunburn of the eye

If sun damage to the eyes, they should be rinsed abundantly with running water. Then you can apply tetracycline ointment, which has an antiseptic effect. You should also use special antibacterial drops, such as albucid, levomycetin and so on. As a rule, vision after a sunburn is fully restored in a short time.

Tanned skin tone can be stimulated independently with the help of pigments found in some food products. For these purposes, rich in carotene carrots and apricots, regular eating of which will give the skin a golden tint.

carrots are arranged in a row

Beautiful tanned shade can be given to the skin by eating certain products, for example, carrots

Prevention of repeated injuries

As a rule, with sunburns full restoration of the skin comes in a few days .After that, the first time on the street should go out in closed clothes, made of natural fabrics. On the open areas of the skin it is better to apply sunscreen. In addition, those areas of skin that have been affected should be regularly moistened with aloe vera, sea buckthorn or green tea, until they are restored. It is also desirable to drink a course of vitamins, focusing on vitamin C and E.

The sun is an increased source of danger in the summer, especially in the southern regions of the .In most cases, a sunburn appears after a few hours, and when rendering first aid, it is time that plays a decisive role. If large areas of skin were affected and a person is experiencing severe discomfort and pain, the best solution is to consult a specialist who will prescribe adequate restorative treatment and help prevent negative consequences.