How to increase breasts? Exercises for home

Almost every woman is unhappy with her natural data, but the leader in the frequency of claims is a bust.

Most of the ladies find their breasts not attractive enough because of what they think is small. Therefore many of them are in constant search of the means helping in how quickly to increase a breast.

how to increase breasts Today the problem of how how to increase the breast size of is no longer that, since plastic surgery has reached unprecedented heights.

Therefore, literally in a matter of days, the owner of a bust of 1 or even 0 size can feel the heaviness of at least the 3rd.

Moreover, the risks associated with conducting operations decrease every year, because now you can get the desired bust not only by implanting certain implants, but also with the help of transplanting your own adipose tissue, which is certainly safer.

But not everyone is ready to use for the sake of increasing the breast by the method of plastic surgery. In such cases, various means come to the rescue, which can be easily applied at home, including:

  • exercises;
  • massage;
  • tablets;
  • oil;
  • creams.

How to enlarge the breasts at home


  • 1 How to enlarge the breast at home
  • 2 How to enlarge the breasts without surgery
  • 3 Breast augmentation tools

how to increase breasts with exercises Undoubtedly, most women are interested in how to enlarge the chest of the house, since even the safestThe operation still remains a serious interference in the work of the body.

The easiest way to achieve only an external effect, and in how to visually enlarge the chest, will come to the aid of modern models of bras.

Is best given an additional volume bustu lyufa called push-up. Thanks to special foam rubber or silicone inserts, they raise the chest and move it slightly towards the center. Thus, the way the increases breast size with the bra is ideal for women who need a quick result without significant time and money.

How to increase a breast without surgery

If a woman wants to get a permanent result, but the operation for it is still unacceptable, she can resort to advice, how to enlarge the chest with the exercises .Today, there are many different complexes that allow to increase the tone of the muscles of the back, shoulders, hands, and also pectoral muscles, that is, with their help, the so-called natural bra is significantly strengthened. Best of all, the bust is affected by swimming, especially if you dissect the water surface by taking dumbbells in your hands.

It is also very common to meet the recommendations of a massage. Today, there are several different techniques, but the most popular is the how to enlarge the breasts without surgery, using vacuum massage. The essence of the procedure consists in the mechanical pulling of the breast, enclosed in a special cup, due to the vacuum created by the pump. Due to this in the tissues of the mammary glands microcirculation, metabolism is improved, and the receptors of the nipple are stimulated, which in turn promotes the growth of tissues.

But in fact, how to enlarge the chest with the help of massage there are pitfalls. So, vacuum procedures can cause a decrease in the elasticity of the tissues and the sagging of the breast. In addition, after the termination of their conduct, the bust quickly returns to its original dimensions. Similar disadvantages are deprived of massage by cool water. To spend it is worth every day while taking a shower, gently sweeping the chest with jets of water with varying intensity. To finish the water procedures is an easy massage, using oils, increasing the chest .

Breast Augmentation Tools

Today, the market presents a variety of different tablets and creams, the manufacturers of which promise an almost instantaneous reception of an excellent effect. Therefore, many women, especially those who are looking for ways, how to increase breasts for a week , resort to the help of such funds.

Modern creams and tablets, increasing the breast , are among the biologically active additives. This means that they did not pass a full clinical trial, so the effectiveness, and, most importantly, the safety of such drugs is not confirmed by anything.

However, to increase breasts by using tablets is possible. This is due to the fact that most of them contain substantial doses of phytoestrogens, that is, plant hormones similar in effect to the originally female hormone estrogen. It is he who is responsible for the growth of the breast, therefore, with regular admission, the bust can indeed slightly increase

.At the same time, the systematic use of large doses of phytoestrogens can adversely affect the overall hormonal background of a woman, which at least entails a set of extra pounds, and in the worst case will cause the development of certain endocrine diseases.

No less popular than tablets enjoy creams. They also contain phytohormones, but unlike tablets, their use is associated with a lower risk of side effects. At the same time, the result of their use will only last for several months.

Alternatives to topical products with phytohormones are creams that help improve blood circulation in the problem area. They are safer, but the result remains only as long as the woman uses the drug. After its cancellation, the bust returns to its previous parameters for several days. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether can be enlarged with the help of cream, because the effect of its use is, but it is only temporary.

If the above arguments had their effect and the lady was faced with the question of how can increase breasts without creams, it can take advantage of more natural non-hormonal means, for example, oils. As a rule, for this purpose, ylang-ylang, geranium, apricot, peach and almond oil are used. To achieve the desired result faster, a mixture prepared from 50 ml of almond oil and 10 drops of geranium oil and the same volume of ylang ylang oil can be rubbed into the skin of the mammary glands daily with accurate massage movements.