How to grow long hair at home: health, proper care


  • Step 1. Treatment of internal diseases
  • Step 2. Hair care
  • Step 3. Selection of activators of hair growth
  • Step 4. Home masks for growing long hair

Yesterday everyone went with the stylish and newfangled hairstyle of the auror, today everything is alreadyare trimmed for rhapsody, and for tomorrow glossy magazines promise a new hit - sesson. The capricious hairdresser's fashion changes so often that it's almost impossible to keep up with it: how to be always modern, stylish and at the height in terms of haircuts? In the world of beauty there is a trend that will never become obsolete - it's long hair. With them you can change your image at least every day, dissolve them, make them different haircuts, haircuts, paint, curl, laminate - anything. Despite this, today you can meet a woman with long hair quite seldom. The reason is not at all that there is no desire to grow or not time for a full-fledged to leave behind them. Dysfunctional environmental conditions in cities, improper living, messy food, a huge amount of "chemistry" on store shelves, constant stresses and neuroses - all this leads to the fading of the hair follicles, which stop in development. The hair does not grow, but the tips are constantly loose, and they need to be regularly cut: this increases the number of short-cut women. But if there is a desire to become the owner of long, thick curls, this can be achieved even in modern conditions. Learn how to grow long hair quickly and without harm to your own health.

Step 1. Treatment of internal diseases

Hair is a litmus test: they react sensitively to any changes in the body. If the internal system crashes, it will affect them. Very often the slowed or stopped growth of the curls is associated with some internal disease that tears the body. Until this root cause disappears, all other methods of growing long and thick hair will be useless. Therefore, before doing cosmetic mask-activators of growth of strands, it is necessary to find out what internal diseases prevent you from becoming the owner of a chic cascade of long curls.

  1. Are there chronic ailments? Then you should be observed by the doctor, and not let them go. Twice a year, go through routine examinations and treatment courses: only so you can keep chronic diseases in check and not spread their harmful effects on the condition of your hair. Very often, causes trichologists to call the stomach ulcer, diabetes mellitus and the disturbed metabolism of the causes of hair growth in hair growth.
  2. Are you sure that you are absolutely healthy? If you really want to grow long and beautiful hair, you still have to undergo a medical examination for internal diseases. This will strengthen your confidence and allow you to go smoothly to the next stage in this difficult business. If in the course of the survey some glitches in the body still come to light, you will necessarily undergo a course of treatment. Most often, hair does not grow because of gastroenterological and endocrine disorders of , so first of all pay attention to these systems of your body.
  3. Often causes recently transferred infectious, viral diseases( flu, acute respiratory viral infection, tuberculosis) or problems with the nervous system( stress, depression, neurosis) .Think about what health problems you had in the past six months: they could adversely affect the condition of your curls. Have you healed them to the end? Perhaps you need to drink vitamins or antidepressants to finally fix the shaken health.

In some cases, women themselves can determine the cause that could lead to fading of the hair follicles. Sometimes this requires the help of doctors. A full treatment of the underlying disease is the first step on the way to long and healthy hair. In parallel with these measures it will be necessary to revise one more item - caring for curls: do you provide them everything in order that they can quickly grow?

Step 2. Hair care

Comb the strands in the morning and in the evening, make a beautiful everyday hairstyle with a dozen hairpins and hairpins, wash rills with expensive shampoos and rinses, dry them with a hair dryer, curl up on curling irons and curlers, at least once a month to be painted - many women stick to this planto care for your curls. And they are convinced that it is precisely these actions that are provided to them with due care. Such manipulations will not only not accelerate the growth of strands, but also contribute to the fact that they will begin to precipitate heavily and even more severely. If you decide to grow long hair, reconsider these items and learn how to properly care for your curls.

  1. For three to four months, needs to refuse the services of the hairdresser .Laminating, highlighting, carving, chemical perm, staining - all this, of course, paints a woman, but not a single step brings her closer to her cherished dream. Long hair - is primarily healthy, not damaged by any chemical solutions. Only at split ends it is recommended from time to time to cut them by a hot method.
  2. Buy comb from natural materials : completely wooden( trichologists advise beech, juniper, oak or birch, but in no case do not pine), with natural bristle( horse or woolen), ebonite( removes static electricity), without lacquer coatingand the painted surface. Metal and plastic combs are not the most faithful helpers for growing long hair. Do not forget once a week to wash your combs, and once in three to four months and completely change to new ones.
  3. In the morning, drip on the comb a little essential oil, activating the growth of hair .It can be bei, ylang-ylang, rosemary, cinnamon, blue daisy, carnation, sandalwood, cassia. They have a beneficial effect on the circulation of the scalp and give the hair a pleasant smell for the whole day. Carefully comb curls 3-4 times a day.
  4. Wash your head preferably only twice a week. The problem of fatty, quickly polluting hair is solved in other ways: with the help of drying masks and special air conditioners.
  5. Protect your hair from contact with high temperatures. This applies to ultraviolet( in hot weather and going to the resort, wear a headdress, and stop for a while visiting the solarium), hot water( wash your head and rinse strands of slightly warm or room temperature water), heat treatment( from a hair dryer, tongs, plak, ironing must be abandoned and resorted to them only in the most exceptional cases).
  6. After washing your head, do not do any manipulations with the hair. Give them to dry naturally by and only after that, grasp the comb.
  7. Twice a week, before bath or shower, do home masks from products that are considered to be hair growth activators.
  8. Try not to pull the curls in the tails and braids, use tight barrettes and elastic bands.

