The use of Kanefron during pregnancy: for and against

Kanefron - what is it and how to take it.

Kanefron - what is it and how to take it.

When a patient is diagnosed with kidney stones, the doctor can prescribe him Kanefron - an extremely effective tool based on plant components. But is it possible to use Kanefron during pregnancy?

You can. Often, Kanefron during pregnancy is the only permissible drug of diuretic action, which is recommended for women. Reviews about this drug are invariably positive, and no side effects were found by the scientists.

Table of contents:

  1. General description
  2. Indications for use
  3. Instruction
  4. Reviews

General description

Kanefron consists of natural components:

  • herbs of a thousand-thousandth;
  • leaves of rosemary;
  • roots lovage.

We will study its details in more detail below. Why does Kanefron during pregnancy guarantee a woman's safety and individual tolerance? After all, it is useful in the case of breastfeeding, as well as assigned to infants.

Partially the answer lies in the field of production of this substance. The process of making Kanefron is called phytoning. Ecologically clean raw materials are processed in such a way that its useful properties are preserved to the fullest extent possible. Gynecologists and midwives conducted a comprehensive study, as a result of which they established that in pregnancy, Kanefron is completely safe. And, at all terms of bearing.


The drug is available in two forms: tablets and drops. In pregnancy, the drops and tablets of the drug act in the same way. A tiny difference lies in the content of the substance - the composition of the drops includes alcohol. The percentage of it is extremely low and is unlikely to harm the fetus, but many women are afraid of taking Kanefron drops during pregnancy. Therefore, the tablet form is very popular. At the same time, drops cost 340-350 rubles, and tablets - about 360.

Composition of the drug

Sometimes the composition of the phytocomponents varies slightly, but in general one of the Kanefron tablets contains the following substances:

The composition of Kanefron includes a gold-thousander.

Kanefron includes a centiple.

  1. gold-bearing compound( 18 mg);
  2. rosemary( 18 mg);
  3. hips( 30 mg);
  4. lovage( 18 mg).

Kanefron includes a number of additional substances:

  • mountain glycolic wax;
  • dextrose;
  • red iron oxide;
  • riboflavin;
  • castor oil;
  • sucrose;
  • calcium carbonate;
  • corn modified starch;
  • colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • shellac;
  • Povidone;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • talcum powder.

A similar composition is inherent in drops. Plus 19% of alcohol.

Useful effects

Kanefron has the following curative effects:

  1. Diuretic. Essential oils of lovers and rosemary, as well as phenol carboxylic acids are able to prevent the reverse absorption of sodium cations in the renal tubules. Also, essential oils help improve the blood supply of kidney tissue, dilate blood vessels and enhance the diuretic effect of the drug.
  2. Spasmolytic. Phthalides lovers are able to muffle the pain symptom.
  3. Antibacterial. Kanefron is useful in pregnancy also because it can suppress the development of pathogens. Due to this, the urinary tract is not affected by infections. If synthetic antibiotics are combined with the use of phytopreparation, then the action of antibiotics can be strengthened.
    Kanefron is very useful for pregnant women.

    Kanefron is very useful for pregnant women.

  4. Anti-inflammatory. This effect is achieved through rosmarinic acid, which depresses substances responsible for inflammatory processes in our body.

The total implementation of these effects allows Kanefron:

  • to reduce puffiness;
  • to withdraw liquid surpluses;
  • sanitize urine;
  • to soften the lumbar pain syndrome( in the case of pyelonephritis);
  • accelerate the terms of recovery;
  • to improve the overall condition.

Indications for use

If the excretory system is affected by chronic diseases, then during pregnancy( especially in the first trimester) the inflammatory processes begin to worsen. The problem also arises in later terms. This is due to the increase and rounding of the fetus, which begins to put pressure on internal female organs( among them, the urinary system also suffers).

Kanefron during pregnancy is also useful because the phyto-components strengthen the weakened immune system of a woman, sometimes unable to resist the infectious invasion alone.

Here is a list of problems that a pregnant woman may face:

  1. Inflammation of the bladder( or acute cystitis).The main symptoms are painful urination, and in some cases - urinary incontinence. Kidney stones. Urination becomes painful, lumbar pains appear, urine becomes cloudy, sometimes with bloody impurities. Pressure and body temperature increase.
  2. Pyelonephritis. This inflammatory disease attacks the renal pelvis, calyx buds and parenchyma. Symptoms have some similarity with stone formation - temperature, lumbar pain, weakness, chills, nausea.
  3. Interstitial nephritis. This is a noninfectious kidney disease, which is inflammatory. It affects primarily the pelvis and calyx. In addition to lumbar pain accompanied by lethargy, fever and a decrease in appetite.
  4. Glomerulonephritis. This ailment affects the renal glomeruli, is characterized by increased pressure, swelling, and a small amount of excreted urine.

This drug very well stabilizes the work of the kidneys.

Instruction This medication stabilizes the kidneys very well.

Kanefron is quite popular with nephrologists and therapists as a therapeutic drug for problems in the excretory system. During pregnancy, the drug normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and bladder. Also, Kanefron saves the body of the future mother from liquid surpluses, removes puffiness, helps relax the blood vessels that supply blood to the urinary tract. The probability of entry into the body of infection is significantly reduced.

In pregnancy, Kanefron is prescribed for preventive purposes. Also, the drug helps to reduce the time needed to cure most diseases. Before applying Kanefron( especially with regard to pregnancy) it is necessary to consult a doctor and study the accompanying instruction leaflet.

If the disease is treated with only one Kanefron( and this happens in pregnancy) the dosage of the drug looks standard: 50 drops( or 2 tablets) daily 3 times. If Kinefron is prescribed for prophylactic purposes, the dosage is reduced.

Dosage of

This dosage regimen is also suitable in case of pregnancy( if the doctor did not give additional instructions).In some cases, the proportions are reduced. For example, 1 tablet( or 50 drops) daily 2 times. Some mothers reduce the number of drops to 20. In any case, the final decision must be made by the doctor.

The course of treatment is an average of 14 days. If the future mother is susceptible to a chronic illness, she can be prescribed for a full period of gestation, but the medication will have to be taken with certain interruptions.

How to use

Tablets should be taken in by swallowing them whole. Wash down with water - a small amount. Drops are best poured into a tablespoon, diluted with water and then drunk. The reception sessions do not coincide with the consumption of food, so there are no rigid chronological frames. However, experts recommend to adhere to a certain regime, so that the intake of substances into the blood was continuous.

Prolonged storage of the drug may lead to the formation of a bubble in the bottom of the sediment. This is not cause for concern - the sediment does not affect the therapeutic properties of Kanefron. Drink large amounts of fluid - to the appearance of edema it will not.


Women who use Kanefron during lactation and in the period of gestation, periodically write reviews about the drug on all sorts of forums. These reviews prove the efficacy of the remedy, as well as the absence of side effects.

It turns out, pregnancy and Kanefron are quite compatible, and the minuses of using this substance are not fixed. Moreover, the medicine serves as a kind of lifebuoy for pregnant women, because it cures the ailments of the excretory system, without causing any damage to the mother's body, nor to the developing fetus in her womb.

A number of diseases, about which we wrote above, give the woman a serious discomfort and cause anxiety of doctors. Kanefron can relieve you from these ailments in a short space of time, simultaneously strengthening immunity. Here only the diagnosis must be confirmed by a qualified specialist.
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