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The main types of skin are dry, oily, normal and combination. Problem skin is not allocated to a special group, but it is mentioned equally. Every second woman thinks that she has problem skin, because an ideal, smooth, beautiful surface of the face is infrequent.

However, dryness, peeling, greasy film, second chin and even early wrinkles are, of course, significant cosmetic defects, but they are not signs of problem skin of the face. To find out what it is is our task.

Signs of problem skin

Any skin can become problematic - dry, oily, normal, combined, and not only in adolescence, as many believe. This skin disease, which can occur at any time of life, as possible reasons may be a variety of circumstances. The signs of a truly problematic skin cosmetologists and dermatologists call the following skin manifestations:

  • any rashes of an inflammatory nature: papules, plaques, black spots, pimples, acne, ulcers;
  • for a long time does not heal, wet and suppurating, inflamed scars and scars;
  • vascular asterisks and mesh;
  • pigmentation spots that cover more than 50% of the entire surface of the face and are not congenital;
  • peeling spots of large diameter;
  • eczema, dermatosis.
All the above mentioned neoplasms are not natural phenomena for the skin of the face. They appear during life under the influence of certain factors.

It is necessary to distinguish a girl with freckles, which she manifests every year with the first rays of a hot sun, and a pregnant woman with large pigment rashes on her face, which she never had before.

In the first case, the problem skin can not be: after using the usual bleaching agents, freckles will become less noticeable, and in the cold season they will disappear altogether. In the second case, the future mother is faced with a problem that needs to be addressed. Despite the fact that in 80% of cases, the problem skin is associated with the inflammatory eruptions of , its other manifestations also should not be discounted. The causes of all these misfortunes can be a variety of factors.

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Reasons for

Why do some people have smooth, smooth, velvety skin, while others constantly jump up some pimples, again and again there are acne eruptions, do not heal injuries for a long time, red spots spread all over the surface of the face? The causes of the problem skin can be a variety of factors - lifestyle, heredity, skin care, used cosmetics.

If you accurately identify what kind of circumstance provokes the appearance of new and new rashes, it can easily be eliminated. This will lead to the successful completion of treatment and getting rid of skin problems forever. Among the possible reasons, dermatologists and cosmetologists call the following factors.

  • The failure of the hormonal background : a surge or lack of hormones in the body - and you already automatically fall into the risk group and can easily become the owner of problem skin. To this you need to be ready in such periods of life as puberty in the same adolescent age( all start and end in different ways, but approximate terms - from 12 to 17 years), bearing a baby - pregnancy, a few days before the menstrual cycle,climacterium.
  • Stresses : rarely anyone connects rashes on the face with his mental and moral state - and absolutely in vain. Any malfunction of the nervous system is reflected on the skin, as a litmus test. If you experience a prolonged or very severe stressful situation, suffer from constant neuroses, are depressed, often irritated and nervous at the slightest trifles( psychoses and hysterics are a vivid proof), do not be surprised if as a result of all this one morning you find in the mirrorabundant and inflamed rashes on his face.
  • Drugs : uncontrolled, prolonged use of certain medications can also cause problematic skin. To such dangerous for a skin agents concern antibiotics, hormonal preparations, contraceptives, aspirin and some others.
  • Bad habits of also directly affect the appearance of the skin: smoking from a small age and in large quantities, frequent use of alcohol not only worsen the complexion, but also provoke the appearance of acne and acne.
  • Food : many do not even realize that the cause of the problem skin can be the wrong food - the lack of a regimen, the regular use of a large number of exotic fruits, berries and red vegetables( raspberries or carrots, for example), too fatty, smoked, salty,marinated food. Incorrect work of the stomach, slagging of the body, excess weight and especially obesity are very often diagnosed in the owners of problem skin, because they are its immediate causes.
  • Care : not all women find it necessary to take care of the skin, which almost always results in problems with it. Insufficient, incorrect care will again and again provoke the appearance of rashes: it can be the use of substandard or overdue cosmetics, poor purification of pores, make-up left overnight, etc.
  • Subcooling of the organism and, accordingly, various colds can also cause couperose onface ( vascular network) and inflammatory processes.
  • Overheating of can become an annoying reason that the skin suddenly became problematic. If you stay in the sun for a long time, an overabundance of ultraviolet light will negatively affect the skin condition of the face. To problems can lead to a strong tan and abuse of the solarium.

Everyone can fall into the risk group: there are many causes of problematic skin, and basically they are dictated by the wrong way of life of .

