Prostate adenoma: symptoms, treatment, surgery to remove

Prostate adenoma is a pathological benign growth of prostate cells. Because of provoking factors, prostate cells begin to grow and degenerate, that is, they become hypertrophic. The first symptoms of the disease appear when hypertrophied cells begin to squeeze the urethra, which is inside the gland, and later appear other signs of the disease.

Expert opinion: A small clarification. The urethra passes through the prostate gland, and is not located inside the gland. He is not a part of it, as one might think to an ignorant reader from the above.

So for prostate adenoma are characterized by such symptoms: there are frequent urge to go to the toilet, especially at night, in which the process of urination is difficult;The urine stream is weakened, thin, and the process itself is intermittent;feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder;sudden, difficult-to-maintain urge to urinate, especially in stressful situations;Urinary incontinence - appears in the course of a prolonged course of the disease. All the symptoms do not appear immediately, but gradually increase with time.

Treatment of prostate adenoma

Now prostate adenoma is treated in a complex way, I combine medication with physiotherapy and surgically if the disease is in neglected form or the patient wants to forget about this problem forever. So, the prostate adenoma of the I-II stage is treated with physiotherapy and medications, this treatment helps to reduce the size of the adenomatous node, but it remains. At the III stage of adenoma, only surgical treatment is used.

Physiotherapy procedures that are used to treat adenomas - prostate massage, thermoablation, transurethral needle and microwave ablation, cryotherapy. When carrying out thermoablation, adenomatous tissue is destroyed under the influence of high temperature. With transurethral needle ablation, radiofrequency pulses are used that help slow down growth and reduce the size of the prostate gland. During transurethral microwave thermotherapy, iron also decreases in size and improves the functioning of the bladder. When cryotherapy is performed with liquid nitrogen, only diseased cells are frozen, and there are no healthy cells.

There are a lot of medicines used in the complex treatment of prostate adenoma, here are some of them: Prostamol Uno, Prazosin, Alfuzozin, Omnik, Proskar, Cardura, Impaza. The main active substances of these drugs normalize the work of the bladder, facilitate the process of urination, reduce the growth of prostate tissue, normalize blood pressure.

Expert opinion: These drugs do not have any effect on the bladder. They improve urination only by slowing the growth of prostate adenoma.

Selection of medications should be performed by a doctor, since the course of treatment lasts about six months. Similarly, traditional medicine offers many effective remedies for the treatment of adenomas: tinctures, herbal preparations.

In recent years, the method of bioelectrocancer therapy( BEC) is often used to treat prostate adenoma. It is based on electrochemical lysis - the destruction of only tumor cells, and healthy non-tumor cells remain intact. This method contributes to the disruption of nutrition of pathological tissue and at the same time, the protective forces of the body are mobilized, which are aimed at combating the tumor. The therapeutic effect is achieved by direct destructive action on the tumor tissue of direct current and the products of electrolysis that are formed. This method is very effective in treating prostate adenoma.

In surgical treatment, a physician chooses a method based on the patient's condition, the size of the prostate adenoma, the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease and the amount of residual urine. Now surgical operations in urology try to be carried out with the help of minimally invasive techniques. In carrying out such operations, no incisions are made on the surface of the body, and the entire operation is performed through the urethra, as blood loss and complications after such operations are minimized. Anesthesia during these operations is epidural. The patient's stay in the hospital for about 3 days after the operation, this all contributes to a quick recovery and enables the person to recover quickly and start working. Such minimally invasive techniques include:

  • transurethral resection( TUR), with it remove excess prostate tissue with a resectoscope through the urinary canal. This operation has contraindications - renal failure and weight of adenoma more than 60 g;
  • is a transurethral incision that resembles that of a TUR, but during this time the doctor does only small incisions in the gland;
  • laser operation, under the influence of the laser, local destruction of hypertrophied cells occurs;
  • balloon dilatation of the prostate. A balloon is inserted into the urethra, which then swells and thereby widens the narrowed section.

All these minimally invasive operations are performed if the adenoma does not exceed 60 g and young people who need to maintain sexual function.

If the adenoma has grown and caused complications( bladder damage) and the patient's age in 50 years, then open adenomectomy is performed. This operation requires severe anesthesia, most commonly using general anesthesia. During an adenomectomy, a cut is made at the bottom of the abdomen, then the surgeon reaches the capsule of the prostate gland, from which the expanded tissue is scraped from the inside, that is, it removes the inner part of the prostate gland.

If prostate adenoma is not treated, it can cause serious impairment with urine outflow in the body and lead to urolithiasis, inflammatory processes in the urinary organs( chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis), as well as may cause an acute delay in urination - a condition requiring urgentmedical intervention aimed at restoring the outflow of urine.

Remember that timely treatment and proper treatment will help to avoid unpleasant sensations and complications, and a healthy lifestyle, rational nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene will be a good prevention.