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  • How does "shampoo" work?
  • Rules for the preparation of home shampoos
  • The best recipes for home shampoos

Shampoo is one of the main tools for full-fledged care for any type of hair, so they use it to make the curls clean and healthy. However, in the pursuit of efficiency, at the peak of competition, for making money, the beauty industry today includes all kinds of sodium lauryl sulfates and parabens in the composition of these necessary means. The most terrible rumors spread about their action on strands, which are so exhausted by the everyday stresses that we are subjected to. It's good that they have an alternative: safe and healthy washing with natural products. Long-forgotten grandmother's recipes offer everyone to prepare a home hair shampoo from what is currently at hand( namely, in the kitchen).The result often exceeds expectations and justifies all 100% of expectations and hopes.

How does it work?

The main function of any shampoo is the removal of the accumulated dirt from the hair in a few days. In store shampoos, this task is performed by various surfactants - surfactants. They break down the molecules of any contaminants.

Think: if they are able to decompose into other small particles other chemical compounds( dust, greasy deposits, etc.), do they really spare the curls themselves?

Hence - increased fragility, cross-sections, dandruff, hair loss and other discomforts associated with scalp. In a completely different way, uses natural hair shampoos , which are prepared at home. They do not have such aggressive components, therefore also works differently :

  • the molecules of those products that make up their composition do not split, but firmly adhere to the molecules of contaminants that are on the hair;
  • , along with rinsing, removes the shampoo from the scalp, pulling all these deposits on the curls, without damaging the strands.

Hence - a significant improvement in the condition of the hair after regular use of home shampoos and its gradual deterioration after the use of powerful store tools.

Nature has given man a lot of substances that have a sticky consistency and are able to "grasp" and entrain any microscopic particles of dirt. This herbs, food, essential and cosmetic oils. The first place in this list is occupied by honey and egg. However, you need to be able to properly prepare such a shampoo, so that it really was effective. If some recommendations are not followed, even such a tool may be useless.

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Rules for the preparation of home shampoos

Not only cleansing properties are herbs, ethers, cosmetic oils, food, which are usually part of the home shampoo. They often perform some additional additional actions: they treat seborrhea and alopecia, strengthen the roots, activate growth, heal sections and fragile places. Therefore, independently preparing such a natural shampoo at home, you can get a real medical-cosmetic complex instead of the usual detergent. To make him "work" on conscience and avoid disappointment with the results, learn how to properly prepare and apply it. This will largely depend on the effectiveness of the selected shampoo.

  1. In egg shampoos, the main active ingredient is the yolk, which has powerful cleansing and moisturizing properties. Therefore, in principle, you can use in the recipes only the egg yolk mass, previously separated from the protein. However, such shampoos are not recommended to be washed off with hot water , as there is a risk of flocculation from a curdled egg. They will then be very difficult to comb out of hair.
  2. To make the shampoo liquid and easy to rinse off, it was lump-free and evenly distributed across all the strands, all its components are best mixed with in the blender .
  3. Be sure to check any prepared compound on the inside of the wrist .This gentle, sensitive place reacts instantly to allergens. Even if you have never had a reaction to eggs as a food product, as a cosmetic component, it often causes itching and reddening of the scalp, which then ends with abundant dandruff, a severe form of seborrhea and the loss of precious hair. Protect yourself against such side effects in advance.
  4. The shampoo is applied to the head in the same way as usual. For a start, properly foaming it at the roots, carefully massaging the scalp. Then the mixture is spread over the entire length of the strands. It is not recommended to wash them with rubbing movements, which increase their fragility and other damages. The best option - stroking the hair with the palms.
  5. The main difference in the use of home shampoo from the store - its it is recommended to leave on the head for 5-10 minutes , since almost all the formulations are peculiar masks for the hair. This time is necessary in order for the active substances of the products to properly enter into a close chemical bond with the particles of contamination. The stronger this grip is, the more garbage will leave your head when washed.
  6. To remove household shampoo from the head with dirt, it is better to use filtered, settled, mineralized water, but not tap water. At the last rinse it is possible to add in it a decoction or infusion of some medicinal herb , which will only improve the beauty and health of the hair. Blondes are ideal in this case, chamomile, brunettes - nettles or bark of oak. To enhance the shine of curls instead of herbs, you can use lemon juice or vinegar, previously dissolved in water.
  7. It is not recommended to use a balm rinse after this procedure, as it can negate all the useful properties of home shampoo. It is undesirable to use a favorite air conditioner, but if the hair is very dry and electrified, it is best to apply it to strands, avoiding touching the roots and scalp.
  8. Eliminate the hair dryer for drying hair after washing with a home shampoo. They must dry naturally.
  9. Wait until the head is completely dry( from the very roots of the hair to their tips), and only then proceed to the procedure of combing. If the composition of the shampoo included components with an unpleasant odor, add a few drops of any essential oil to the comb and comb the strands for a long enough time - 5-10 minutes. Especially good for this purpose are lemon and rosemary. The locks then exude a divine fragrance.
  10. Use home shampoo as often as you need it - with every hair wash with. Use for a sufficiently long time( at least a month) the same composition, and then change the recipe.
  11. In a number of sources it is indicated that shampoos prepared at home are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days. It is not necessary to listen to such advice: it is better to prepare such quantity that it was possible to use at once, without worrying for its term of validity. Always fresh home shampoo is a reliable guarantee of its quality and absence of various side effects.

