How to cure the dropsy of testicles in adults and children

Hydrocele is now considered a fairly rare disease, but if it is found to the patient, do not worry, because timely and correct treatment will solve all problems. The risk group includes newborns, adolescents and men from 20 to 30 years. Dropsy can develop and at a later age. It is treated only operatively, but the operation does not belong to the category of complex .As a rule, after an operative intervention various anti-inflammatory agents of wide action are appointed. In some cases, the disease can dissolve itself, but if it causes severe discomfort and the scrotum increases in size, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.


  • 1 Treatment of hydrocele in children
  • 2 Treatment of dropsy in men
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Treatment of hydrocele in children


Diclofenac can relieve swelling, which is necessary for dropsy

In most cases, hydrocele in newborns does not require the therapeutic measures of . It is recommended only constant supervision with a specialist. In the older age, the treatment of dropsy in children is prescribed depending on the form of the disease. In case of traumatic illness, the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is recommended. Drugs can be prescribed: Diclofenac, Fanigan, Nurofen and others, which can effectively relieve pain and swelling.

A dropsy of testicles caused by ingestion of an infection can be treated with a medicamentous method. In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs in most cases, antibiotics such as Abaktal, Doksybeene, Augmentin and others are prescribed. If the disease progresses, then there is no way to do without surgical intervention. As a rule, children undergo surgery normally and, if they follow all the doctor's recommendations, quickly become .

It should be noted that in the early stages of hydrocele is almost harmless, but the disease can disrupt the production of sperm and lead to infertility. Very often, various tumors are masked under dropsy, which are of a malignant nature.

Egg hydrotherapy in men


In adults, the most effective way to treat hydrocele is the operation of

The most effective way of treating testicular hydrocele in adult men is the operation of . Accumulated fluid can be removed either by puncture, or by opening the cavity and then suturing it. It is conducted under local anesthesia in the hospital, after which the patient goes home. During the first two weeks after surgery, it will be necessary to treat the area of ​​the joint every day with a green leaf and be observed regularly by the doctor.

Puncture hydrocele in most cases gives a short effect and only temporarily relieves the patient's condition. This method involves removing the accumulated fluid with a conventional syringe. This procedure, if performed improperly, can cause severe pain in the scrotum and infection of the hydrocele, in addition it is dangerous and a possible relapse of the disease in the future.


The method of sclerotherapy involves the introduction of a sclerosing drug into the cavity of, for example, betadine

. A more correct and effective method of treating dropsy is the surgical intervention to radically remove not only the liquid itself but also the causes of its appearance .The most common operations that are performed to cure hydrocele are considered according to the method of Winckelmann and Bergman. In addition, in some individual cases, the Lord's operation is performed, which is considered less safe for tissues and blood vessels. All of them are united by the fact that the doctor makes a small incision on the scrotum to remove the accumulated fluid and then treat the affected areas.

In most cases the dropsy of the testicles is not very visible, but sometimes it can reach the size of a small apple. When the form is running, there is a possibility that it will grow to the size of a soccer ball.

Recently, endoscopic treatment of dropsy testes is gaining popularity. The procedure takes a minimum amount of time, after it there are no significant complications, the rehabilitation period is shortened. Some doctors for getting rid of hydrocele practice the sclerotherapy method. Its essence lies in the fact that in the cavity released from the liquid, sclerosing drugs are introduced into the similarity of betadine and alcohol.

Tips from traditional medicine

Pumpkin and pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice as a traditional medicine for hydrocele

At the initial stage of the disease you can try using folk methods, but before you start using them, it is best to consult a doctor. With a strong puffiness, you can try a compress of pea .To do this, it is necessary to boil the peas and after it has cooled down soak in the resulting mass of tissue and apply it to a sore spot. This procedure is done twice a day until complete recovery. Some people recommend preparing a decoction of parsley and milk .Prepare it very simply: the greens are poured with milk, and for a long time are drowned in the oven, after which they are cooled and filtered. Ready mix is ​​used in small quantities every hour.

Get rid of dropsy can help decoction of various medicinal herbs . Take dried flowers of sweet clover and grass of coltsfoot in equal proportions, mix with each other and in a quantity of one tablespoon fill with a glass of boiling water. Having insisted for half an hour, the resulting mixture is filtered and taken inward in small volumes up to five times a day. Also as a popular recipe, you can recommend a mixture of calendula ointments and the most common children's cream, which are mixed in the same proportions and applied to the sore spot.

Some men treat testicular dropsy with white wine and rash grass. To prepare the mixture take one liter of drink and one hundred grams of grass. All this is boiled for five minutes, filtered, cooled and with the help of tissue applied to the sore spot. Regular use of pumpkin juice helps to cope with the disease. The onion juice has also proved itself well. Everyone can prepare it, for this it will be necessary to cut into cubes several bulbs, fill them with sugar and leave for the night. In the morning, the resulting liquid should be poured into a clean container, take two tablespoons once a day.