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The skin of each person is so individual that it differs in some way peculiar to it. Therefore, beauticians for the convenience of choosing the means to care for it, identify several types of epidermis. Very unusual from this point of view, a mixed type, as it is more difficult for him to choose appropriate cosmetic preparations. There are home masks for combined face skin that take into account all its features and therefore very carefully and qualitatively provide it with proper care. Learn how to properly prepare and apply them - and many cosmetic problems will go to the background or go away altogether. But first, make sure that you really have this type of epidermis.

Combined Skin Symptoms

Combined skin is a common, common type of epidermis that combines fatty and dry( simultaneously) or oily and normal skin. It has a number of distinctive features:

  • occurs in 80% of adolescents, 40% at a young age( up to 22 years), 10% in those over 30;
  • fatty areas are usually located in the T-zone: it covers the forehead, chin and nose;
  • dry and normal zone - on the cheeks, where there may be flaky spots;
  • healthy appearance;
  • smooth structure;
  • enlarged pores and comedones( black dots) in the nasal zone;
  • with age, the combined skin type becomes normal.

If you have learned from the above listed signs those that relate to your skin, then you are the owner of the combined type of epidermis. Therefore, you need to know what care means you need to choose for it to cope with cosmetic defects in the form of peeling, black spots and dilated pores. Home masks for combined face skin just to them and relate. What result can be expected from them?

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Effectiveness of masks for combined skin

If you regularly use home masks for a combined skin type, they will significantly improve its appearance:

  • will normalize the work of sebaceousglands , resulting in them in the T-zone will be less fat, and in the cheeks - more;
  • peeling spots of will disappear under the action of moisturizing masks;
  • black spots in the nose area, due to cleansing masks, will cease to accumulate;
  • rashes on the nasolabial triangle will become much smaller;
  • there will be no noticeable difference in skin condition in the T-zone and on the cheeks.
This effectiveness of masks for combination skin is due to the fact that for the nose, chin and forehead, cleansing and drying ingredients are used, and for the cheeks - moisturizers.

Therefore, you need to be able to apply these masks at home, because they are significantly different from the rest of this kind of means.

Secrets of using masks for combination skin

For dry skin, it is customary to choose moisturizing masks, for oily - drying, for normal - just nutritious .But for combined everything is much more complicated. Here there are some nuances that must be taken into account when using masks for home use for this type of skin.

  1. For the face T-zone, select drying and cleaning masks. For the cheeks - moisturizing.
  2. The peculiarity of the combined type of epidermis is that it should be treated as dry and in warm weather as in the cold season. Therefore, in the summer, it is recommended to apply cleansing and drying masks to the entire face skin, and moisturizing masks in winter.
  3. Do not combine two masks in one. That is, at the same time it is not recommended to apply two poppies at once: one on the nose, the other on the cheeks. Today you can prepare a moisturizer, and the next day or the next day - cleansing.
  4. Do not forget to check the combination skin masks for allergenic substances .To do this, just apply the selected composition on your wrist for a short time( 10-15 minutes), and then within 4-5 hours to follow the reaction of your skin. If there are no unpleasant sensations, discomfort, burning and especially rashes and stains, this mask will be absolutely safe and for skin care. You can safely use it for its intended purpose.
  5. Before the procedure, it is desirable to cleanse the pores of the face with a steam bath on herbs. Choose for this anti-inflammatory herbs: sage or calendula, for example. First you need 100 g of medicinal plants( in dry or fresh form) brew 500 ml of boiling water, insist for an hour, drain. Then pour the resulting infusion into a liter of ordinary hot water in the pelvis, tilt the face over it, cover your head from above with a warm towel.10 minutes must be in this state.
  6. If the mask is made for the T-zone, any scrub can be used after the steam bath: it will strengthen the action of the selected product. But for delicate, sensitive, flaky cheeks, there is no need to cleanse: hard abrasive particles of scrub can injure them.
  7. The mask is applied to the cheeks with smooth, soft movements. On the forehead, chin and nose - more rigid, indenting, as with scrubbing. All actions are better done with your fingertips. Vorsels of cosmetic brushes, despite the apparent softness, often scratch the top layer of the epidermis. In the wound gets dirt or infection, because of which the skin begins unpleasant rashes.
  8. The duration of the masks for combination skin is determined by their composition. The best option is no more than 10-15 minutes.
  9. It is better to wash them off with a decoction of medicinal herbs( any), milk or plain water. The liquid should be warm or at room temperature.
  10. The frequency of application is determined by the skin condition of .If there are such serious problems as black dots or peeling, masks need to be done 2 times a week. If the mask is needed only as a preventive measure, it will be enough once and 7 times, or even 10 days.
  11. The course of full-fledged care for a combined skin type is 10 to 15 masks. After this, you need to give the skin a little rest( a couple of weeks).

These unusual means are masks for a combined skin type, which can be prepared at home. As a rule, they use the simplest, affordable and even inexpensive food products. For some it will be necessary to buy oils - cosmetic or ethereal, among which there are 20 rubles for 50 ml, and 500 for the same volume. In pharmacies you can buy for these masks of vitamins in liquid form. The ingredients will be determined by the recipe of the mask, so it's worth taking seriously.

Mask Recipes for Combined Skin

When choosing a mask recipe for your combination skin, consider the specifics of these products and their unusualness. Moisturizing use for cheeks, cleansing, drying and anti-inflammatory apply to the chin, nose and forehead. If the mask is a general action, it can be applied to the entire surface of the face. But keep in mind that the promised result can not be obtained immediately. You may have to wait a few procedures before you see the effectiveness of the mask. In some cases, just the composition of the mask does not fit this or that type of skin, so you need to change it to another.

Moisturizing masks for combination skin

  • Cottage cheese + milk

Homemade cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon is enough) to mix with homemade milk so that it turns out a cool gruel. Apply only on cheeks or locally on scaly patches. The duration of this means is about 15 minutes.

  • Integrated

Freshly brewed semolina mash( enough 1 tablespoon will be enough) mixed with fresh natural honey, unrefined vegetable( any) butter( both ingredients are 1 teaspoonful), grind with fresh yolk of 1 egg, mix thoroughlyend already add natural grape juice( no more than 1 tablespoon).The action time is 15 minutes. If you add salt to the composition at the tip of the knife, this mask can be used as a cleanser against black points for the T-zone. The action time is 15 minutes.

  • Cabbage + potatoes + oil

Grate fresh cabbage leaves and squeeze out the juice to make at least 1 tablespoon. Raw young potatoes must be grated( also 1 tablespoon) and mixed with juice. After that, in the general composition, you need to add some vegetable unrefined oil. For this purpose, fit linseed or olive. It is better to pre-heat them on a water bath. But the oil in this mask should not be much. Enough will be 1 teaspoonful. The action time is up to half an hour.

Cleansing masks for combination skin

  • Oatmeal + milk

Oat flakes with a coffee grinder turn into flour. Mix it in the amount of 1 tablespoon with homemade fresh low-fat milk( or kefir) so that you get a thick enough gruel that will not drain from the face. If there are acne and acne in the T-zone, the milk can be replaced with a decoction of camomile or psyllium. The action time is up to half an hour.

  • Protein + lemon + semolina

Protein of one homemade egg whip until foamy. Mix with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice( it is better to dilute it with water in a proportion of 1 to 1).Then add 2 tablespoons of chilled manna porridge( without salt).This mask for combination skin will perfectly clean the pores, relieve not only from black points, but also from unpleasant and painful inflammatory eruptions in the form of acne and acne. The time of its action is no more than 10 minutes.

Drying masks for combination skin

  • Berry

Freshly squeezed raspberry juice is mixed with strawberry juice( in equal amounts, about a tablespoon), then low-fat milk( 3 tablespoons) is added. In the resulting cocktail, the gauze is moistened and is applied to the face T-zone for about 10 minutes. It is not recommended to restrain this mask, since it has a coloring effect.

  • Apples + honey + oatmeal

Peel green apples from the peel and seeds, turn them into mashed potatoes with a grater, then mix 2 tablespoons of apple puree with 1 tablespoon of natural honey, which can be pre-melt in a water bath. Then turn the oat flakes with a coffee grinder into flour and add it to the mask( enough will be 1 teaspoonful).

Masks for combination skin of general action

  • Potatoes + milk

Freshly brewed cooled mashed potatoes( it should be unsalted) in an amount of 1 tablespoon mixed with homemade milk of medium fat so that a homogeneous, thick mash. The duration of action is no more than 15 minutes.

  • Tolokno + milk + olive oil

Tolokno( take no more than 1 tablespoon) pour warm not too fat, but preferably with home-made milk( about the same amount), add a little natural unrefined olive oil( not more than 1 teaspoon).Such a universal remedy and peeling on the cheeks will soften, and black dots will extract from the T-zone. The action time is 25-30 minutes.

These are the masks for combination skin that can be done regularly at home. A lot of time you will not take them away, they will not require special financial expenses, but they will save you from minor cosmetic defects. Now you can fully and qualitatively take care of your unusual skin type, transform it and forget about the complexes associated with peeling, black spots and other troubles.

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