Exercises in the bath for weight loss

Exercises in the bathroom for weight loss

Recently, these kinds of exercise sports for weight loss as aquagymnastics or aqua aerobics have become popular. The complex of special exercises takes place in water, the resistance of which allows in a short time to obtain ideal body parameters, to make the skin supple and elastic, and to strengthen muscle tissue and get rid of excess weight.

The water in the bathroom should not be above 34 degrees, then you can lower the temperature to 20.

Several basic exercises in the slimming bath

  1. First you just have to lie down for a few minutes in the bathroom, relax all the muscles of the body and tune in to a positive result.
  2. In the semi-sitting position, hold our hands firmly behind the edge of the bathtub, and legs alternately bend and unbend. There will be enough 2-3 approaches 10 times. You immediately feel a surge of energy, blood circulation will improve, sweating will increase. The process of losing weight is irreversible.
  3. Position - lying down, raise the left foot first, grab it with your hands in the knee area and pull it toward you. Then we do the same movements with the right foot.2 approaches on 6 times.
  4. Sitting, with his left hand grab for the left side and how to start pulling him to himself. We do exactly the same on the right side. Such exercises help strengthen the muscles of the hands and abdomen, strengthen coordination of movements.
  5. Classic push-ups, resting our feet on the side of the bathroom and hands raise the body above the water.2 sets of 10 times.
  6. Pulling in the belly perfectly helps to solve the problem of sagging tissues. In the prone position, we seize the air in full bosom and we draw the belly, the longer we hold the time, the better, then we exhale and relax. Such visits can be made an unlimited number, and by the way, not only in the bathroom, but even sitting in front of the TV.Two weeks of such training and a flat stomach to you secured.
  7. Sitting in the bathroom, do inclines in different directions, while it is important to reach the toes. Watch the water level and do not overdo it.

If you feel unwell, your health worsens, dizziness or nausea, then you should immediately stop the session.

Exercises in the bath for weight loss


Such exercises are not recommended for people:

  • with heart diseases,
  • with high blood pressure,
  • for various inflammatory processes,
  • for pregnant women,
  • for menstruation and gynecological diseases,
  • for varicose veins.

Love yourself and your body and be healthy!

Video with exercises in water