Than to gargle with a sore throat? Overview of Rinse Aids

Angina in medicine is commonly called a common infectious disease, which is accompanied by inflammatory phenomena in the throat, tonsils, and sometimes in the larynx. In this article, we will pay attention to the treatment of angina, consider the question of how and what can gargle with angina.

Angina - how to gargle


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First of all, we'll figure out how to gargle with a sore throat. There are several nuances here:

  • Rinse should be warm. A cold solution will aggravate the processes of inflammation, and too hot - will burn, will increase pain and stress;
  • When rinsing, the head should tilt back and the tongue protrude forward so that the solution penetrates deeply into the pharynx;
  • For best solution to the tonsils( so that the root of the tongue does not interfere with the process), you can pronounce the sound "s" when rinsing;
  • Each rinse should take 30 seconds or more, only this time is sufficient for the normal conduct of this procedure;
  • To prevent ingestion of fluid, control breathing;
  • Procedures are performed six to ten times a day.

So, with the rules of the procedure everything is clear. We'll figure it out now, what exactly is gargling with angina? The simplest and most affordable remedy that can be easily applied at home is soda.

  1. Gargle with sore throat can be prepared by such a composition: one teaspoon of soda per glass( 200 ml.) Of water. Soda helps calm the mucous membrane. The water temperature should be 45 degrees.
  2. Gargle with salt in angina - also quite affordable and effective way. Salt has an excellent antiseptic effect, effectively fights against pathogenic microorganisms. One teaspoon is dissolved in a glass of warm water. You can add more soda to the solution( then take half a teaspoon of soda and salt in a glass of water).
  3. Another remedy is gargle with peroxide in case of sore throat .Hydrogen peroxide is a chemically active substance, it is successfully used in many areas. He is credited with truly magical properties and publishes whole books about it. Hydrogen peroxide does have good antiseptic properties, and therefore will be effective in our disease. For 100 ml.water take a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can use another way: in 200 ml.water dissolve one hydroperite tablet. After peroxide, rinse your throat with plain water.

Warning! Rinse the mouth and throat every time after eating! This will help to remove the remnants of food from the tonsils and will promote proper treatment and speedy recovery.

Than to gargle a child

With children, everything is somewhat more complicated. Older children can rinse their throats themselves, while young children usually use aerosols and gels for local treatment. For children, some recipes suitable for adults are also suitable. For example, such simple gargles as soda and salt, herbal decoctions.

Effectively gargle with furatsilinom with angina .This tool is universal, it helps both adults and children. Two tablets of furacilin dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water and rinse is ready. Furacilin has a good antiseptic effect.

Folk remedies are rinsing the throat with chamomile, calendula, beetroot juice, carrot juice, lemon juice, black or green tea, propolis, clove infusion, lime decoction and many other means. You will get rid of the disease much faster if you gargle with chamomile with angina .The grass needs to be poured with boiling water, cool, drain, and after that it is ready for use.

Purulent angina - how to gargle

There are many recipes for rinses, effective for purulent sore throat. Help rinse potassium permanganate, boric acid solution, hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution, salt and soda, furacilin, chlorophyllite, chlorhexidine, stopangin for rinsing, infusion of eucalyptus, propolis.

It is also good to gargle with chlorhexidine in angina. The procedure is simple: the mouth gets boiled water and rinse her throat. Then take a tablespoon of chlorhexidine and rinse your mouth for thirty seconds. After this procedure, you should refrain from eating for two hours. Rinse three times a day.

In order for to gargle with propolis in case of sore throat , it is necessary to prepare propolis tincture. It is made from 20 g. Pure propolis and 100 ml.70 percent alcohol. A solid piece of propolis rubbed on the grater, poured into a dark jar, poured with alcohol and infused for two weeks. The mixture should be shaken periodically. After the expiration of two weeks it must be filtered and stored in a refrigerator( shelf life 1 year).After rinsing your throat, you can begin treatment of sore throat with antibiotics, but only after consulting a doctor.

Warning! For children and pregnant women use only an aqueous solution of propolis!