All about vinaigrette - calorie, properties, benefits, ways of cooking

1340634463_salat-vinegret-300gr Vinaigrette is a salad familiar to everyone. For many years it has remained one of the popular everyday dishes, while being an easy and healthy snack, because all the ingredients that make up this salad are vegetables. There are several recipes for cooking vinaigrette, which are essentially the same. Vinaigrette is an excellent dish for those who adhere to dietary nutrition.


  • History of vinellate
  • Ingredients of vinaigrette
  • Caloric content and useful properties of vinaigrette
  • Secrets of cooking

History of the origin of

vinaigrette It is believed that this salad arose during the reign of Alexander the First, and before that each ingredient was preferred to be eaten separately. The name of his salad was received after the French cook, who worked at the court, saw how the Russian cook added vinegar to the salad and asked: "Vinegar?", Which meant "vinegar".The Russian cook decided that the Frenchman pronounced the name of the dish and nodded: "Vinaigrette, vinaigrette."

Currently, this dish is rarely seen on the festive table. Somehow it got used up, or something. Many people prefer to buy ready-made salads in stores. But very vain, because this salad is a source of vitamins and benefits for your body, so you should try to cook it as often as possible. In addition, this is one of the quite budget meals.

Ingredients of

Vinaigrette As there is no generally recognized recipe for vinaigrette. Someone adds meat, herring, and some prefer to add vegetables. Some add green peas to the vinaigrette. In any case, the composition of vinaigrette should be boiled beets, potatoes, carrots. In classic Russian vinaigrette, these ingredients are still added onions, pickles, sauerkraut, and one chopped boiled egg. Refueling is prepared from vegetable oil, 3 percent vinegar, black pepper and salt. vinegret

Sometimes, a bit of the herring is added to the vinaigrette, which is small-grained and pre-soaked in milk, but in this case, sauerkraut is not put at all, and potatoes and onions, on the contrary, are added more.

Caloric content and useful properties of

vinaigrette Vinaigrette can rightfully be referred to dietary dishes, since it includes almost the same vegetables. In addition, as a dressing used a mixture based on vegetable oil, and not mayonnaise, which is already a big plus. Talk about the exact caloric value of vinaigrette is impossible, because there are no exact required proportions of a particular ingredient. All of them are added to the taste of the cook, besides, some ingredients can change, which also affects the calorie content. On average, 100 grams of this dish contains about 130 kcal, which is very, very little. In addition, this dish contributes to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to cleanse the body.

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To make vinaigrette more useful in terms of dietology, potatoes are advised to replace potatoes with boiled beans, canned peas frozen, boiled in salted water. You can add oranges, apples, lemons, oranges, greens. It is not recommended to salt the salad with the addition of sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers.

Secrets of cooking

  • If you want your vinaigrette to have a uniform pink tinge, mix all the ingredients, season with beet juice or decoction and then butter. If you like a mixture of multi-colored ingredients, then each ingredient must be filled with oil in separate containers and then mixed.
  • To make the vegetables tastier, they need to be boiled in the skin, or even better - baked.
  • Refueling should be prepared separately and poured gradually, making sure to add exactly as much as absorb the vegetables.
  • Ingredients are best not to mix in metal containers.

Finally a popular salad video recipe:

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