Treatment of arthritis of the knee joint: medicamentous, surgical, massage, exercise therapy

Knee joints, along with the hip joints, are the largest joints of bones in our body. It is these joints that have the maximum load when walking, maintaining the body in a constant position, carrying the weight. It is quite logical that with such physical activity the joints are very vulnerable. Quite often, they develop inflammatory processes( arthritis), accompanied by pain, local swelling, limited movement. Inflammation of the knee joint is called gonitis. Gonitis can develop again as a result of such processes as tuberculosis, trauma, swelling, and some infectious diseases.

The main directions of treatment

Complex treatment of arthritis of the knee should be directed not only to the removal of pain, but also to eliminate those causes and processes that led to the development of gonitis. As they say, to achieve the desired goal, all means are good. And to combat gonithitis, these funds include:

  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy procedures
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic gymnastics
  • Folk remedies
  • Surgical intervention.


Medication for knee arthritis includes:

  • NSAIDs - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Steroid hormones
  • Chondroprotectors
  • Vitamins and fortifying agents.

NSAIDs are the basic drugs in the treatment of almost all inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including knee arthritis. These drugs eliminate pain by interrupting the inflammatory process in the articular cartilage, in the ligaments and the synovial membrane of the knee joint. Along with the known all aspirin, paracetamol and orthophene, NSAIDs are used in various dosage forms: almal, olfen, nimesulide, rheumoxicam. True, both old and new drugs have approximately the same side effects, including abnormalities of the stomach and intestines, toxic effects on the liver, a tendency to bronchospasm and bleeding.

The local knee arthritis treatment includes various distractions and warming ointments( finalgon, apizarthron, histagone) and steroid hormones. The latter are injected directly into the joint cavity. As a rule, it is a suspension of hydrocortisone, kenalog, diprospan. With prolonged use, the side effects of corticosteroids are even more pronounced than in NSAIDs.

It is possible to restore metabolic processes in inflamed cartilage with the help of specific means - chondroprotectors. Intramuscular injections of rumalone are combined with taking chondroitin tablets of the complex. As the name suggests, it is a combination drug. It includes chondroitin with glucosamine. To achieve the desired result, a long-term continuous intake of chondroprotectors will be required.

Vitamins C and group B, immunostimulants( levamisole, tactivin, methyluracil) increase metabolic processes throughout the body, including in the affected knee. As a result, optimal formation of intraarticular fluid occurs, and the elastic properties of cartilage are improved. Depending on the nature of arthritis, antibiotics, specific anti-tumor or anti-tuberculosis drugs can be used.

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Fizprocedures and therapeutic gymnastics

Physiotherapy procedures on a background of massage can be carried out only during recovery or in the phase of remission( remission) of knee arthritis. In this case, phonophoresis with hydrocortisone, paraffin, magnetotherapy, UHF is shown. These activities should be combined with therapeutic gymnastics. In the course of the exercises, not only the volume of movements increases, pain is eliminated, but the muscular-ligamentous skeleton of the knee is strengthened. In turn, this prevents the occurrence of further recurrence of gonitis.

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Exercises for arthritis of the knee joint are best performed in a prone position on a flat, hard surface. The starting position is lying on the back with arms outstretched and even legs. In this position, movements that resemble stretching after sleep are done - so the joints are straightened. The next preparatory stage is drawing out socks( on inhalation) and heels( on exhalation), after which circular movements of the feet are carried out. Then alternately raise the legs, straightened at the knees, and perform the individual elements of the complex.

"Bicycle" - circular movements with legs bent at the knee and hip joints."Butterfly" - the dilution in the knees of legs with closed feet with the subsequent lifting of the head."Bridge" - lifting the pelvis with support on the heels and shoulder girdle. After that, try to rest with the forehead area in the knee of the bent and reduced to the chest limb. Each element is done from 5 to 8 times. When there are sharp pains in the knee, the spine exercises should be stopped.

Folk remedies

Treatment of knee arthritis with folk remedies is in local and internal use of natural remedies of plant or animal origin. Below are the most popular recipes using these tools.

  1. Mix equal parts of the buckthorn bark with roots of licorice, ayr and dandelion.1 tbsp.a spoon of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water. The resulting infusion of drinking 100 ml.3 times a day.
  2. Make an ointment - mix 0.5 kg. Pork not salted with 4 eggs, 50 grams of ginger and 350 ml of vinegar. The mixture is infused for 3 days, then rubbed into the diseased knee before going to bed.
  3. Mix 1 tbsp.spoon of alcohol with 1.5 tbsp.spoons of honey and a third of st.spoons of radish juice. Apply the resulting mixture for 40 minutes.on a knee pre-treated with sunflower oil.
  4. Crush the aloe leaves into a slurry and mix them with beer yeast. The resulting mixture is applied to the knee in the form of a compress.

Forecast of

Many patients are wondering - is it possible to cure arthritis of the knee joint? With the help of folk medicine alone, this is unlikely. Necessarily need medicines, physical therapy and physical exercise. But under these conditions, not everything is simple. Everything depends on the causes of each disease, the degree of the pathological process, the general condition of the patient's body. Many persistent chronically recurrent tendencies. In any case, medical examination is mandatory, because only qualified specialists know how to treat arthritis of the knee joint.

If the conservative treatment is ineffective, surgery is indicated. Various methods of arthroplasty, transplantation of cartilaginous tissue are carried out. At far gone stages of an inflammation with full destruction of a joint resort to its full replacement - endoprosthetics.

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