To get rid of annoying new growths on the face, you have to fix first of all your life.

Having determined which of the above mentioned factors affected the condition of your skin, try to get rid of it as quickly as possible, otherwise any treatment you have taken yourself or appointed by the doctor will be useless.

Yes, you will have to give up the goodies you are used to, smoking and solarium, but all this is worth it so that the facial skin shines with beauty and health, and does not attract the attention of others with its creepy rashes. In addition, if you can not avoid the misfortune, you will have to provide the problem skin with a special, more thorough and competent care.

Skin Care for

If you do not give the problem skin the proper attention, its condition will only worsen. For sure, many more than once met girls pretty pretty appearance, but with a mass of foundation and powder on his face, who could not hide the terrible kind of pimples all over his face. Started skin diseases are difficult to treat, especially if they are aggravated by the constant use of decorative cosmetics, which only strengthens the rash, preventing the skin from breathing fully. At the first appearance of any neoplasms in parallel with eliminating the causes of the scourge, it is necessary to provide the problem skin with a worthy and full-fledged care.

  1. Normalize your diet : enrich the diet with fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, while excluding the fruits of red color. Limit maximum consumption of fatty, smoked, salty, spicy, pickled food. Drink more juices( again not red) and ordinary mineral water, eliminating carbonated and alcoholic beverages.
  2. Do not remove lesions on the skin with alone.

    Many people mistakenly believe that if they squeeze out a jumped pimple, they will burn out acne eruptions, they will disappear. As a result, this place is left with ugly scars - small, but noticeable and for life. And the amount of rashes after such home procedures becomes twice as much. This threatens the further spread of the inflammatory process and infection, which will have to be treated exclusively on an outpatient basis. At the same time, the risk of contaminating the blood is great, because at home it is impossible to provide the ideal sterility that should accompany such manipulations.

  3. Properly wash : cold and hot water equally adversely affect the problem skin. This procedure is best done with water at room temperature or slightly warm. Soap is categorically excluded: only a cleansing gel, designed specifically for problem skin. Wipe the face with a towel after washing does not follow: the danger of injuring the focus of inflammation is great. Just lightly moisten the skin.
  4. Clean the pores of regularly( once a week exactly).First, with the help of steam trays, in which it is necessary to add decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs: camomile, marigold or St. John's wort. Secondly, you need to use scrubs, but only a mild action: do gommage, for example. Too hard means can damage the focus of inflammation( pimple), thereby worsening his condition. If you do not cleanse the pores, the skin can not breathe and will never become smooth and even.
  5. Give up the foundation and powder , no matter how much you do not want to disguise your problem areas on the face. You need to understand that you can not hide pimples in this way, because they will still appear through any layer of makeup. But the harm from this will be colossal: the pores are clogged with chemicals that make up the cosmetic product, and become a hotbed of new and new inflammatory reactions.
You can correctly use these recommendations - the problems will gradually go away, the skin is cleared of inflammation, becomes smooth, beautiful, smooth, and most importantly - healthy.

To calm the irritated skin and accelerate its recovery, it is also recommended 2-3 times a week to do home cosmetic anti-inflammatory masks.

Prescriptions of anti-inflammatory masks

Home cosmetic masks with anti-inflammatory effect can for some time calm the irritated skin and reduce the amount of rashes. With proper care for the problem skin recovery will occur much faster.

  • Yeast

Dilute baker's yeast( 1 tablespoon) with sour milk( 3 tablespoons), add lemon juice( 1 teaspoon), hydrogen peroxide( 5 drops).

  • Lemon

Whisk the protein, add the lemon pulp( 1 teaspoon).

  • Protein

Whisk the protein, add the lemon peel, crushed beforehand into flour( 1 teaspoon), oat flakes( 1 tablespoon).

  • Fruit

Baking yeast( 1 tablespoon) mixed with berry or fruit juice( lemon, currant, cranberry, pomegranate), dilute with a little cold water to make the mask to the extent of thick.

  • Kefir

Baking yeast( 1 tablespoon) dilute kefir to the desired density.

  • Potato

Mix potato flour with yoghurt to the desired density.

  • Curd

Degrease cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon) and stir with kefir( 3 tablespoons).

If you have a problem skin: pimples, acne, wet sores, black dots, etc., do not despair. This is not a sentence, from which you will have to suffer all your life.

Are treated: identify the cause, eliminate it, provide the skin with proper care and regularly make anti-inflammatory masks.

This is all you need in the fight for clean, beautiful, smooth and even skin.

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