If you know how to make a home hair shampoo competently, according to the recommendations of experts and the accumulated experience of our ancestors, you can significantly improve the condition of your curls.

Do not step back a single step from these simple rules and enjoy the efficacy of a natural, incredibly healthy home hair shampoo.

It is very important here not to make a mistake in the choice of a recipe, which today can be found a large number: in many ways it will depend on it results.

The best recipes for home shampoos

Recipe is often much harder to choose than to prepare shampoo itself, because in their variety you can really get lost.

First of all, stop your attention on those recipes that indicate what kind of hair it is intended for and which scalp problems it will help you to solve.

In accordance with this and choose the best option. If the first shampoo disappointed and did not deliver you the pleasure that you expected from it, do not give up, get upset and reach for the usual tube of the store tool. Try another recipe, experiment - and be sure to find a miracle composition for your own hair type.

  • For normal

Gelatin powder( one tablespoon), add filtered room temperature water( 100 ml), stir well, leave for 40 minutes. Add one raw yolk, beat the mixture in a blender.

  • For fat

Raw egg beat thoroughly with a good, brandy brandy( 50 ml).

  • For dry

Mix the castor oil heated on a water bath( two tablespoons.) With a raw egg, whisk.

  • For hair growth

Natural mustard powder( one tablespoon.) Dissolve in strong black tea( two tablespoons.), Add the raw yolk. If the mustard recipe contains mustard, it will have an excellent effect on the subcutaneous circulation, which always contributes to the rapid, intensified growth of the strands.

  • From the deposition of

Powder kaolin, white cosmetic clay, in an amount of 50 grams diluted with warm filtered water( 100 ml).Kaolin is known as an excellent firming agent for hair roots, so that such a shampoo will prevent their loss, and you will get rid of early alopecia. Beat separately two raw yolks from

.Dissolve in alcohol( 20 ml) essential oils of rose( 1 drop), sage( drops 4), beat with yolks. Alcohol can be replaced with vodka. This home shampoo for dandruff cope with any, even the most neglected form of seborrhea under one condition - regular application.

  • Regenerating

Pulp of rye bread without peel( 100 g) soak in fresh, fat kefir( 100 ml), leave for a couple of hours at room temperature. Before applying to the hair, crumb the crumb, and then the resulting bread and kefir mixture to pass through the blender. This shampoo perfectly restores even heavily damaged tips, actively prevents further brittle hair.

  • For shine

Camomile flowers, dry, or fresh, in the amount of two tablespoons.pour boiling, just removed from the fire with water( you need at least 200 ml, a glass), leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Cool in the refrigerator. Gelatine powder( one tablespoon.) Pour into a glass container, pour a cold infusion of chamomile. Manually whip, leave another 40 minutes. If there are still lumps in the mass, put the gelatin-chamomile shampoo in the microwave for 15 seconds and cool again before use. Some successfully add to this recipe two more tablespoons.shop shampoo on herbs. This means gives the hair an amazing volume, the most delicate silky, additional natural shine.

  • Nutritious

Beat a few yolks in a blender( two or three), dilute with slightly warm water to the desired density. It turns out very useful and nutritious for hair shampoo. If you do not use to wash your head with hot water, in this recipe yolks can be replaced with whole eggs.

All these useful recipes for home hair shampoo can be actively used, with your own hands, preparing a head cleanser for 100% natural products. Regularly using them( with each wash), you can save a lot, because store shampoos cost a large amount. In addition, with their help you will correct the health of your locks and will not be afraid for the harmfulness of the used remedy.

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