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  • Why is eyeliner needed?
  • How can I fail eyebrows?
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Inexpressive eyebrows of light shade with sparse hairs require additional make-up. And it is not necessary to do tattooing in the salon: you can emphasize their beauty and yourself, at home. In the cosmetic bag of every beauty should lie eyeliner, which is a collective way for a range of cosmetics. Depending on the preferences, correction and staining can be done with the help of gel, shadows, pencil, felt-tip pen and even cream. But they need to be selected correctly, so that the result is successful and impressive. So, we learn to draw eyebrows correctly.

Why use eyeliner?

If the eyebrows are naturally bright and expressive, you do not need to use eyeliner. Otherwise, the image will look too vulgar. Look closely at your eyebrows in the mirror: do they need additional toning and color correction? If you can not solve this question yourself, ask your girlfriends. Or, when visiting hair salon once again, consult with the master. Properly selected and correctly applied

eyebrow liner performs the following functions of :

  • corrects the borders of the eyebrows;
  • enhances their tonality;
  • paints rare, bleached areas;
  • masks cosmetic defects( scars, scars, bald patches on the eyebrows);
  • gives them exactly the color that best suits your color.

It turns out that the main purpose of the eyeliner is to tint them, while adjusting the boundaries. This will give the person an attractiveness, a look - expressiveness, an image - of charm. Therefore, do not ignore such useful and necessary cosmetics, if you have any problems with this site of the face. The most important thing here is to choose the right remedy.

Useful advice

Very many women completely in vain are reconciled with such defects of eyebrows as "hemp" after plucking, scaling after demodicosis, scars and scars after some traumas, empty places after hair loss. Although all these problems can easily be solved with the help of a liner that perfectly masks them.

How to choose high-quality, chemical composition, ranking of the best and even cooking with your own hands - it's all about the ink for the eyelashes.

Recipes for masks and compresses for eyelash densities: http: //beautiface.net/ brovi-resnitsy / gustye-v-domashnix-usloviyax.html

How can I fail eyebrows?

If you have found out that the means for eyebrow pins are simply necessary in your case, you should definitely choose the ones that are most suitable for you. The modern beauty industry offers a wide range of goods in this niche. Study the information and determine what you will use more conveniently.

gel Multifunctional gel eyebrow applicator is the ideal product for filling, staining and correction. Formulas enriched with nutrient ceramides provide a lasting effect, allow you to smooth and shape the eyebrows. A wide tonal range allows you to choose a color for any type of appearance. You can pay attention to such gels as Brow Liner Gel from Inglot( Poland), Manly Pro( China), Essence( Germany), Giorgio Armani( Italy).


Some women color and adjust eyebrow eyeliner : pencil or shadows. Is it justified and can it be done at all? The modern beauty industry is so advanced today that it makes no sense to purchase funds designed specifically for tinting eyelids, whereas there is cosmetics exclusively for the eyebrows. Do not economize on this. The eye pencil and eyebrow pencil are distinguished by their chemical composition, shades, functionality. So be in this plan competent visagistes and stylists for creating your own image: use narrowly directed cosmetics for the eyebrows.

Shadows of the

Very popular eyeliner eye shadows , which are easily applied with a brush, create a powder effect, can eliminate greasy, greasy sheen from the hairs if the hypodermic glands are not working properly. Usually shadows are produced in compact sets, including both a brush and several shades at once. And if very lucky - even wax for fixing naughty eyebrows. Well-proven in this niche podvodki from Avon( USA), Essence( Germany), Pupa( Italy).


For most women, the most acceptable option is eyebrow eyeliner with pencil , which is simple and easy to use. He and the boundaries well outline and correct, and fill up with the right tone all the problem areas. For such cases, it is better to buy two-sided, two-color means. First, draw out the contours of the eyebrows in a dark tint, and then fill the lighter color with the main part. Stop your choice on such brands as Pupa( Italy), Maybelline( USA), Yves Rocher( France), Art-visage( Russia).

Felt-tip pens

fits well with the , which differs from the pencil in a more saturated shade to create a vivid image. It is often added sparkles. This cosmetic product is recommended for use in evening make-up. The applicator is much more convenient than the tip of the pencil, which, if improperly sharpened, can scratch and damage the skin. With podkonko-a felt-tip pen such precisely will not happen. From manufacturers, you can easily choose Eva Mosaic( Italy-Korea-Russia), Art Deco( Italy), Benefit( USA), Smashbox( USA), Anastasia Beverly Hills( USA), Stila( Sweden), Hourglass( USA).


