Can I wash my head with hot water?

Can I wash my head with hot water?

We use the procedure for washing our head quite often, and some women and even every day. That is why it is very important to know what the temperature of the water should be, which is used at the same time. Can I wash my head with hot water? And is it harmful for the hair?

Is it possible or impossible?

The beauty of our hair depends on the care that we take care of. And if you wash your head quite often, then you should understand that the water temperature plays a big role.

In fact, the temperature of the water does not affect the hair itself. However, during this procedure, we can not prevent contact of the scalp with water. But it is she who reacts very strongly to sudden temperature changes.

So, for example, cold water promotes strong cooling of the scalp. This, in turn, leads to a narrowing of the vessels, as a result of which a person may have a headache and worsening of the local circulation, which leads to a decrease in the amount of incoming substances to the follicles. And it strongly affects the hair. They become dull, weakened and begin to break and break.

Hot water on the contrary, leads to a strong warming of the skin, resulting in a dramatic improvement in blood circulation, in which the scalp begins to receive an excess of nutrients. This phenomenon leads to the fact that the work of the sebaceous glands begins to occur in an accelerated mode and the hair is very quickly contaminated.

Therefore, during the washing of the head to use hot water should not be, otherwise you will have to resort to this procedure much more often than usual.

What should be the temperature for washing your hair?

What should be the temperature for washing my hair?

As we have already found out, it is undesirable to wash your head with hot water. So what is the temperature of the water, so that during hair washing, the hair gets more benefit than harm?

The optimum water temperature for washing the head is 40С-50С.Such water can well wash the secret, secreted by sebaceous glands, from the scalp and hair, as well as other contaminants, while not causing any locks or scalp of any particular harm.

How to wash your hair?

It is worth noting that the state of hair largely depends not only on what water temperature is used during the washing of the head, but also how this process occurs. After all, many women make gross mistakes while washing their hair.

First, you need to choose the right shampoo. It should be 70% natural ingredients and ideally suited to your type of curls. If you have dry hair, then apply shampoo for oily curls is highly discouraged, since your hair will become drier and not look the best.

The same goes for owners of fatty hair. They can not use shampoo for dry locks, so their curls will get dirty even more.

Therefore, choose the product ideally suited to your hair type. And be sure to look at its composition. The less it contains various chemical elements, the better the shampoo.

During washing your head, do not rub your hair heavily. They should be watered by simply directing a stream of water from under the shower. After that, you need to apply a cleansing shampoo on your hair, but this must be done correctly.

You need to prepare a glass in advance, filled to the middle with warm water. In it, you need to stir a tablespoon of shampoo, and then pour on the head and lightly massage the massage in a foam. After that, the shampoo needs to be given a little time so that it can act. Leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes, and then wash it off. To wash off it is necessary also, having directed on locks a stream of water from under a shower.

Next, you should dry your hair. Do not use a hairdryer for this. Blot them well with a towel and allow to dry naturally.

How correctly to wash a head?

Remember that you can not comb wet hair, otherwise their structure will be damaged, they will start to get tangled and broken. Use the comb is possible only after the curls slightly dry out and become wet.

Remember, the condition of the hair depends very much on how you care for them. If you do it right, they will certainly thank you. Do not use cold or hot water when washing your head, use only high-quality cosmetics and let your hair dries dry without a hairdryer. Fulfillment of all these simple rules will allow you to keep the beauty and health of your curls for long, long years.

Video about the correct technique of washing the head