Raisins - benefit and harm to the body from raisins, a description of the product and its properties

In its structure, specialists have discovered besides tartaric acid, oleanolic, as well as a solid set of vitamins. There are also vital elements in dried berries such as magnesium, boron, iron. Not without salts of mineral origin and natural sugars. It is estimated that the calorific value of raisins is 280 kcal per hundred grams of product.

How useful are raisins for health?

It is interesting that raisins are also important for the normal functioning of the body as well as the grapes themselves. It is noted that it perfectly helps with anemia, is known as an enhancer of the protective properties of the body. Those who love raisins, have the opportunity to increase hemoglobin in the blood, get rid of glasses, strengthen bone tissue. Enzymes contained in the suit contribute to the correct absorption of calcium, calm nerves, treat the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.

The most useful raisins are obtained from grapes of dark varieties. This is due to the fact that it is in these bunches that there is a sufficient amount of vitamin C and the most important antioxidants.

To whom and how is it recommended to use raisins?

As already mentioned, raisins will be very useful to those who suffer from anemia. Also, it will bring tangible benefits to patients who have difficulties with digestion and assimilation of food. Assistant dried grapes will be and with a clear violation of the proper functioning of the kidneys, as well as those who are forced to work hard and often tired.

As a tool to help get rid of heart problems, doctors advise taking 2 kilos of raisins from which the bones are extracted, rinsing it thoroughly and gently drying it. The first kilogram is divided at the rate of four dozen highs for each day. That's how much you need to eat in the morning until the whole kilogram is eaten. Then you need to take the second kilogram and eat it gradually in descending grapevines: one by one from 40, until one day all the dried berries will not end. As a preventive measure, this "course" should be followed twice in one year.

To increase the strength of the heart, raisins are also used, ground in a meat grinder along with nuts. Eat this delicious mixture you need once a week. But there is one precaution: raisins with nuts - a piece of calories, therefore provokes a solid increase in body weight.

Dried grapes are excellent in hypertension, throat problems, pneumonia and bronchial diseases. To eliminate the described ailments, you should take 100 grams of grapes and cook them in two hundred milliliters of water for ten minutes. Drink cooled broth should be 4 times a day in the amount of 60 to 70 milliliters.

Elixir, consisting of dry berries of grapes and onions, cope with catarrhal symptoms. It is prepared as follows: 100 grams of raisins are ground by means of a meat grinder, then it is cooked in two hundred milliliters of water, after which one spoon of juice squeezed from onions is poured into the composition. Drink this mixture should be every day for 100 milliliters until you feel relief.

Those wishing to get rid of hepatic ailments;troubles associated with the gastrointestinal tract and to relieve fever, it is recommended to prepare a delicious decoction. Among its components, besides the actual raisins in the amount of one hundred grams, you will need as much cranberries, 250 grams of oatmeal, 40 grams of honey and 1.5 liters of water. Further, all the ingredients except honey are mixed, with the addition of water and put on the fire;brought to a boil. Cooling the mass for three hours placed in a warm place, then refuel with honey. To use the ready-made composition it is necessary to be heated slightly regularly: at least three times a day.

Also, raisins have properties that make it easy to remove bile. At the same time, it relieves the body of eructations and a feeling of heartburn. For these purposes, you need 100 grams of raisins with extracted seeds pour boiling water and insist throughout the day. To drink the infused liquid should be on an empty stomach, and raisins from it can be simply eaten. It is also recommended that for two hours after drinking this broth lie for about two hours with a hot water bottle on the right side of the body. Perform all these actions is not more than once every 7 days for one month. As an expected result, the hepatic ducts are cleared, and the process of bile outflow will improve.

If around many people suffer from acute respiratory diseases, the raisins will serve as a good remedy that strengthens the immune system and helps the body to withstand colds. For this, the dried grapes are mixed with lemons, nuts, honey and dried apricots. One hundred grams of all ingredients are mixed with a large lemon and 150 grams of honey. All solid parts are ground in a meat grinder, filled with honey mass. As a result, a mixture is obtained, very rich in vitamins, which should be taken one teaspoonful each morning. This drug helps and increases the level of hemoglobin, removes the phenomenon of arrhythmia.

This mixture should not be offered to children under the age of 3!

As a medicinal external remedy raisins are used in the control of lichen rashes on the skin. Sometimes it is enough to regularly rub the affected areas with a cut grapes.

Before you just start eating dried grapes, it is recommended to wash it, then briefly soak for half an hour with clean water and rinse repeatedly. So from the surface of the raisins will leave sulfur dioxide, which these fruits are processed before delivery to the places of sale.

Who is not recommended to use raisins?

As already mentioned, dried grapes - the product is very high in calories, besides it contains a lot of glucose. Because of these properties, it is not suitable as a diets for diabetics and for those who struggle with excessive weight. But the level of caloric content can be reduced by slightly brewing dry fruits in water.

With extreme caution raisins can be eaten by people suffering from a stomach ulcer or intestines. In addition, you can not eat it for those who get rid of enterocolitis, ulcerous phenomena in the mouth, tuberculosis;struggles with allergies and consequences with insufficiently effective work of the heart.