Hello, readers, hello the Internet through the eyes of the blogger.

Today, 2 June 2013, I'm launching the folk medicine blog. My name is Elena. Just on June 18 I turn 30 years old. I was born and grew up in the Lugansk region and it did not even sit down, it's just a small station on which trains stop, the station Shterovka. By education I'm an accountant. I really wanted to be a pharmacist, but my parents did not let me go far from home, as I was a very painful child. That's how my first dream came crashing down.
Nothing in life I never got on a silver platter to get something I always had to work very hard. But I had one cherished dream: "I wanted to live in Kiev".

Now I live in the city of Obukhov. It's 40 minutes from Kiev. I have a family, two small, beautiful children Alain and Misha. This year Alenka goes to the first class, and Misha to the kindergarten, now I will have more free time, I will devote this time to keeping my blog.

For me, creating a blog, an event very exciting, before I did not dare. But I decided, because I made such a choice for myself.

And most importantly, my parents never believed in me. Dad always thought that I will not succeed. The first time I went to work as a salesman, to earn money and live in Kiev. But I did it. The second time I left for Kiev, my father also thought and told me that I will not get anything done. Everything turned out for me, everything came true except for one desire, but I'm working on it now. Everything came true, because I believed in myself! I really wanted to live in a big city, with a childish smile and naivety, I believed in it from the very childhood. I then did not know about the power of the law of attraction, and from where I knew about it, my parents could be said to have lived below the poverty line and always went with the flow without trying to change anything in their life. But I do not blame them for that. I made my choice in life and go my own way. At me all will turn out, I all can, here is my motto on a life!

My husband helps me to create a blog, he will do all the technical part of the blog. So that we can say that we will be together.

Now creating a blog, I believe in myself and say to myself "I will succeed"!