How much do you need to run to lose weight?

How much should I run to lose weight?

Nowadays people struggle with excess weight in different ways. Someone tries to eat less, someone drinks pills to reduce the weight of dubious production, and someone even decides to lie under the surgeon's knife. However, the simplest and most effective way to lose weight at all times has been and remains sport, especially since it is still and completely safe for health.

In order to lose weight, you can work on simulators or visit swimming pools. But the most optimal and affordable for many is running. The usual morning run will allow you not only to achieve your goals in terms of weight loss, but also to strengthen the cardiovascular system, as well as the endurance of the body.

But how much should I run to lose weight? And most importantly how and where? Let's talk about this.

How many?

How many hours do I have to run to reach my goal? Here the answer depends on the number of extra kilograms and the initial weight. After all, the lower the initial weight, the slower it goes. But according to experts, to lose 1 kg of weight, you must run at least 18 hours. That is, if your goal is to lose one kilogram for one week, you need to run for 3 hours 6 days in a row.

How many hours do I have to run

If you are overweight about 5 kg, then you will need to spend about running about 93 hours. Which is approximately equal to one month of three hourly daily runs. Well, etc.
At the same time, try to exclude from your diet all harmful foods, otherwise the calories that you spend while jogging will easily overlap and you will not see any effect from your daily activities.

Do not eat very tightly before jogging. Have a cup of unsweetened tea or a glass of milk. With a full stomach it will be difficult for you to exercise, and the body itself will experience a lot of stress, which does not have a good effect on his condition.


How should I run to lose weight? This question is asked by many newcomers in this matter. According to experts, normal running does not bring such pronounced positive results as jogging. This technique of running is difficult. It spends a lot of energy on the body, and almost all muscle groups are involved in running.

Be sure to buy a heart rate monitor and watch your pulse. If during training, it significantly increases and goes beyond the norm, you should reduce the load. Determine the rate of your pulse can be calculated as follows: 220 - age.

Please note that a high pulse indicates that there is a heavy load on the heart, which can lead to a malfunction in its operation. Therefore, the load should be increased gradually. And if you decide to run for 3 hours a day, you should not start with this time.

How to run to lose weight

First, run 30 minutes, and after each day, increase this time by 5 to 10 minutes, until you come to the maximum.


It's best to choose places where there are fewer people and machines. These are parks, squares, side streets. And it's better to do it in the early morning, when the air is still fresh and cool. This is very good for your health.

If suddenly you do not have the opportunity to run in the morning, for example, bad weather or lack of time for jogging, you can easily replace them with jumping rope. This type of physical activity is also very effective in losing weight and when exercising it involves all the muscles of the body, putting your forms in order in a very short period of time.

Video on how to run properly to lose weight