Ringworm in children: photos, causes, symptoms, treatment

Ringworm is one of a number of diseases that can affect both animals and humans. The causative agents of ringworm are pathogenic fungi or fungi: they cause inflammation on the skin, destroying hair and nails. On the spot of the bald spots, which are formed with ringworm, the hair breaks, as if cut, and that is why the disease received such a name.

There are two types of ringworm: trichophytosis and microsporia. The latter species is much more common.

A person can be infected from animals, not only cats or dogs, but also horses, sheep, cows, calves, hamsters. In infected animals on the head, legs or trunk appear flaking bald patches. Most often, this disease is observed in children, because they play with animals, especially in spring or summer, when kittens are born, and children go to dachas or to the village. Infectious are not only the lacrimal themselves, but also scales and fragments of hair that fall on the clothes of the patient. Therefore, you can catch the infection through his clothes, personal hygiene items, combs, toys and stuff. Infection of infants can occur through the stroller, which the parents leave at the entrance of the house, and in this entrance wandering infected animals - cats and dogs.

For the pathogens of the disease, fresh air is not terrible - they are surprisingly viable, can keep their viral nature for years.

Symptoms of ringworm

Ringworm in children photo The incubation period of the disease lasts up to one and a half months after contact with an infected animal or person. The first spots appear on the face, on the neck, and also around the shoulder girdle and chest. In appearance, these are circular spots or patches of rounded shape, the edges of which are raised above the surface of the skin, and the spot itself is covered with gray scales. Itching accompanies rashes, but tolerable. Such spots can be many - several dozen, and maybe only one. Later, spots may appear on the scalp.

No obvious symptoms are accompanied by such rashes: the patient can detect the disease quite unexpectedly. You should see a doctor right away.

If we are talking about deep or suppurating trichophytosis, then the clinical picture is slightly different: this disease affects not only children but also adults, and infection occurs most often from farm animals. This disease is characterized by an acute course, the appearance of plaques on the scalp, as well as in the area of ​​the mustache and beard in men. It can also affect the smooth skin. On smooth skin, the plaques are very bright, red, and their surface is covered with pustules, scales and crusts. On the scalp, foci are clearly visible in the form of a tumor, usually round in shape and with a bumpy surface. With pressure, you can see droplets of pus that protrude from the hair follicles.

The disease can be accompanied by symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, malaise and headache, as well as sleep and appetite disorders. It is noteworthy that in the place of plaques, the hair that fell during the disease will never recover.

Treatment of ringworm

If a suspicion of ringworm is suspected, it is urgent to see a doctor for the correct diagnosis. Self-medication in this case is not an option, since the effect of it is not enough, but the diagnosis of depriving the drugs taken by oneself can complicate, and besides, complications can arise.

Treatment of ringworm takes about two months, and if the diagnosis is timely and the treatment starts, the time can be reduced to a couple of weeks.

Prevention of ringworm involves the exclusion of the possibility of communicating with infected animals, and any animals that are not examined by a veterinarian, as well as with homeless animals. Own pets should not be let out to the street unattended.