Exercises on the ball for losing weight

Exercises on the slimming ball

Miracle ball allows for three weeks of regular training to improve the body, strengthen the muscles of the whole body, correct the body and return the muscles elasticity and elasticity.

How do we start training?

  1. We maintain a correct posture.
    Fitball perfectly develops coordination and regulates balance, during the entire session, a person uses all the muscles of the body body, fixes each pose, controls the position of the body. It's important not to fall down and perform the task correctly, which is sometimes not very easy!
  2. Increase your stamina.
    Such exercises will help to remove fatigue of the back, improve overall health, strengthen immunity. After two or three trainings you will notice how elastic your muscles have become and the plasticity of the body has increased.
  3. Strengthening the muscles of the press.
    In a short time you can achieve relief contours in the abdomen, lose weight by a few centimeters at the waist and learn how to effectively keep the body in balance.

Using a gymnastic ball and performing weight loss exercises, a person achieves a positive result in adjusting the figure evenly and gradually. Even for those who do not like to work hard in the training hall, there is good news, in any case, weight loss occurs, joint mobility improves, abdominal muscles and hips come to life.

Exercises on the ball for losing weight

A few basic exercises with the miracle ball for weight loss

  1. Push-up. 4 approaches 10 times.
    The first time it will be difficult to keep the ball, but soon you will be able to curb the balance. The legs are straight, the arms are bent at the elbows, the pressure of the whole body is done on the ball. The back is straight, breathing is even.
  2. Squats. 2 times 10 times.
    Fix the Fitball between the back and the wall. The back is flat, hold the ball and slowly go down. Then we rise again. Without a break, we perform squats 10 times. After the break, repeat the exercise. Such an exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and removes excess centimeters on the hips.
  3. Balancing.
    For this, you need to lie belly and chest on the ball and try to keep your balance without hands, feet are even, the back is straight. The vestibular apparatus develops, respiration is controlled. All muscle groups are strained, especially the hips and abdomen.
  4. Jumping.
    Fun and interesting task. Sit down on Fitball and, without taking your feet off the floor, we make jumps. Muscles of legs are strengthened, and well-being is improved!
  5. Bridge.
    We lay down with our backs on the ball, fix the position, we do sweeping movements up and down. We try to keep the body of Fitball and do not miss it while squatting. The back is well strengthened, and if you have periodically felt pain from this area of ​​muscles before the training, it will all go away soon, and you will forget what "weather" storms and joint aches are.

Exercises on the ball

With the help of a gymnastic ball, you can perform many individual exercises, if you need to lose a few centimeters in the waist area, then you need to focus on the movements of the abdominal muscles when you are interested in the legs, then do sit-ups, etc.

The first time after class you will feel tremendous fatigue and even a breakdown, but after three or four training sessions everything will pass.

Special contraindications

Medical studies have proven that exercises on fitbole are allowed and even recommended to pregnant and the youngest babies. Difference in the load and the set of exercises.

Future moms strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the children train the spine and fix the posture.

We wish you to lose weight effectively with the help of a gymnastic ball and achieve the ideal figure parameters. And for this you only need to perform simple and exciting exercises for 15-20 minutes every day.

Video with exercises for waist and press with fitness ball