Theft of the blog.

Hello dear readers. I have unpleasant news. Faced such for the first time. But, that there is no justice on the Internet, this is probably known to everyone. The Internet, as it is called a "garbage pit," but excuse me to be so. My outrage has no limits. Guys, I'm writing to you through an article, you copied my blog and put it on another hosting and domain name.

20. 10. 2014 was created a complete copy of my blog with everything, everyone. With my photos, posts and e-mail. What does it mean? A man tried, wrote, kept his blog and one day, a "man" takes, and everything from cover to cover copies and creates a blog. Cool, is not it?

But, the coolest thing is that everyone on the drum, their hosting and all the rest. We need to go to court. And where is the guarantee that tomorrow someone else will not do so, and that the person is constantly running around the courts. They themselves do not see anything that the blog is almost 2 years old and this one, which was created yesterday, with identical content.

Who is behind this. A bully, a schoolboy, a hacker? Guys have a conscience, that's too much. Data theft on the Internet, it's all so simple, but the main thing is that no one "itches" to punish nobody. It's all very unpleasant to me. We will solve the problem further.

I turn to the thief, remove this copy! Create a blog with your data, photos, e-mail.

Here so here guys, excuse for emotions, the article at me has turned out simply on emotions. My blog is registered with my husband, my husband will understand, since I do not understand this at all, I just write for the soul, as a personal page I had, communication, feedback, correspondence. This was my outlet, the main thing is that I like to blog. I discovered a lot of things for myself, made friends with many, knew something, and learned a lot for myself, shared everything on the pages of narodnayamedicina.com, I was very interested in everything, I think, like many people. Partially shared her experiences on the blog. Like this.

Express your opinion on this as well! I shall be grateful to you. Perhaps someone came across this, share experiences.