How to make an oxygen cocktail at home

How to make an oxygen cocktail As it was said in one Soviet film "Go to the village, the air is better there. Breathes easily! ".And this is absolutely true. In large cities, there is almost no greenery( trees, bushes), a strong gas contamination from transport and various enterprises, which is why all residents suffer to some extent due to lack of oxygen.

To what the lack of oxygen leads, probably everyone knows. This and headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, improper work of internal organs. All this sometimes leads to serious illnesses.

What, then, should be done by those who live in large cities and can not afford "leave in the countryside"?

Now in all practical medical institutions there is such a service as oxygen therapy. Namely, they suggest using an oxygen cocktail. About its benefits, as well as the benefits of oxygen, you can talk for hours. The fact that one glass of oxygen cocktail replaces a 4 hour walk in the open air makes it very useful.

Doctors recommend to drink oxygen cocktail course.1-2 glasses a day, for 30 days. Then a break for a month and you can start a new course.

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The oxygen cocktail recipe

However, in order to drink a cocktail course, it is not necessary to go to a medical institution and pay money for each portion. It can be cooked and at home, although everything is not so simple or not so cheap, as many sources promise. Here is one very simple recipe " pseudo oxygen cocktail ", which I found on the network:

"To do this, buy a decoction of licorice root in the pharmacy, and take a pump for balloons and juice( preferably cherry).In the juice add a spoonful of tea decoction of licorice root, stir well and pump "run" into the juice obtained by the juice. So we get an oxygen cocktail at home.

And, unfortunately, this will not be an oxygen cocktail, or rather such a received drink can be called a "fake oxygen cocktail".To taste it will be indistinguishable, but the useful properties promised above, will definitely not have. The fact is that the decoction of the licorice root will adequately play its role as a foaming agent, but the foam that it will give on the surface of the cocktail should be saturated with pure oxygen. And in this case it will consist of air, and it, as is known, contains approximately only 21% of oxygen. When using such a pump, we get the most usual foam.

A special device such as a cocktailer can help a lot, in which the base of the drink is poured and then oxygen is supplied from one side, and foam follows from the other. This foam is a real oxygen cocktail. Although the easiest cocktail can be bought for no more than $ 10, but at home you can do without it.

Where can I get oxygen for an oxygen cocktail?

Now, drawing conclusions, it is worth considering - and where to get oxygen for the preparation of an oxygen cocktail? Here are the main options:

  • buy an oxygen cylinder - the price of a 1-liter from about 18 dollars, but refueling is much cheaper. It is convenient because it can store oxygen for a very long time, if suddenly cocktails have to be cooked infrequently;
  • buy in the pharmacy an oxygen pillow - it is usually sold empty( price for 30 liters from $ 8).There may be difficulties with refueling, but this can be helped by a familiar gas welder( he should have access to large cylinders).The cushion has a tube with an oxygen regulator, which makes it convenient for making cocktails.
  • buy oxygen cartridge - designed for breathing or specifically for making cocktails. It even sounds "ballonchik", but the volume can be relatively significant( 18 liters and more).The difference from the balloon is that it can not be refilled - it is more like a deodorant. The price depends on the type and volume, but will cost much less than a cylinder of the same volume, and will be easier to use. Choose should be with a tube that will make it possible to prepare an oxygen cocktail at home without a cocktail, if not. That is, it must be more authentic to dive to the bottom of the tank.
  • try to make oxygen chemically at home. The easiest way is to isolate it from hydrogen peroxide( it is more difficult to buy manganese), if there is a surplus. To do this, in a glass container we heat hydrogen peroxide, on a maiden on top a rubber ball. This ball produces pure oxygen, which can be used to prepare an oxygen cocktail at home. Although such oxygen will be very expensive. ..
Any use of pure oxygen is very explosive. This is especially true of the last point, if anyone decides to really allocate so much oxygen at home. An explosion may occur when oxygen contacts a heat source for heating!

Now it's up to the small thing. If there is a cocktailler, an oxygen mixer or a tube aerator, then just follow the instructions to them. And if it does not, then in plastic( it holds the foam longer), we pour out our juice, add licorice root tincture or purchased spume mixture or dry egg white( this is all the foaming agents) and let the air pass through the tube. Without the use of a cocktail and other special devices, the oxygen consumption can be more and make up to 1 liter per serving, depending on the quality of the foaming agent. Foam, which will be formed and will be a real oxygen cocktail, cooked at home.