How to decorate eggs for Easter. Interesting ideas

Hello, dear readers. I want to share with you original ideas how to decorate eggs for Easter. Easter is a bright and beloved holiday, when family, relatives, friends gather together at a big table. Everyone congratulates each other on the holiday. The day is so special and memorable. Make an ornament for your house with your own hands, bring joy to children and adults. Such jewelry and crafts can be given to relatives, friends, educators, teachers. I think everyone will be happy with this gift. Such gifts are usually remembered and very much appreciated.

Today I will tell you how to decorate wooden, plastic eggs or eggs from foam. Usually before the holiday, these blanks are sold in the market or in the supermarket, as well as in special shops for creativity and needlework. Make these souvenir eggs simply, these crafts can be done with children. The activity is fascinating and interesting. Works from simple to more complex. But I do not like to complicate everything. Therefore I chose the easiest and most acceptable master classes. I want to share ideas with you.

Recently we decorated eggs with children's napkins. The idea came not by chance, we do decoupage of wooden products, we decided to make and decoupage of wooden eggs. Master class with step-by-step photos. The technique is very simple, even children do decoupage with great pleasure.

The idea of ​​decorating eggs for Easter was so pleasing to the children that I decided to look, how else to decorate the eggs, how to make souvenir eggs. I preferred the easiest works.

How to decorate the eggs with a twine

For work you will need:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Split
  • Adhesive pistol
  • For stolen: ribbons, coffee, beads, half-beads, flowers, etc.

For me this is the simplest and most acceptable master class. To create an egg from the twine you will need a wooden egg and twine.

The point is to wrap the twine around the edge with a twine egg. Secure the twine with glue. I think it's best to use a glue gun. If you do not have a glue gun, buy a glue for a moment.

After wrapping the egg in a circle with a twine and fixing it to a wooden workpiece, you can start decorating. You can decorate with ribbons, flowers, coffee, lace. We glue to the egg tape or lace glue gun or glue the moment.

In the decoration you can already show your imagination. Such eggs really look beautiful. Make this souvenir is very simple.

In this technique, you can decorate eggs with any other thread or lace. You can cover the wooden egg with paint, and then decorate with lace and small parts.

There are no restrictions in decorating eggs and you can fully express your imagination. Do creativity with children. Most likely, together, you will have even more interesting ideas for decorating eggs.

Decoration of eggs with paints

Also wooden eggs can be painted with acrylic paints. Apply to the eggs a different pattern. Unless of course you can draw. And if not, then it does not matter. You can apply a pattern with the back of the pencil.

You can decorate eggs in peas using an eraser using a simple pencil. To begin with, the wooden blank should be painted. You can choose any color. Cover the workpiece several times with paint and allow to dry well. And then with different colors apply circles on the colored egg. How do you like this idea?

How to decorate eggs for Easter with beads

For work you will need:

  • beads of different colors
  • wooden, plastic or egg from foam
  • threads
  • glue moment

Now very popular decorations from beads. Craftsmen make bracelets, ornaments, beaded trees. You can also decorate the egg with beads. Ways to design a lot.

There are schemes on which you can weave a beautiful drawing. But I want to offer you the easiest and most affordable way to decorate eggs. For this you do not need to learn special techniques of weaving with beads. It is enough to put beads on the thread and wrap the beads around the egg.

For work we string beads on a special thread for beads. Threads and beads are sold in shops for needlework. We twist the threaded beads on the thread and glue them to the workpiece, and then glue the beads on the thread in a circle tightly to each other.

First, put a glue around the glue moment. And then glue the beads by spiraling the row to a row with a toothpick. And so on to the end. Everything is very simple and easy.

Jewelery in quilling technique

You can decorate eggs in quilling technique. Usually, children help with pleasure. To work will need special strips, which are sold in clerical shops.

Our daughter made pictures for school, for work, in quilling technique. Paper strips are twisted, fixed and placed with tweezers on the workpiece. You can use a plastic egg. It looks like an egg is quite interesting.

Decorating eggs with cereals

Another interesting idea I thought was decorating eggs with cereals. For decoration, you can use poppy, buckwheat, oat flakes, pasta and other cereals.

The eggs are glued with PVA and glued grains or pasta. That it was convenient it is possible to move groats to each other a toothpick or a wooden stick. The result is such interesting eggs.

Decoration of eggs with confectionery powder

For work you will need:

  • eggs
  • powder
  • protein
  • brush

Decorating eggs with confectionery powder is an interesting idea. I really liked this idea, so I could not help sharing it with you. Of course, it does not apply to the decor of eggs. As you already guessed, you will need hard-boiled eggs.

We will crumble eggs in a colorful confectioner's powder. To do this, you need to put on the egg protein and roll it in a sprinkle. These eggs look great. But they are not stored for long.

You can decorate eggs for Easter with children. This occupation is fascinating and interesting. Usually before the holiday in stores and supermarkets are sold eggs: wooden, plastic, eggs from polystyrene, you can choose to your taste.

We had a creative contest on our blog, one of the participants sent a master class on painting the eggs with wax. Perhaps this master class will appeal to you and "Painting Easter eggs with wax".To issue eggs you will not be difficult, because MK with step-by-step photos.

You can also show a fantasy in decorating hard-boiled chicken eggs for Easter. Several years ago we painted eggs with natural dyes, crumbled in rice, put a piece of parsley, now we'll try to make eggs in the confectioner's powder.

Ideas for decorating eggs are quite interesting, I really like decorating eggs with beads and twine. We had an exhibition in the city last year. The masters showed their works. Eggs decorated with beads, ribbons, threads, croup, macaroni, paints, knitted eggs, etc. I, as a creative person, it was interesting to visit such an event on the eve of Easter.

Such eggs are usually used for crafts, decor and photo shoots. Our aunt tied a chicken and chicken.

But I do not know how to knit such beauty, this is an activity for experienced craftsmen who know how to knit by schemes. You can tie an egg crochet, it's also very beautiful. Of course there are a lot of work, but the result is worth it. Always when I come to visit my aunt, I admire the chickens.

People are preparing for the holiday of Easter with trembling and love. Yes, and the ideas of decorating the house quite a lot. Share, please, below, in the comments, do you decorate the house for Easter? How you decorate the eggs. I would be very grateful for the feedback.