Christmas card with a herringbone of threads

Hello, dear readers. Today I'm with the next gift ideas for the New Year holidays. It's a gift in the form of a greeting card. At the weekend we visited master classes, the thematic was the New Year. I scooped ideas and inspiration. It's so great that people conduct such master classes, where you can learn with your own hands, make beauty. I do not cease to thank the organizers and the girls, who teach the children various creativity. Together with the children I study. So many new and interesting things you learn by visiting such master classes. We learn and gain knowledge through the whole surrounding world, and it's wonderful.

The master class was made of monkeys made of felt, as a symbol of 2016, a New Year's wreath, a Christmas greeting card with a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree made of corrugated paper and a decoupage of snowflakes. All the same, it's great that people share their skills and talents with the world.

A Christmas card with a spruce thread made with children looks very nice. In its creation you can show all your creative abilities and imagination.

It's very easy to make such a postcard. You can do with children, and give a teacher or educator. I think that teachers will be happy with such a gift. The gift is really original and beautiful, and how many positive emotions can cause such a postcard.)))

Christmas card with a herringbone of threads

For the production of a postcard we will need:

  • sheet of designer cardboard A 4
  • cardboard for herringbone
  • threads( green, red, yellow...)
  • half-beads and other decor
  • glue gun

Postcard can be made using double-sided plain paper or design paper. Collapse the cardboard, for the postcard, you need in half.

Cut out the Christmas tree from the cardboard. Draw a simple pencil on a cardboard triangle and cut it with scissors. Cardboard for a Christmas tree is better to take a tight. You can use cardboard from boxes or packages.

You can also use white, gray, green cardboard. We will thread the triangle. This will be our Christmas tree. The triangle can be cut out more or less.

A triangle of cardboard is wrapped in a green thread. We wind in a spiral. Fix the ends of the thread with hot glue.

Now the choice of threads is very large( bright, dark. ..), choose the green color that you like best. You can wrap a Christmas tree not with green, but with colorful threads, will also look beautiful.

Next, I wrapped the Christmas tree with a red thread. And I glued half-beads and hearts. At the top of the tree is a large half-orange.

All this stuff can be purchased at any needlework store. At us with it in general questions does not arise. Shops such at every corner))) Of course the prices are different there, so we leave for the city in special shops.

Also recently, I purchased glitter. Glue with sparkles. Gritterom made dots on the tree. It turns out that such a beauty. You can decorate the tree differently. From above, for example, place an asterisk.

All the details for the Christmas tree can be glued with a moment or hot glue.

This Christmas tree is glued to the postcard, again, use glue time or hot glue.

That's how I put the Christmas tree on the finished postcard. Just apply, to show how you can place a Christmas tree to the card.

You can decorate a postcard in years, lace, snowflakes. Make snowflakes from paper using a special punch. And you can choose a design paper with snowflakes for a postcard. It all depends on your imagination. Well, be sure to paste the inscription "Happy New Year!" To the postcard.

We got a very simple postcard, like the principle and technique of creating a postcard.

Children make such a postcard with great pleasure. Yes, and decorate the Christmas tree with such trepidation and love. It's so exciting. Try to make such beauty with the children. A card with a herringbone of strings, made by own hands, is a perfect addition to the main gift.

Inside the card you can place a wish. You can print it from the Internet.

Here is an option for a card with a Christmas tree made of thread from the Internet. Herringbone chic. I already shared ideas of New Year's cards in scrapbooking technique.

I want to say, what is done with their own hands is worth a lot.

The holidays are coming and so much time needs to be done. Think and prepare gifts. So many things. But the New Year fuss does not tire, it gives strength and fills with pleasant emotions. It's not so much important is the holiday itself, as preparation for it.

And what are you preparing New Year's gifts for family and friends? And if you have in your plans gifts in the form of postcards?)))