We fight with a cold in a child with beet juice

One of the most common diseases is a common cold, and if you manage to cope with it in adults it is much faster, then the child's treatment has certain difficulties. First of all, this is related to the characteristics of the child's organism, which is less protected from external influences, is more susceptible to allergies and is much more sensitive to various drugs. Remarkable remedy for a childish cold that does not cause addiction and allergies, and also does not irritate the mucosa is the most common beet.

The greatest amount of nutrients is contained in the maroon root, which has a cylindrical shape.

Useful properties of the root


The most useful elements are found closer to the root of the root and close to its surface

The beet is saturated with a whole set of useful elements that help not only to quickly and effectively rid the baby of nose problems, but also saturate his body with many necessary components.It can be used at any age, with the therapeutic effect occurring almost instantaneously. The composition of beets includes such components as zinc, iodine, copper. It is rich in potassium and a variety of vitamins. All this contributes to the rapid removal of inflammation and the reduction of unpleasant sensations from the common cold.

When preparing medicinal products from beet, its peel should be cut as thin as possible, since it is in this part of the root crop contains the maximum number of useful components.

Thanks to the remarkable properties of beet, a rapid cleansing from the mucus of the nasal sinuses occurs. In addition, this vegetable effectively removes and extends the vessels that are in the nose. It should be remembered that the maximum number of useful elements in the beet is contained closer to its base.

Effective beetroot recipes for combating the common cold

grated beets in a bowl

Get the juice of the beetroot very simply: rub the root on the grater and squeeze out the resulting substance

Most often, the root vegetables produce drops, and you can use both cooked and raw beets .For their preparation, the vegetable must be carefully grated on a fine grater and wrung out using the most ordinary gauze. Then the resulting concentrate should be placed for several hours in the refrigerator and then diluted half with water. Drip the mixture several times a day until the child is fully recovered.

To cure rhinitis in a baby, a beet infusion is used, which is used to rinse the mouth of the .As a rule, it is used together with the main course of treatment. For its preparation, the root crop should be crushed finely on a grater and add a small amount of vinegar to it. After that, the remedy is insisted, squeezed through gauze and applied several times a day.

Before using raw beets, it should be thoroughly cleaned and well rinsed with boiling water so that harmful particles and microorganisms are completely removed.

Beet juice can also be used with additional auxiliary components, for example honey .To do this, take in the ratio of one to three juice vegetable and honey. All this carefully mix and dilute with a little water. Use the resulting mixture as drops several times a day. You can use juice of carrots together with beet juice. Both these components are mixed together in equal amounts and dripped into the nose until the child's complete recovery. Some doctors recommend using a solution of carrot, beet and honey juices .

Sufficiently effective product is obtained by mixing juices of carrots and beets into which garlic is added. It is prepared very simply: all the ingredients are finely ground on a grater and squeezed through gauze. In the resulting solution add a small amount of vegetable oil and insist for about a day. The mixture is dripped several times a day until the disease completely recedes.

Before you start using beet juice to treat a cold in a baby, you need to make sure that it does not have an allergic reaction to the used components. You should be especially careful if the medicinal product includes honey. In any case, the beet has a beneficial effect on the children's body and helps to get rid of the cold as effectively and quickly as possible.