Rarely who in the cosmetic bag can find cream eyebrow for the eyebrow , as few manufacturers have in their lineup such cosmetics. And nevertheless in the market it is possible to find this product. Considering its multifunctionality( coloring, nutrition, correction) and a lot of advantages( soft, pleasant texture, rapid absorption), eyebrow cream is an excellent find and an alternative to all other remedies of this series. Look for Fluidline Brow Gelcreme from Mac( USA), Eyebrow Cream from Make-up( Korea).

All these tools are good in their own way for eyebrow puffing. Some give a bright and rich color, others are easy to use, others have additional useful properties. Each product has its own merits and advantages. Do not forget to read the reviews and study the ratings. Our helpful tips for choosing one or the other eyebrow cosmetics will help you make the right choice.

That's interesting!

A lot of eyebrow pads can be found in professional cosmetics Anastasia Beverly Hills( USA).The brand was founded by Anastasia Suare, who is rightly considered a recognized expert in the field of eye make-up and eyebrow care. She developed a unique, unparalleled method of creating a perfect shape of the eyebrows - Golden Ratio. Among her clients are many Hollywood stars: Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Stone.

Types of eyebrow pads for eyebrows

Depending on what effect you want to achieve in the end, choose different eyebrow pads from the variety that modern cosmetics offers to you. In this case, take into account the features of your skin and color appearance.

  • Dry

If you have a fatty type of skin and hair is constantly shiny from the hypodermic fat produced by glands in large quantities, dry eyebrow liner is suitable for you. It is available in the form of shadows or powder. Among its drawbacks - it can fall during the day. Here you can note the shadows from Jeans( Korea-Russia), powder from Lucy Minerals( USA).

  • Liquid

If you have a dry type of skin and you need additional moisturizing, liquid eye liner will be ideal for you as a cosmetic. Quick-drying polymers in its composition create a soft film on hairs that repels sweat, water, and skin fat. Do not rinse while swimming or playing sports. View products from Sana( Japan), there are various options for such cosmetics.

  • Tattooing

If you need a long-lasting, stable result, you will need eyebrow eyeliner with tattoo effect, which can not be washed off and stay on the hairs for several days. In this case, you can buy a pencil eyebrow with Tatoo Eyebrow tattoo from Tony Moly( Korea).

  • Waterproof

If you live in a humid climate, where there is rain and a lot of snow, you need the waterproof eyebrow , which does not fall under the influence of precipitation. It is useful and in a trip to the resort in hot countries, where you have to swim a lot. In this niche, the eyebrow pencil from El Corazon( Germany), liquid liner from Sana( Japan), Swiss-o-Par( Germany) proved to be very good.

Looking for a good eyebrow eyeliner and want to get the most effect from the first purchase? In this case, first, decide what you need, in which direction to look. Make the right choice will help rating( TOP-10) the best cosmetics in this product line.

Cosmetic educational program

The name of the Korean brand Tony Moly, which have excellent eyeliner, comes from the English "Tony", which means stylish, and the Japanese "Moly" - in the package. The literal translation is "style packed in a box".

Rating of the best eyebrows for brows

The best eyeliner for eyebrows is the one, which is preceded by careful selection. Study the top-ranking cosmetics rating in this line. Decide which country you trust your eyebrows. Calculate your budget to decide the price range. Do not forget to review reviews about the brands that you liked more than others.

  1. Eyebrow Liner By Terry - eyeliner-marker for eyebrows from By Terry ( France).2 700 rubles.
  2. Compact eyebrow eyeliner GY from Shiseido ( Japan).2 350 rubles.
  3. Fluidline Brow Gelcream - eyeliner for the American brand Mac ( Poppy).1 700 rubles.
  4. Gelux Eyebrow Birch - gel eye liner from Cailyn ( USA).1 500 rubles.
  5. Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel - gel eye liner from Inglot ( Inglot) from Poland.1 100 rubles.
  6. Brow Drama Dark Brown - eyeliner for the American brand Maybelline ( Meybelin).650 rubles.
  7. Eye Brow Liner - gel cushion in pencil from Provoc ( Korea).450 rubles.
  8. Auto Eyebrow Pencil - eyebrow liner from Nyx ( USA).400 rubles.
  9. Brow Powder - dry eye liner from Just ( Switzerland).350 rubles.
  10. Brow Marker - eyeliner-marker for eyebrows from Just ( Switzerland).350 rubles.

History pages of the

The history of the famous Maybelline brand, which has a wide selection of different eyebrow subassemblies, begins in 1913.Its founder, a pharmacist( not a cosmetologist!) TL Williams, created from a mixture of ordinary petroleum jelly and plain coal dust mascara for his sister.

As you can see from the rating, the price spread and geographic latitudes provide a huge field for choice, which remains exclusively for you. If you consider all the helpful recommendations given above, the purchased eyeliner will definitely not disappoint you. Acquire - use - experiment - and enjoy consistently excellent results.

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