How to make an Easter egg from beads

Hello, dear readers. How is your weather? How are you feeling? How are you? We have a real spring. In the forest, the first spring flowers are already blooming. On the trees there are young green leaves. Apricots will soon blossom. The air is warm, fresh, so pleasant. I want to breathe more fresh spring air. Beauty is all around))) Indeed, we have all been waiting for spring, warm days, that you can not help but rejoice at the arrival of spring. Simply, a wonderful feeling in my heart. Quite a bit and the spring will please us with the flowering of trees, greens, warm and bright days. I love spring, a terrific time of the year, which pleases with brightness and aroma.

It's very soon Easter. On the eve of Easter, I wanted to create something beautiful and interesting. After looking at his "hamster supplies".I found a lot of different beads. He has stayed with me since I was embroidering icons and pictures with beads. I found one wooden egg and decided to decorate it with beads. It turned out beautiful and unusual.

And today I want to share with you an interesting, and very simple master class. I'll tell you how to make an Easter egg from beads. Master class for beginners. I myself do not know how to weave beautiful patterns on eggs from beads. Of course, if you want you can learn everything, but I love it when it's simple and fast.

How to make an easter egg from beads

For work you will need:

  • Beads
  • Threads
  • Scissors
  • Special needles for beads
  • Adhesive moment
  • Wooden egg

If you do not have beads, needles for beads or threads, but you really want to make such an egg frombeads, all this can be bought in shops for needlework, which are now at every step. Materials are affordable and cheap.

I bought a wooden egg in our market, we have a special point where we sell wooden products. Before Easter there are also wooden eggs on sale. Look for these in your city, I think you will find. Anyone who searches will always find)))

Master-class for beginners, with a photo

First, we will prepare everything for our master class. Threads, a needle, scissors.glue, wooden egg. I have beads of different colors. MK is simple, without special schemes and weaving. But to tamper with, I still had to. But what a result. So, let's get started.

The beads can be taken either in multi-colored or in one color. Since I have leftovers and one color I can not make out a wooden egg. I took blue, blue and gold beads. I will thread it on a string in rows.

I have a master class for beginners. Therefore, it is easy and simple to do. Main patience and time. The essence is simple, you need to string the beads on a string and decorate the egg in a circle, while gluing each row with glue.

Let's get to work. On top of the wooden workpiece, I glue one end of the thread. I'm waiting for the thread to stick well. I string threads on a string. You can take beads of any color. Take those colors that you like best.

The thread is well fixed. I spread glue along the circle of the wooden egg and twist the beads around the spiral, thereby gluing it.

For this job is suitable only glue moment or super glue. As it dries longer than hot glue, you can correct the rows with a wooden stick or toothpick.

When working with glue, be careful, since you can glue your fingers together))) I make out an Easter egg with beads for the first time. Therefore, I have somewhere not quite neat and professional. But nevertheless, the result very pleased me.

We continue on. We string the beads on a string. I string dark blue, then gold. We apply glue in a circle. It is not convenient to glue itself, and take a photo. I have no assistants today. So I did all the work and photos myself.

The most important thing is not to feel sorry for the glue. To ensure that the rows are more accurate and even the thread with beads is better to tighten and apply to the wooden egg in a circle.

We wait a little while each layer with beads will dry up. Also, if necessary, you can correct the rows of beads with a toothpick. So we continue to string the beads and paste it in a circle.

Thus, I have issued more than half of the wood billet. Work though easy, but laborious. Plus we have to wait until each row is glued.

I'll be honest, I spent the whole evening sitting there, and did not finish it, left it in the morning. Although from the very beginning I was convinced that I would do everything very quickly. Maybe I'm not quite an experienced craftsman in the design of eggs with beads.)))

Next, so that it's convenient, I'll turn the egg and I'll stick the rows with the beads also in a circle. The longest, is the stringing of beads on a needle and thread.

If you run out of a cut thread, you need to cut off another thread, and glue it to a wooden workpiece. And next to stick the end of a new thread and, again, wait until the thread dries. In order not to smear your hands in the glue, help yourself with a toothpick or a wooden stick.

Then continue to string the beads on a string and glue them in rows to a wooden workpiece. We wait until each layer dries. Do not forget, the thread must be pulled, so the rows turn out to be even and beautiful.

At the end of the work we arrange the beads in a spiral, help with a wooden stick or toothpick. All is ready. Very beautiful and not difficult work. Such an egg can be decorated with beads together with children, though it is necessary to string the beads on a needle and thread.

Our children, just watching my work, help and did not dare.))) But they really liked the egg. All blue and blue seed beads I designed. This is the beads which remained after the embroidery of the three paintings.

Here's a bright and interesting egg I got. True, I used all the stocks of blue beads. The work is wonderful, as an element of decor for Easter. Such eggs can be used for crafts in kindergarten or school. At Easter we are asked to bring hand-made articles for the holiday.

Thus, you can make no Easter eggs from beads, but a lot. But it's up to you to decide how much strength, time and patience you have.

I hope you will find my step-by-step master-class useful. I would be happy if you liked MK, and you want to repeat everything. Using my tips and photos, you can easily repeat everything. And more interesting ideas for decorating eggs for Easter, you can find in the article "How to decorate the eggs for Easter."The holiday is already very soon. Interesting ideas will come in handy.