In order to grow long, thick, voluminous hair, you must follow these recommendations without fail.

Do not forget about , that proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle can also affect the growth of curls.

Include in your daily diet fruits, vegetables, berries, natural juices, nuts, honey. Fastfoods, fatty, pickled, salted, fried foods, carbonated and alcoholic beverages are best not to get carried away, otherwise all other ways to grow long hair will be useless.

Smoking girls and women should take into account that nicotine is a substance very harmful to the health of the curls, which under its constant impact can never grow beautiful and shiny. True helpers in this difficult business can become home masks, but before they are cooked, you need to know what ingredients are considered the best activators of hair growth.

Want to know what should be the right home hair care? Then read our tips and tricks & gt; & gt;

And here about colorless henna, which has healing properties that help in hair care: http: //beautiface.net/uhod/ za-volosami / bescvetnaya-xna.html

Step 3. Choosing hair growth activators

To awaken the hair follicles from sleep, to make them develop again, you need to work on them with certain products. In cosmetology they are called hair growth activators. They improve subcutaneous microcirculation( speed up blood circulation and put in order lymphatic flow), nourish the roots with the necessary vitamins and elements. The result is that the hair finally begins to grow. The folk remedies that should be used for the preparation of house masks that accelerate the growth of curls include:

  • cosmetic oils : castor, burdock, argan, almond;
  • essential oils : ylang-ylang, bay, rosemary, blue chamomile, cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves, cassia;
  • herbs : mother-and-stepmother, carrot leaves, nettles, chamomile, hop cones, calendula;
  • food : mustard, pepper, cognac, onion juice, cinnamon, ginger.

All of them are ideal components for home masks, after which the hair begins to grow at an accelerated pace. Long, thick, voluminous and well-groomed - that's the result of their regular and correct application.

In addition to masks, on the basis of cosmetic oils, it is possible to make occasional medical compresses and wraps for damaged strands.

With the help of ethers you can arrange yourself daily pleasant aromatherapy procedures. Herbs used to rinse your head after washing. And still the most popular are masks for hair growth - mustard, peppery, cognac, etc.

Step 4. Home masks for growing long hair

It is enough to do masks twice a week without getting carried away by them. As soon as you grow long hair, you can go to once a week. Given the powerful effect of sufficiently aggressive substances in their composition, first check each agent for allergens. It is impossible to apply such masks in cases of severe seborrhea and head skin damage. Half an hour is the optimal time for this procedure. However, at the first unpleasant sensations, it is recommended to immediately wash off the mask and never again resort to its help. Do not forget to make warming in the form of cellophane and terry towel. Such masks should be carefully rubbed only in the roots of the hair, in the scalp, and do not necessarily apply to the strands themselves. The full course is 10-15 procedures.

  • Mustard mask

Two dining tables l. Mustard powder brew with the same amount of hot water. Stirring, cooling to a warm state. Add two teaspoonfuls.sugar and one raw yolk. Before applying a mustard mask, the tips should be dipped in warm burdock oil.

  • Peppermask

One dining room l.mix pepper tincture, cognac, warm burdock oil, lemon juice and warmed in a bath of water honey. Before application add the yolk.

  • Onion Mask

Four tablespoonfuls.fresh onion juice mixed with one tablespoon.warm yogurt, two teaspoonfuls.burdock oil( it is also better to pre-heat it), one teaspoonful.liquid honey. If desired, to enhance the effect, you can add 50 gr of cognac.

  • Cinnamon mask

Three tablespoons l. Mix the powder of cinnamon with the same amount of honey, preheated. Add one teaspoonful of l. Coconut oil and macadamia oil( brought to a warm state).Before applying, apply cinnamon ether to the mask( to taste).

  • Ginger mask

One dining room l. Ginger juice mixed with the same amount of ordinary water, and then add two or three tablespoons.liquid, hot honey.

  • Cognac mask

Three tablespoons l.cognac mixed with one canteen l.olive oil and one dining room l.castor oil( both oils can be heated on a water bath in one dish).Add one raw yolk( see that the oils were not too hot, or else the yolk will curtail).

Now you know how to grow long hair quickly and without damaging them.

It's not so easy, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of time and some effort to achieve the desired result. But, having achieved the, you can be proud of dense, volume, healthy, very well-groomed, long hair which will not depend on whims of a capricious fashion as remain a symbol of feminity and beauty for many centuries.

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