Sinupret - instructions for use, reviews, indications and contraindications, side effects

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Vegetable components contained in this drug have a high systemic activity, significantly reduce mucosal edema, regulate secreted secretion, normalize sinus ventilation, activate drainage and eliminate nasal congestion of any nature.

Indications for use


The above described combination preparation on a plant basis is rational to use for the treatment of classical rhinitis of any nature, allergic rhinitis. As additional therapy, Sinupret can be used in the treatment of fronts, sinusitis and any other types of sinusitis, both polypic and purulent-mucous nature.

Thanks to the natural basis of active substances, the medicine perfectly combines with all kinds of antibiotics, antihistamines and even corticosteroids, and a gentle mode of action almost never causes an allergic reaction and any other side effect.

Composition of the preparation

Sinupret contains powders or extracts( depending on the form of release) of flowers of primrose, sorrel grass, gentian root, verbena and elderberry blossoms are the active components of the preparation.

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The excipients included in the drug tablet form, include gelatin, starch, stearic acid, sorbitol, colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose monohydrate. A drip-drop aid is diluted with purified water, 20 percent ethanol. Syrup for children contains similar active substances, a lower concentration of alcohol( up to 8 percent), as well as liquid maltitol, sucrose and cherry flavor.

Types of Sinupret

The drug is available in the form of round dragees with casings of light green color, drops on a water-alcohol extract in vials with a dispenser that need to be used orally, as well as sweet syrup for children.

Tablet form

The classic tablet form of the drug in the form of a dragee is usually prescribed to adults and ten years older than ten years. The medicine should be swallowed without chewing and drinking with the necessary amount of water.

Conventional Sinupret is prescribed in the treatment of rhinitis. As a complex therapy for sinusitis, frontal sinuses and other sinusitis, it is advisable to use Sinupret Forte: the concentration of active substances in it is much higher, which in turn ensures the ingestion of a more powerful dose of the drug in the body while maintaining the frequency of reception, which reduces the manifestation of side effects in the form of irritationmucous GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, and also reduces loading on a liver and so "processing" the whole group of preparations( antibiotics, corticosteroids, antihistamines).

Drip form

Alcohol tincture for internal reception is more effective in comparison with dragees and more quickly enters the blood, however it can be used only by adults and children over 10 years old because of high ethanol content in the preparation. Due to the available dispenser, it is easy to count the number of drops necessary for reception.

It should be understood that Sinupret can not be dripped into the nose - the drug does not have systemic local action, contains a large amount of alcohol and can be used only orally, where it is quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane of the stomach / intestines.

Sinupret for children

For children from two to ten years old, doctors recommend the use of Sinupret in the form of sweet syrup.

This dosage form contains much less alcohol, compared with drops( up to 8%), pleasant taste buds for the baby, facilitating the taking of medication, and also an optimized dosage calculated especially for children.

Instruction for use

The course of treatment with the drug is designed for a period of seven to fourteen days. If after the course of the course the symptoms of the disease do not disappear, it is necessary to consult an ENT doctor to prescribe another type of drug or to adjust the dosages of

Dragee Sinupret

  1. Adults prescribe 2 tablets three times a day.
  2. Children from 6 years are prescribed one tablet a day three times a day.

Drops Sinupret

  1. Adults prescribe 50 drops of medication three times a day.
  2. Children from 10 years of age are recommended to take no more than 25 drops of medication three times a day.

Syrup Sinupret

  1. For adults and children over 12 years - 7 ml syrup 3 times a day.
  2. Children from six to eleven years old - 3.5 milliliters of medication three times a day.
  3. Children from two to five years - 2 milliliters of medication three times a day. This age group is desirable before taking the drug, pre-dilute the syrup in a tablespoon of boiled water.

Side effects of

In most cases, the drug is well tolerated by patients. Rarely disorders of the gastrointestinal tract with nausea, pain in the stomach, one-time vomiting and no systemic acid reflux. Individual cases include allergic reactions that occur after the withdrawal of Sinupret.

In case of overdoses, the above mentioned side effects may be intensified, treated symptomatically. As the studies have shown, the drug does not interact with most of the modern drugs used for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, rhinitis, sinusitis, which allows it to be used in any complex therapy.


Sinupret is contraindicated in children under two years of age, as well as patients with intolerance of additional components of the drug.

It is recommended that a pregnant woman use the tablet form of the medicine, since the drops and syrup contain alcohol that adversely affects the future health of the child, always by appointment and under the supervision of a doctor who can correctly assess the possible risks to the fetus.

With regard to breast-feeding mothers, the necessary studies have not been carried out regarding the negative impact of Sinupret on the health of the baby, so do not take the medicine if your baby, who consumes the lactation product, has not turned 2 years old.

Cost of Sinupret

  1. Packaging of Sinupret Dragee( 2 blisters for 25 pieces) in Moscow costs from 250 to 270 rubles.
  2. The bottle of Sinupret drops( 100 mil) in the capital costs from 260 to 290 rubles.
  3. Sinupret syrup bottle for children( 100 ml) in Moscow can be bought for 360-400 rubles.