Mask for hair honey-oil: efficiency, application, recipes


  • Healing composition of honey and butter masks
  • Instructions for the preparation of honey and butter masks
  • Choosing the best recipe for mask from honey and hair oil

One of the most effective and common household care products for damaged, weakened locks is a hair maskHoney-oil, recipes of which are presented in a large number of performances. She is able to cope with many problems, if you choose the right ingredients for your type of curls. If they began to fall out in tatters, the ends cut off, the strands stopped growing, dandruff appeared, the curls gradually turned into a confused, naughty, hard lump, it's time to look for a recipe for a honey-and-oil mask. She will cope with all this tangle of problems and will not let you go back to complexes about the appearance and condition of your hair. The product can be either two-component or with the addition of various auxiliary ingredients that will only enhance the therapeutic-cosmetic effect of honey and oils, which you can appreciate.

Healing composition of honey-and-oil masks

The whole secret of hair masks from honey and butter is in the chemical composition of their main components. With the first ingredient, questions do not usually arise: everyone knows how much honey is a useful and therapeutic product, even for external use. In occasion of oils not all so is unequivocal: them it is too much, that often complicates a choice. What - vegetable or cosmetic - is better to use to restore the curls? And what exactly? Two components act as the main ones, and the rest can be added as auxiliary ones, which will enhance the therapeutic and cosmetic action of honey and oil. Correctly picking the composition for your mask, you can appreciate its effectiveness.

Chemical composition of honey:

  • fructose plays the first violin in the restoration of split ends and damaged, brittle, spoiled by permanent dyeing and chemical curling strands;
  • glucose puts in order the appearance of the hair: under its action they become smooth, silky, soft and just fantastically shiny;
  • B2, riboflavin , penetrating the scalp, is able to closely monitor the work of the sebaceous glands, solving both problems and dry strands( they get the necessary moisturizing), and fatty( they stop shining and quickly get dirty, as the glands reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat produced);
  • PP, niacin is considered to be one of the most useful vitamins for the hair, as it makes their color brighter and more saturated( even after staining), makes them shine naturally and beautifully, and also prevents the appearance of early gray hair, which is so undesirable for a woman inany age;
  • B5, pantothenic acid works primarily to strengthen the roots - especially if they are weakened, which often contributes to the total loss of strands;
  • B6, pyridoxine , in the opinion of trichologists, is one of the most effective anti-dandruff medicines, so that the masks, which contain honey, allow to get rid of white flakes unpleasantly covering the scalp in the shortest possible time;
  • B9, folic acid serves as a kind of protection for weakened and sick strands from aggressive, harmful influences, attacking them from the outside in large quantities: from ultraviolet, low temperatures, wind, permanent staining, frequent chemical waves, abuse of hairdryers and store care productshair;
  • C, ascorbic acid - the strongest antioxidant, which will allow your locks at any age to look elastic and elastic, as if in youth;
  • K, potassium is a microelement that is sufficient in honey to moisten strands that are dry: if you regularly use a hairdryer and can not give it up, the honey-and-oil mask will allow you to do it with the least loss, it is thanks topotassium;
  • Fe, iron in the composition of honey is necessary for the normalization of blood supply, which promotes the nutrition of the scalp with all necessary substances - without it the mask would be ineffective.

Which oil is better to choose:

  • burdock strengthens the roots, prevents hair loss;
  • sunflower makes the strands soft, smooth, smooth, shiny, silky, moderately moist;
  • olive restores damages to the curls, heals the split ends;
  • Castor moisturizes dry strands, used to effectively treat dandruff of any kind;
  • coconut restores split ends, healing them quickly and permanently;
  • Linen actively feeds the curls with all vital substances;
  • argan activates hair growth, and also helps to lift them at the roots, thereby increasing the volume;
  • sea buckthorn perfectly cures dandruff and restores any damage to strands;
  • almond is able to penetrate to a sufficient depth in the scalp and benefit the follicles, strengthening and nourishing them, this prevents hair loss;
  • jojoba is used most often to moisten dry curls, restore damaged ones;
  • Amla gives shine, softness and silkiness to the curls;
  • peach can be safely used for additional volume to those who have rare, liquid hair, as well as for natural radiance with faded, discolored locks;
  • grape is best used for weekly care for normal hair type;
  • macadamia perfectly moisturizes dry hair;
  • ylang-ylang promotes recovery of patients, brittle, tired strands;
  • wheat germ is perfect for those who want to stop hair loss and accelerate their growth;
  • cocoa is able to perform several functions at once: moisturizes, helps grow long braids, gives shine.

Regularly using at home hair masks for honey and oil, you can provide the scalp with all the necessary nutrients. They penetrate deep enough, becoming active participants in various cellular processes that affect the internal health and appearance of the curls.

Two such powerful components of a mask, like honey and oil, provide not only high efficiency of home remedy, but also a long-term result.

Enjoying the very first impression after the mask, you can not be afraid that tomorrow the hair will return to its former, deplorable and such undesirable condition. If everything is done correctly and regularly, the problems with the curls will become much less.

