Products that strengthen immunity.

Hello dear readers. Today I want to talk about immunity, and in particular to touch on this topic: products that strengthen immunity. After all, everyone knows that our immunity plays an important role in preserving our health, it helps us to bear illnesses more easily. As I recall, autumn begins, and people begin to get sick with viral and cold diseases, and everything speaks about what, about the weakened immunity. Our immunity must be constantly strengthened, enhanced and maintained.

Probably the most effective three whales on which our immunity is built is nutrition, hardening and sport. And this I think will not be news to you. But what are the main products that strengthen immunity, I'll tell you about it.

So, what are the products that strengthen immunity?

Natural bee honey.

I want to start my list of products with natural honey. I love him very much, I already told in my previous articles that my grandfather had an apiary and in my childhood I ate delicious and aromatic honey, I still remember the taste and smell of that honey. But most importantly, it's a useful treat. Honey contains a huge amount of micro and macro elements and vitamins, which we need for health. And besides, honey has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and immunostimulating properties. My great-grandmother always in the morning on an empty stomach ate one teaspoon of honey. Also honey is for us an excellent helper for the prevention of colds.

For me, for example, in winter, in spring, an effective remedy to strengthen immunity is a mixture: raisins, dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, lemon and honey. All dried fruits and nuts we take on 200 grams, 1 average lemon, all this I twist through a meat grinder, a lemon with a skin and juice, only bones need to be removed. All this twisted mixture I pour honey, about gram 200-250, eat on a tablespoon three times a day before meals to adults and a teaspoon to the children. This mixture is very useful in the exhaustion and weakening of the body, especially during and after the illness.


Despite the fact that lemons are quite acidic, I just adore them. Useful in the lemon and all the pulp, and juice and peel. The high content of vitamin C in the lemon stimulates our immune system. I've been saved this spring, you can say lemon. When children get colds, I treat them and I will contact them with will. When the children were sick in the spring, I decided to try my girlfriend's way, I drank 5 cups of hot tea a day, and added 1 liter of lemon a cup to the tea, of course it was a bit sour, but it was worth it, I'm not sick. Perhaps this way will help you not to get sick or get better soon.

In addition, lemon gives us vivacity and stimulates our immune system. In order to increase immunity enough to eat one slice of lemon a day, sprinkling it with sugar or you can skip a lemon through a meat grinder and mix with honey, eat a spoonful a day, is also an excellent option to maintain immunity.


Natural kefir, well, it is simply extremely useful to our body, in the heat it quenches thirst, for example. And it also helps digestion of our body. Due to the content of lacto and bifido bacteria in kefir, it protects our body from pathogenic microflora. Thanks to kefir in the intestine there is no fermenting and putrefactive processes, the food is digested easier and faster. And this is very important, since there is no poisoning of our body by the products of decay, by slags, toxins. After all 80% of immunity depends on a healthy intestine. When the intestine works like a clock, the immune system will also be in order.


Ginger is an excellent immunostimulant. Tea with ginger is especially effective. And if you're cold, then the most effective remedy for colds, tea with ginger honey and lemon, for a few days "put you on your feet."The root of ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, wound healing. The root of ginger is rich in vitamins A, C, Group B vitamins, essential oils and minerals. The root of ginger stimulates digestion, increases appetite, normalizes the secretion of gastric juice and bile.


It is very useful for viburnum with weakened immunity. Kalina is just a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. A viburnum is useful, both during the period of illness, and after it. The berries of Kalina are an excellent immunostimulant and include viburnum to natural antibiotics. I always drink tea from the viburnum, both during the period of illness and just for prevention.

I somehow drank a tincture of echinacea, to strengthen immunity, I was advised by a familiar doctor. I bought a tincture in a drugstore, drank it in drops. Echinacea is an excellent immunostimulant, supports and strengthens our immune system.

Foods that strengthen immunity, it's certainly good, but do not forget about the sport. After all, traffic is life! Often walk in the fresh air, walk, do an elementary exercise. Take a contrast shower. Be cold in water, tempered. Rest on the sea, sea air is useful for strengthening immunity, plus only the sun provides our body with vitamin D. Remember that everything is good in the complex.

These are just a few of the basic products to strengthen immunity, if you see any non-light products from your point of view, then please indicate in the comments.