Treatment of external hemorrhoids at home: everything you need to know

Hemorrhoids - varicose veins of the rectum, mainly in the anus. Accurate statistics of pathology is unknown, since this problem is considered intimate, and many people are simply embarrassed to go with her to the doctor. It is known that about 10% of the adult population suffers from hemorrhoids, with most of them trying to cure the disease on their own at home. It should be understood that improper treatment of the disease can lead to its transition to a more severe form, increased clinical manifestations and a significant deterioration in the quality of life of the patient. Therefore, if a decision is made to treat external hemorrhoids in the home alone, doing this is important in a timely and correct manner. This will be discussed in the article.

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  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 Diagnosis
  • 4 Complications
  • 5 Home treatment
  • 6 Conservative treatment
  • 7 Treatment of hemorrhoids by folk remedies

Causes of development of

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids

At the heart of the disease is a violation of blood flow through the blood vessels located in the walls of the rectum andits stagnation. Stagnation of blood leads to the formation of hemorrhoids, external or internal. Often a combination of external and internal hemorrhoids is diagnosed. The formation of nodes is facilitated by the following factors:

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Constipation constipation
  • Disorders of hormonal balance
  • Sedentary lifestyle, especially this problem is typical for drivers, sellers, accountants, etc.
  • Abuse of alcohol and nicotine
  • Abuse of spicy food
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Heavyphysical labor
  • Prolonged presence on the legs
  • Heredity, etc.

The above factors form the primary hemorrhoids, however oftenit happens that another pathology leads to the violation of venous outflow in the small pelvis, for example, diseases of the cardiovascular system, cirrhosis, cancer pathologies. In such cases, they speak of the secondary nature of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of

The development of the disease is gradual, covering several months and even years. Initially, the patient may be bothered by itching and burning in the anus, difficulty in defecating. After that, there are formations or seals that can be probed under the skin or have a visible shape. The patient is disturbed by a feeling of heaviness in the anus, itching, pain during defecation. During the emptying of the intestine on stool, blood appears, bleeding may be minor, and may be severe and may even lead to anemia.

Hemorrhoids, as a rule, have a wavy course, exacerbations alternate with periods of remission. During the period of exacerbations, the edema develops in the anus, the hemorrhoidal node becomes inflamed, acquires a bluish-purple color, causes acute pain, which increases with defecation, touching it, during movements and physical exertion.


For an accurate diagnosis, a visual inspection is sufficient. With an external examination after the extension of the buttocks, you can see bluish-purple or crimson hemorrhoids that protrude from the anus and have a size from a pea to a cherry.

Complications of

Complicated with external hemorrhoids

Complicated external hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are a chronic disease. With timely and adequate treatment, as well as during subsequent preventive measures, it is possible to significantly reduce the manifestations of the disease and achieve a stable remission. Absence of treatment with neglected forms of pathology can lead to the development of complications.

One of the complications of hemorrhoids is anemia, secondary or acute. Unprofitable, but frequent bleeding can lead to secondary anemia, and severe profuse haemorrhoidal bleeding can cause acute anemia. The loss of blood and a sharp decrease in the amount of hemoglobin adversely affects the patient's condition. There is weakness, dizziness, pulse quickening, blood pressure decreases, skin becomes pale, blood hemoglobin level sharply decreases, which leads to oxygen starvation of important internal organs.

Dropping of hemorrhoids from the anus and their pinching in the anal canal can lead to hemorrhoidal circulation and subsequent necrosis. This will be evidenced by a sharp severe pain and a blue-crimson color of the nodes. Pinched knots and their necrosis is promoted by persistent constipation, which causes a spasm of the sphincter of the rectum and narrowing of the anus.

A characteristic complication of external hemorrhoids is thrombosis of hemorrhoids. Stagnation of blood in the cavernous vascular plexuses leads to a thickening of the blood, which significantly increases the risk of blood clots. Clots can fill the nodes completely. Thrombosis of hemorrhoids is manifested by acute pain, inflammation of the nodes and adjacent tissues, often with heavy bleeding. Often, hemorrhoids are accompanied by anal fissures. Hemorrhoids, as well as severe pain during defecation lead to the appearance of constipation. Acts of defecation are accompanied by strong tension, which leads to cracks in the anus.

Anal cracks are accompanied by painful sensations, bleeding, besides, they represent an excellent environment for the reproduction of bacteria.

The concomitant disease of hemorrhoids is often colitis - inflammation of the walls of the large intestine. Inflammation of the intestinal walls is accompanied by spastic pain in the abdomen, swelling, constipation, diarrhea. Paraproctitis is one of the often diagnosed concomitant proctologic diseases of hemorrhoids. Paraproctitis is based on suppurative inflammation of the tissues surrounding the rectum, caused by the attachment of a bacterial infection. The disease manifests general weakness, chills, fever, increasing pain in the rectum, in the perineum or in the pelvis.

Treatment at home

Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids

As with any varicose veins, self-healing with hemorrhoids is not possible, as well as impossible complete cure without the use of surgical methods. You can only stop the progression of the disease and avoid exacerbations. At the initial stage of the disease, it can be treated at home using various medications. Adequate treatment can improve the patient's condition, relieving him of pain and removing inflammation.

In the last stages, conservative treatment of hemorrhoids at home often becomes ineffective, in which case surgical intervention is advisable. In order not to bring the disease to the last stages and exclude surgical treatment it is important to consult the appropriate specialist at the first symptoms of hemorrhoids. Only an expert can correctly determine the cause of the disease and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids at an early stage involves compliance with diet, normalization of bowel activity, therapeutic gymnastics and the use of medications.
The diet involves enriching the diet with products that have a relaxing effect, and excluding from the diet of acute foods, alcohol, products that contribute to constipation.

In the diet, suffering from hemorrhoids, fresh fruit and vegetables should be present in the form of salads, vegetable platter, side dishes, low-fat meat and fish varieties, sour-milk products( kefir is especially useful), bread from wholemeal flour, buckwheat, barley, dried fruitsprunes, dried apricots, figs).It is not recommended to eat white bread and buns, fried foods, potatoes, fatty meats and fish sorts, canned food, smoked products, rice, semolina, strong tea and coffee, etc.

A copious drinking regime is mandatory. The minimum daily volume of clean drinking water is 1.5 liters. Water contributes to the softening of stool and facilitates the process of defecation. An incorrect drinking regime, in turn, can exacerbate the disease.

A major role in the treatment of external hemorrhoids at home is given to therapeutic gymnastics. It is enough to give 20 minutes a day to perform exercises in order to prevent the development of an advanced form of hemorrhoids and avoid its exacerbations. Especially useful exercises that provide cardio-operations. Their goal is training the muscles of the buttocks and all the organs of the small pelvis, including the muscles of the rectum, as well as stimulating blood circulation in the pelvic region and eliminating stagnant phenomena. Examples of such exercises are walking, swimming, jogging, "scissors", "bicycle" exercises, etc.

External hemorrhoids - a delicate problem, but it

External hemorrhoids are a delicate problem, but one should not be silent about it!

Medication plays an important role in the treatment of hemorrhoids. The modern pharmacological industry offers a large selection of drugs intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids. All of them do not help to completely get rid of the disease, but with their help you can significantly reduce the manifestation of symptoms of the pathology, as well as exclude exacerbations. For local treatment of external hemorrhoids, as a rule, use ointments, creams, gels and very rarely candles.

The composition of the ointments can be different and depending on this they can have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hemostatic, venotonic effect. Ointments may contain local anesthetics, in particular novocaine, anesthesin. Such medicines perfectly relieve pain in hemorrhoids and anal fissures. The most commonly used ointments such as Relief, Aurobin, Proctosedil, Gepatrombin, etc.

Ointments based on hormonal agents have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. However, they are not recommended for use for more than 7 days. During periods of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, it is advisable to take conventional analgesic drugs in the form of injections or tablets. It is important to remember that bleeding can not be taken with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, since they worsen blood coagulability, thereby increasing blood loss. Such preparations include Aspirin, Ketorol, etc. Detralex, Glivenol, Rutozid, Posterizan and others help to remove pain, remove swelling and inflammation, as well as get rid of itching and burning in the anus. They belong to the group of phlebotonics preparations. Their active substances reduce the extensibility of the veins, increase their tone, strengthen the walls and increase the outflow of lymph. They are recommended to be combined with local effects, as well as with folk recipes to speed up the treatment process.

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For haemorrhages accompanying hemorrhoids, haemostatic drugs may be prescribed, including Dicinon, Vikasol, Calcium Chloride, etc. In addition to oral haemostatic drugs, topical preparations are used. When injected into the anal canal, these preparations dissolve to form a fibrin film, thereby blocking the bleeding sites of the hemorrhoids. At a risk of thrombosis of hemorrhoids, conservative therapy with heparin-based drugs can be used, which reduces blood clotting, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots.

Treatment of hemorrhoids folk remedies

It is effective in the treatment of external hemorrhoids using sedentary baths. For taking baths, you can use a warm solution of potassium permanganate, decoctions of medicinal plants, for example, chamomile. Such baths can be carried out 2-3 times a day. They have a soothing and bactericidal effect, which is especially important in such complications of hemorrhoids as anal fissures. Such popular methods of treatment of external hemorrhoids, as ointments and lotions from medicinal plants and berries have proved to be well.

The most popular ointment from mountain ash. It is prepared from fresh berries. Rowberry berries are ground and this compound is lubricated by the anal opening twice a day. This ointment helps to get rid of the pain and discomfort at the initial stage of the disease.

Effective in hemorrhoid enemas with decoction of medicinal herbs. To prepare therapeutic enemas use bitter wormwood, oak bark, chamomile, sage, horse chestnut seeds, nightshade. These plants help to get rid of the pain in the anus, and also to remove the inflammation. The use of folk remedies for hemorrhoids is effective, but not enough to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. Treatment of external hemorrhoids at home should be comprehensive, that is, include a diet, therapeutic gymnastics, medication and, if necessary, folk remedies. In this case, treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, self-medication can only aggravate the course of pathology and lead to the development of complications.

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