To whom is suitable and how to properly use the onion mask, one of the most effective and simple for home cooking.

Ginger helps to strengthen and slightly smooth the hair: http: //beautiface.net/maski/ dlya-volos / recepty-s-imbiryom.html

Instructions for the preparation of honey and butter masks

Honey and vegetable oils are products familiar to every woman in the kitchen. However, in order to use them for therapeutic purposes to restore hair, you need to know some nuances. With cosmetic oils, you need to be more careful, especially if you apply them for the first time. That the selected recipes did not disappoint, but pleased, before you start to prepare a mask, study the features of its preparation - it will save your nerves, save time and give a lot of positive emotions.

  • And honey, and cosmetic oils often cause an allergic reaction to the skin even with external application. To make sure that this does not threaten you, apply a thin layer of wrist( inner side) to the prepared composition, rinse it after 15-20 minutes and follow your sensations in the treated area for 3-4 hours. Absence of itching, burning, redness and rash is a guarantee that the chosen honey-and-oil mask will be safe and useful for your hair.
  • Before connecting the ingredients, honey and oil should be heated in different capacities in a water( steam) bath degrees to 45 ° C. However, be careful with this procedure if the composition of the product contains eggs( the protein may curdle) or essential oils( they lose their useful properties for hair).
  • You can safely apply honey-and-oil masks not only to the hair itself, but also to the roots: they will act anywhere as efficiently as possible, because their active substances penetrate the structure of each hair individually and into the scalp, reaching the follicles themselves.
  • Before the treatment and cosmetic procedure, you do not need to wash your head, although clean strands do not interfere with it.
  • After the mask has been applied to the head, it will be necessary to wrap the hair with a cellophane bag( this will create the necessary vacuum and heat effect), and on top of it, also roll with a towel.
  • If the composition of the mask uses alcohol-containing ingredients or spices, you do not need to keep them on your head for too long: half an hour will be enough. In all other cases, the duration of the procedure can be 50-60 minutes. Some remedies may even be left overnight.
  • All problems with honey-and-butter masks start when it's time to wash this mixture off hair, as they leave a greasy, greasy film after themselves, if you do not know how to do it correctly. First you need to shampoo the hair without shampoo without water and then rinse. Only in this case there will be no problems at this stage.
  • At the last rinse it is good to add a decoction of nettle or chamomile into the water, you can make a concentrated solution of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice - all this will give the curls extra shine and beautiful, natural radiance.
  • Dry curls better without a hair dryer, so as not to harm them after such a healing procedure and reduce all of its results to zero.
  • Hair treatment with honey and oil should be continued for two months 1-2 times a week. After this, it is advisable to take a break in 1 month, and then you can repeat the course if necessary.
Regardless of which recipe for the honey-and-oil mask you find for yourself, all these nuances will help you to get the most out of this kind of home remedies and not be disappointed with them.

They will allow you to achieve excellent and instant results after the first application. The advantage is that such a unique tool involves many options: oil can be taken vegetable and cosmetic - their choice is huge.

Choosing the best recipe for mask from honey and hair oil

To prepare miracle masks, it will be enough to get out of the refrigerator( only in advance) any vegetable oil( preferably unrefined, since it contains more useful substances): linseed, olive and even ordinarysunflower. Someone will dare to try on their hair the action of exotic cosmetic oils - argan, for example, ylang-ylang or jojoba. The choice will depend entirely on you.

  • To restore the split ends of

Kefir( 15 ml), burdock and peach oil( 30 ml), honey( 15 ml) are mixed. Add 3 drops of cedar and lavender esters.

  • For nutrition

Almond oil and milk( 15 ml), oat flour( 10 g), honey( 30 ml) are mixed.

  • To strengthen

20 ml extract of rose, honey, grape seed oil are mixed.

  • To protect

Mix 15 ml of oil - grape seed, jojoba, wheat germ, add 10 ml of honey.

  • For growth of

15 ml of jojoba, grape seed oil, 25 ml of honey, 2 drops of thyme, rosemary, cedar, lavender esters are mixed.

  • Against the deposition of

30 ml of castor oil, honey and vodka are mixed.

  • For moisturizing

Burdock oil( 10 ml), cognac( 20 ml), fresh aloe juice( 10 ml), 2 yolks, honey( 20 ml) are mixed.

  • For oily hair

Peach oil( 20 ml), honey( 30 ml), jojoba( 20 ml), oat flour( 10 ml) are mixed.

  • For shine

Macadamia, honey( 20 ml), lemon juice( not more than 15 ml) are mixed.

  • For clarification of

Honey, cinnamon( 30 gr), macadamia, coconut oil( 10 ml) are mixed, 3-4 drops of lemon ether are added.

It is worth using this effective mask for hair from honey and butter, which does not require any special time or financial costs. Natural, maximally useful ingredients, almost instantaneous action, guaranteed effectiveness, excellent results of the procedure - everything will invariably please you.

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