Calendula: medicinal properties and contraindications, application of the plant at home

The vibrant, radiant plant of calendula always attracts the attention of anyone who is nearby. And it attracts not only the external appeal: in such a small, defenseless plant, huge therapeutic forces are collected. The Romans loved calendula and for always reaching for the sun. Early in the morning the plant opens and, like a sunflower, always looks at the sun. Perhaps, therefore, calendula is able to collect and accumulate in itself only the best useful substances.

Flower of calendula

Calendula flower


  1. Calendula use
  2. Calendula preparation according to the proven recipes
  3. Calendula in the treatment of diseases

Use in the composition of calendula

The main use of calendula is a high content of carotene

Main use of calendula - high content of carotene

The bright coloring of the flower is the result of the high content of carotene in the plant. Carotenoids in the plant can be up to 3%, and flavonoids - up to 0.8%.This determines the useful properties of the plant, thanks to which a person can be cured of many diseases. For example, sterols in the composition of calendula lower cholesterol. Such useful properties are due to the fact that these alcohols, sterols, have a structure similar to real cholesterol, and therefore absorbed into the body in its place.

And, the more brighter the plant, the more in its composition the substances necessary to the body. Coumarins, essential oils and glycosides of oleic acid contribute to the destruction of bacteria, viruses and infections. They purify the body of toxins, establish the functionality of digestive and excretory systems. In this case they even have a wound-healing property. In general, thanks to the composition, the beneficial properties of calendula cause such effects:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiseptic;
  • antiviral;
  • is bactericidal;
  • choleretic;
  • is a diuretic;
  • soothing.

Also in the flowers and leaves of marigold are trace elements such as K( potassium), Mg( magnesium), Ca( calcium), Fe( iron).Carotenoids are necessary for the synthesis of vitamin A. Immunity is strengthened by the following useful substances: zinc, copper, molybdenum and selenium.

All these substances in the plant complement each other and have a curative effect on the human body, which makes calendula one of the most frequent ingredients in the recipes of traditional medicine.

Calendula preparation according to the proven recipes

The healing properties of calendula can be detected only by applying ointments, infusions, decoctions and other mixtures based on the plant. Basically, the roots and bark of the plant are used, but recipes that require dry leaves and flowers are also common. Calendula has its contraindications, but there are very few of them, and therefore practically every person can be convinced on their experience of the tremendous effectiveness of folk treatment.

Infusion of calendula is often used in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract

Calendula infusion is often used in the treatment of the digestive tract

Calendula infusions are used mainly to solve problems with the digestive and cardiovascular systems of the body. It is important that they are stored no longer than 2 days and it is best to prepare a new infusion daily for more effective treatment. There are several recipes for cooking infusion. First: an hour to insist a tablespoon of flower baskets in a glass of boiling water. Second: the same number of flowers, previously shredded, pour cold water, boil for 15 minutes in a water bath, then allow to cool and add boiled water to return the original volume.

The therapeutic properties of tinctures from calendula are used for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system diseases and oral cavity, as well as mental disorders. Prepare the tincture usually for alcohol or vodka.2 tbsp.l.raw materials( crushed flowers), 50 ml of liquid are poured, after which 8 days are infused. At the end of the period, the mixture must be filtered before use. Please note that alcohol also has its contraindications.

Decoctions based on calendula are effective in infectious diseases and inflammatory processes. It also cleanses the blood and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and therefore is successfully used in neuroses. To prepare a decoction, you need 2 tbsp.l.pour boiling water in an amount of 100 ml, then boil until half an hour. In the end, the mixture must be filtered and cooled.

Calendula oil is a very valuable product with huge useful properties. It is used in cosmetology, folk and traditional medicine. In general, it is used for skin defects and diseases, but effectively and ingestion for the treatment of diseases of the stomach and urinary tract. To prepare the oil, fill the glass jar with three-quarters of the volume with fresh marigold flowers, then pour them with olive or other vegetable oil. Infused mixture of 10 days, during which the jar sometimes need to shake.

Use also oil and decoctions of marigold

Calendula oil and decoctions are also used.

Calendula based ointment is the best way to save the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. In addition, its contraindications are the same as in normal calendula: hypotension and pregnancy. Most often, the ointment is prepared using Vaseline( 4 tablespoons) and crushed flowers( 4 tablespoons).But, to improve the quality of the ointment, it is better to use melted domestic lard. The glass of the component will require half a glass of calendula flowers: the mixture should be kept in a water bath until it becomes a monotonous condition.

Often people prepare and juice of calendula. Get it very simple: you just need to squeeze through a meat grinder or a juicer 1-2 kg of flower baskets. Useful properties of the plant are manifested when taking in with honey and milk.

Calendula in the treatment of diseases

Use calendula should only be prescribed by a doctor

Calendula should be used only for the doctor's prescription

Naturally, calendula can not be used as the main treatment without a doctor's prescription. But to supplement treatment and accelerate the process of recovery is the prerogative of folk medicine. Moreover, the use of calendula can not only remove external symptoms, but also affect the cause of the disease. However, always remember about the contraindications: pregnancy and hypotension.

Cardiac insufficiency and hypertension are treated with an alcoholic tincture of calendula for 35-40 drops up to 3 times a day. Infusion is taken exactly the same. When arrhythmia recommends to drip 15-20 drops of alcohol tincture on a sugar cube and eat after a meal. With tachycardia you can cope if you drink half the glass infusion on the water four times a day.

Gastrointestinal diseases - no problem for calendula flowers. However, their treatment can only be done with chronic illnesses without exacerbation. The plant copes with ulcers, gastritis, poor digestibility, inflammatory processes. For treatment use such infusions:

  1. 3 tbsp.l.calendula, yarrow and chamomile pour boiling water and keep in the thermos until 3 o'clock. After use, preferably three hours is nothing.
  2. Air, althae, elecampane and mountaineer( 2 tablespoons root), centaury, yarrow, St. John's wort( 3 tablespoons grass) mixed with calendula, chamomile and tansy( 4 tablespoons of flowers).After mixing add in 300 ml of boiling water and insist in a thermos for half an hour.
  3. In half a liter of boiling water, brew calendula and tansy, taken for 3.5 tbsp.l. Infuse for up to 20 minutes, after the mixture has cooled, add a few spoons of honey. Remember about the contraindications tansy.
  4. 3 spoons of calendula and 3 tablespoons of chamomile to brew in 100 ml of boiling water, after 6 hours of aging add 4 tablespoons of honey( lime).
  5. In a regular infusion of calendula, you can simply add a few spoons of honey.

All these tools, except the first, are used in half the glass. Drink before meals, about an hour, three times a day. With cholelithiasis, infusion of calendula is taken in a spoon 20 minutes after eating.

For the treatment of sore throat rinse the throat with an alcoholic tincture diluted in a glass of water. In diseases of teeth and gums, also rinse the mouth with tincture, but less diluted. Skin diseases, eczema, dermatitis are often lubricated with ointment. Useful, therapeutic properties of ointments are used in dermatology. Decoctions of marigold are used for nervous disorders and headaches. To strengthen immunity from calendula, tea is prepared.

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