Weners on the back - reasons, ways to get rid, photo, treatment

wen on the back The people call it "zhirovik", and in the language of medicine - it's a lipoma.

Wen is a subcutaneous formation, a benign tumor that appears from the fatty( connective) tissue. Obtained zhiroviki because of blockage of sebaceous glands.

Widow on the back: causes of

The reasons are not fully understood, it is believed that there may be several:

  • Hereditary factors( genetic predisposition to linden);
  • Exchange factors( impaired metabolism in adipose tissue);
  • Symptomatic factors( adipose can occur due to liver disease, thyroid and pancreas, diabetes, alcoholism, poor nutrition and ecology).This includes the problems of menopause, when there is a restructuring of the hormonal background of the woman's body, leading to an increase in the layer of adipose tissue.

What does a wen on the back look like?

photo of Wen Widgets appear everywhere where there is a fatty layer. And these places are often poor in adipose tissue.

On the back, they occur more often in the upper part of it. The place of formation of the wen is increased in size. There is a swelling, and it becomes noticeably visually.

What is dangerous about the wen on the back?

Despite the fact that the adipose is a tumor, it is completely harmless and does not spread to nearby organs. Therefore, if the fat on the back is inflamed, this does not mean that he will give metastasis.
The incidence of lyme degeneration in liposarcomas( malignant fast-growing tumors) is known, but they are very rare. There were also cases when the tumor sprouted deep into the muscles, periosteum and vessels.

Fat on the back: how to get rid of

When the wen on the back hurts, the patient can not fully move, experiences unpleasant sensations. Treat wen may be both in the hospital and at home. Here is one way:

  1. A piece of plaster is taken, it cuts a hole. The patch is glued on the tumor in such a way that the hole is above the middle of the tumor.
  2. Several crystals of manganese are taken( always in gloves!) They are bred in several drops of water and placed in the hole. From above everything is sealed with adhesive tape.
  3. After the manganese has eaten the capsule, all contents will come out.

When performing all these procedures, you must observe sterility, that is, use a disinfectant. For example, furatsilinom.

Four more ways to get rid of zhirovik:

  1. Grind grain of wheat in a gruel, wrap them in a sterile bandage and apply as a compress to the growth. Top with a film. Wear a compress a few days, and then replace it with a new one. A few days later a small hole appears in the tumor, through which liquid flows. Apply wheat until the final recovery.
  2. Take a clove of garlic and crush it in a mortar, turning into a gruel. Add vegetable oil( half teaspoonful).You will get ointment from the wen on your back. It should be rubbed gently and daily, for a month. Garlic leads to increased blood circulation in the affected area. Zhirovik during this time resolves.
  3. Every day do compresses from the films of chicken eggs. Their application also enhances blood circulation, the skin swells and turns red.
  4. If the grease comes on an open area of ​​the body, it is burned with celandine, and then a compress is applied with Vishnevsky ointment, from the leaves of aloe, plantain or from baked onions.

Carrying out all these manipulations, keep the purity of used items and hands. If the grease-fryer is large and can not be handled on its own, consult a specialist. There is no other way out, they perform an operative removal of the wen on the back. Videos of this process you can find on the Internet. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes.