Castor oil for eyebrows: effectiveness, application, masks recipes


  • Efficiency of castor oil for eyebrows
  • Application rules for castor
  • Eyebrow masks

Girls always want to look refined, well-groomed and fashionable. Without an appropriate image and make-up, this can not be achieved. And special attention here has to be given to the eyebrows, which, according to the latest fashion, should be natural, natural, and most importantly - sufficiently broad and thick. And how they will be made, if after constant plucking, staining and tattooing, they become very rare, thin and pale? There is a way out: if you regularly brush your eyebrows with castor oil, you can bring them back to life.

Efficacy of castor oil for eyebrows

In cosmetics, castor oil for eyebrows is an activator of their growth and protection against damages that they receive due to external influences. It can be atmospheric precipitation and temperature-critical temperature regimes, and may be all kinds of cosmetics with a threatening chemical composition. Castor oil, thanks to its unique ingredients - fatty acids, envelops the follicles and hairs invisible, but strong enough film. Through it it is difficult to break through to aggressive factors. At the same time, vitamins and other nutrients resuscitate and repair damaged tissues and cells. So the first, real medical( and not cosmetic) help to the eyebrows is:

  • palmitic acid - a conductor that accelerates the absorption by the skin and follicles of useful substances, makes the cell membranes more permeable: this allows the rest of the mask components to reach their goal much faster;
  • stearic acid - a moisturizer and protector, it is thanks to her castor oil is so thick and viscous, stearin quickly eliminates dryness, peeling, and also protects eyebrows from ultraviolet radiation and too low temperatures;
  • oleic acid is an accelerator and activator of the metabolism, which is often broken, it perfectly retains moisture in the cells, restores the immune, protective functions of the skin if they are damaged;
  • ricinoleic acid in castor - softener: makes the eyebrows soft and obedient when laying, eliminates their stiffness( you do not have to compare your eyebrows with a wire that does not want to lie in a smooth, beautiful curve);has antibacterial properties, so that with regular application of castor oil, one can not be afraid of demodectic and other diseases related to this part of the face;
  • linoleic acid in its properties is very similar to oleic: they together moisturize and protect the hairs;
  • vitamins E and A - the most essential for eyebrows nutrition, which they so lack , they activate the broken synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers.

Based on this miraculous composition, castor oil is used primarily for the growth of eyebrows, their moisturizing and protection. Indeed, this part of the female face lacks just such care. In pursuit of the ideal way, we often have to pluck out the crooks ruthlessly, violating the integrity of their follicles and skin, and also subject them to constant aggression from cosmetic( most often staining) remedies. So how do you organize an independent application of castor oil for the treatment of eyebrows and active care for them?

Wow! Castor oil is produced from a plant called castor oil. It is very poisonous. But, thanks to modern production technologies, after a cold squeezing from poisonous substances there is no trace.

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And what do you know about lipstick for the eyebrows? We offer full information about cosmetic products.

Rules for the application of castor oil for eyebrows

As a cosmetic product, it is necessary to try castor oil for eyebrows: application of this substance does not require any special skills and is unlikely to create serious difficulties for you. However, some useful tips will be useful to you in order to extract from this unique gift of nature the maximum benefit for your appearance.

Allergy Test

It is necessary to check whether the castor will cause an allergic reaction. After all, you will have to work with the area next to the eyes, which is highly sensitive. To carry out the test, apply a small amount of oil to the wrist( or the skin behind the ear, or the inner crook of the elbow).According to dermatologists, in these places the skin is extremely sensitive and thin, so that it will quickly respond to treatment with an irritant component. If within the next few hours there are no unpleasant sensations like itching, rash, swelling, you can safely try mask for eyebrows from castor oil.

Initial instruction

  1. Be sure to observe indications of , as the chaotic application of castor oil can damage: oil is used if the eyebrows are drained, thinned, lost brightness, very rare, no growth, no density or volume.
  2. It is equally important to comply with and contraindications for the use of castor oil: open wounds( cuts, not healed scratches, recent seams) on the eyebrows, individual intolerance( allergy).
  3. Those who first decide on such therapy, are wondering where to buy castor oil for eyebrows. This drug, so buy this product exclusively in pharmacies. It is available in small bottles and is considered universal, as it is suitable for making masks for the face, for the hair, and for the eyebrows.
  4. Follow for the expiration date of of the castor used. You will use an expired product - you may cause edema or an allergic reaction. That the oil does not deteriorate ahead of time, it should be stored in a cool and preferably in some dark place.

