On Alena Kravchenko's blog, the contest "We are creative people"

Hello, dear friends. Today we have an unusual event. I want to announce a contest on the blog. This is the first contest on the blog, I hope not the last one. Very worried, but I think that we will succeed.

How was the idea of ​​the contest born? I recently got carried away with creativity and looking for myself in creativity. We attend various master classes with my daughter. This is very interesting, exciting and informative. On the blog there are a number of articles on the theme of my work. This is flowers from corrugated paper, and the production of postcards in the style of "scrapbooking", and much more.

I was recently visited by the idea to ask you what you are fond of and do in your spare time. I wanted to ask this in one of the articles. But then I thought that it would be much more interesting if you yourself tell on the pages of your blog about your hobbies. And we will pay you a monetary reward for this. How do you like the idea?

For us, women, creativity is very important. This is now spoken by all psychologists and coaches. .. It fills, gives strength, emotions and new impressions. Also this acquaintance with new and interesting people.

What we do is filled with love and energy. And this is very important in creativity. The works come to life. ..

I know a lot of talented people who attract money through their creativity. I also know talented people who can not attract funds through creativity, but they really want it. They just do not know how.

In fact, it's great when a person attracts money through his creativity, but not everyone does it. But here, "the great power of the Internet."We can all share our knowledge and talents here. Plus, find new partners for your progress in creativity.

The contest is very simple. We wanted to make it as simple as possible, with simple conditions, so that everyone could take part in it.

Terms of the contest

1) Write what you are interested in, what you are interested in. For example, knitting, embroidery, flowers, postcards, crafts, making dolls, drawings, crafts made of felt and so on.(Only do not cook recipes.) Share with us your emotions and impressions. How it all started, etc.

2) The text should be at least 95% uniqueness, which was not previously published on other Internet resources. The number of characters is at least 3000 characters.

The uniqueness of the text and the number of characters can be checked on text.ru

3) Send a couple of photos. Photos of your work, you can also take your photo. But up to 5 photos. Share your work with us.

4) Creative approach, creativity, originality is encouraged.

5) Share in social.networks by this fast. Contact, tweeter, facebook, classmates. .. That is, tell everyone about the contest, maybe your friends will also want to take part in it. Do not remove the link from the social.networks before the end of the competition.

6) If you have a blog, then post information about the competition at the end of a recent article or write an article about the contest. The choice is yours, as you tell us about the competition.

You will also receive a link from this resource to your blog. Since the article will indicate the author of the blog and a link to your resource. Links I will not clean.

Paragraph of such

I participate in the contest "We are creative people"

The contest is held on the "Alena Kravchenko blog"

The work is accepted from 15. 09. 2015 to 15. 11. 2015

Contest with cash prizes

Get money for your hobbies!!

More information on the contest conditions can be found here http: //narodnayamedicina.com/ na-bloge-aljony-kravchenko-konkurs-my-tvorcheskie-lyudi /

How contest works are judged

1 Beauty of presentation and originality( 1 to 5 points)

2 Style and sinceritypresentation( from 1 to 5 points)

3 For each photo 1 ball( photo of your work, can your photos).The maximum number of photos is 5.

Huge request. Until the end of the competition, do not post the article on other Internet resources, otherwise the article will be withdrawn from the competition.

Members of the jury

Elena Goloshtenko author of the blog Domovenok-Art

Irina Shirokova author of the blog Fusion of Styles

Anastasia Romanova - author of the blog Babydaytime

Love Fedorova - author of the blog Your Zest

Alena Trofimova is the owner of the group in contact Creativity and Handmade

Entries are accepted from 15. 09. 2015 until 15.11.2015.The result will be announced on November 20.I think there will be many interesting works, and the judges will have time.

Cash awards will be paid within two working days after receiving your wallet.

How to participate in the contest

Write an article, make an announcement of the contest in social networks.

Entries and photos are sent to me by e-mail [email protected] as a file. Plus two links from social networks( minimal), where you shared about the contest.


We thought for a long time and decided that there is nothing better than cash prizes. Thus, any person can take part in the competition, there will be no restrictions for residents of different countries.

The most important is the availability of an electronic wallet, where you can transfer the funds raised by you for participation in the contest. For residents of Ukraine, it is possible to transfer funds to the Privat Bank card( at the WebMoney exchange rate, which will be at the end of the contest).

Cash prizes:

1st place - 1300 rubles

2nd place - 1000 rubles

3rd place - 700 rubles

And will separately receive a prize of 500 rubles will receive one of the participants from us personally. It will be a prize of audience sympathy. That is the article that will collect more comments. Comments of the participant will not be taken into account.

Concerning cash prizes. Prizes are like that. I'm sure that you will take part in it, as we are all grateful people and thank the universe for what we are given.

The contest will be held for 2 months. Therefore, all who wish, will be able to participate in it. It's great, informative, exciting. Plus, communication and meeting new and interesting people, which in creativity also plays an important role.

I really want everyone to discover something for themselves, meet interesting people, acquire new knowledge, discover the world of creativity. And maybe after the contest, we'll take a fresh look at the world. Let's see with other eyes. Because in our world there are so many beautiful, exciting, interesting, cognitive.

After all, our world is filled with bright colors. In which there is room for joy, for happiness, for new emotions, impressions. ..