  1. preparation process If you purchased this miracle product, you should know: its needs to be heated by before use. Since daily water baths are troublesome, you can simply lower the treasured bottle in a hot cup of water before applying castor oil on the eyebrows.
  2. When heating, keep in mind the temperature regime: it must not exceed 40 ° C.If it is a mask for eyebrows with castor oil in combination with eggs or ethers, then no more than 30 ° C.The first will turn into flakes( curdle), and the second will become a useless liquid.
  3. If only cosmetic and vegetable oils appear in the mask, they can all be heated together in one container, mixed premixed.

Application of

  1. Castor oil should lie on clean hairs. Do not pre-make make-up remover , carefully removing from the eyebrows the remains of make-up and other particles. You can even walk a scrub a couple of times a week, so that nothing interferes with the effects of cosmetic products.
  2. Before the procedure, please read how to apply castor oil on eyebrows and than .First, it is better to purchase a special brush, oblique on the diagonal. Secondly, the direction of movements, naturally, should be according to the growth of hairs.
  3. Very important nuance of : do not take casters too much. It is very viscous and oily in itself. If its excess will drain on your eyes, next morning you risk waking up with swelling. Another side effect is mucosal irritation, which will turn red and itch will be very itchy.
  4. Do not leave the product on the eyebrows for long: it can not bring any result. On the contrary: oil will be difficult to remove, because the fatty film that it forms, becomes too dense over time. So about t 10 to 20 minutes - no more.
  5. So that after the castor oil there are no disappointments left, it should be able to properly remove. Do not wash it with water, which will only exacerbate the situation. First, swipe the eyebrows with a dry cotton pad, and then - soaked in water( even better - warm milk or broth from herbs).
  6. After that, it will be nice to apply a nourishing cream on the eyebrows, which will fix the effect of castor oil.
  7. The frequency of the procedure is 2-3 times a week. If problems with a rarity and growth of the eyebrows are not present, and castor oil is needed only for nutrition and care, it can be reduced up to 1 time in 7 days.

That's the way, following this instruction, it is possible to grow eyebrows castor oil, as it has an excellent regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the tissue. Be sure to purchase this tool if you need high-quality care for the eyebrows. Castor oil for eyebrows can be applied both in pure form, and as part of a mask. Both types of use will be equally effective and useful.

Curious fact. The plant from which castor oil is produced is also called Palma Christi, which translates as the palms of Christ. This is due to the shape of its leaves and the ability to heal wounds.

Eyebrow Masks with Castor Oil

It is not enough to know how to smear eyebrows with castor oil, you still need to be able to prepare these miracle cures. There will be no problems with the application, if it is in its pure form: heated - applied - removed. But with masks you have to mess around a bit. But believe me: it's worth it. After all, in addition to restoring castor oil, they will have a lot of useful and nutritious substances that will fully care for the eyebrows and quickly bring them in order. So pick up a prescription - and use it for health.

  • Softening Eyebrow Mask

To keep the naughty, stiff hairs from getting out in the morning for a line of beautifully curved eyebrows, start feeding them with the next butter mask. Mix the tea spoon with castor oil and unrefined olive oil. Preheat them lightly. Can apply in accordance with the instructions. The action time is up to half an hour.

  • Eyebrow Shine Mask

Matte eyebrows without a drop of gloss do not attract attention. Make them shiny and in a natural silky. To do this, mix a teaspoon of castor oil with liquid vitamin A( retinol).Leave on the eyebrows for 20 minutes.

  • Mask for color enhancement

It's no secret that eyebrows fade with time. Not everyone is ready to spoil the hairs permanently stubborn. For them, there is a wonderful tool for preserving the color of the eyebrows. To do this, mix in a teaspoon of camphor and castor oil. Warm up. Lubricate the eyebrows. Time of action - no more than 10 minutes. But the frequency of application - every other day for a month.

  • Eyebrow Growth Mask

Do your hair fall out of your eyebrows? Did they become catastrophically thin? It's time to take action urgently, otherwise you will have to use overhead browers in the near future. Start making a vodka mask that perfectly activates the growth of the eyebrows. Mix a teaspoon of castor oil with two teaspoons of any alcohol( vodka, cognac, rum).Carefully rub in the eyebrow. Leave for half an hour.

  • Eyebrow Mask

To prevent eyebrows from falling out, and being thicker and larger, you can take note of the following strengthening mask with castor oil. Buy a liquorice in the pharmacy. Mix 1 teaspoon of this ingredient and the same amount of castor oil and sesame oil. Stir thoroughly. Apply on eyebrows, according to the instructions. Time of action - no more than 10 minutes.

Now you are a real expert on how to use castor oil for eyebrows: learn the instructions and give useful advice and advice to others. After all, many women dream of beautiful, thick eyebrows. The most important thing in this business is not to overdo it( ie, to know the measure, to limit the amount of castor used) and to apply masks and applications regularly, and not from time to time.

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