Mycoplasma in men: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

One of the most important functions of the male body is its reproductive ability, the ability to fertilize an egg and conceive a healthy child. Naturally, you need to have a healthy body for this. At present, the male body is not only affected by the bad ecology, but also by many other factors that reduce immunity, and also affect the body as a whole. A large number of men with the use of tobacco and alcohol unconsciously destroy their immune system and irretrievably oppress their sexual function, due to which the motility of spermatozoa decreases and the reproductive function fades to almost zero, against which all sorts of diseases that have pathogenic character begin to develop in the body,among them, mycoplasma is very developed.

Mycoplasma is one of the many viruses that is transmitted sexually. The vitality of these bacteria is so great that it is practically impossible to cure them, especially since they are conditionally pathogenic in approximately every second male organism, very often even in a latent form without showing signs. However, it is worth the immunity to lose some vigilance, as these smallest bacteria begin to affect the cells of the body by extracting vital substances from them, during this period mycoplasmas begin to spread successfully to all organs in the body, affecting the body with its scales. The first thing that affects mycoplasma is the genital and urinary system, considering it the main trophy, because fungal and bacteriological infections parasitize the mucous genital organs with great success.

Symptoms of mycoplasma in men

Mycoplasmosis, like many similar diseases, has a latent system of the course of the disease, in this connection there is a sufficiently long time period in which the body is affected by pathogens and does not receive appropriate treatment or support for the body. The first thing to pay attention to is the appearance of transparent, sometimes yellow discharge from the urethra, the appearance of painful sensations during sexual intercourse and with urination, the outer urethra changes color, which turns red, discomfort and itching appear. With complications, there may be pain in the scrotum and perineum, rectum and in the lower back. Sometimes there are rashes on the skin.

In principle, everyday infection with mycoplasma is so unlikely that there is no need to treat it as a method of infection.

Mycoplasmosis leads to inflammation of the urethra and development of urethritis, as well as to kidney disease, acute or chronic pyelonephritis. In men, there is a disruption of the bladder, urethra, seminal vesicles and testes, appendages and prostate gland, paraurethral passages.

For the diagnosis of mycoplasma, seeding, serological, bacteriological, genetic probe methods, as well as the activated particle method and PCR method, as well as methods for determining mycoplasma antigens ELISA and UIF are taken for the diagnosis of mycoplasma, but they are not characterized by sufficient accuracy of data not more than seventy percent. It is mandatory to diagnose the sensitivity of the organism to a group of antibiotics, through which they will prescribe treatment. The detection of Mycoplasma hominis and Mycoplasma genitalium is not mandatory for treatment. If they only do not cause inflammatory diseases, urethritis, pyelonephritis, gardnerellez, however the doctor should always remember about the presence of mycoplasmas in the body. It must be remembered that other microorganisms may be the causes of inflammatory diseases. For example, ureaplasmosis, diagnosis and treatment are more complex and long-term.

Treatment of mycoplasma in men

The structure of treatment of Mycoplasma hominis approximately corresponds to the treatment of gardnerellez, and Mycoplasma genitalium is very similar to the picture of treatment of ureaplasmosis. In chronic course of the disease, with complications, combining antibiotic therapy with additional methods of treatment of urethral instillation, physiotherapy, vitamin therapy and immunotherapy.

Selection of treatment depends on the characteristics of the biology of microorganisms leading to the disease. Different drugs have different sensitivity to mycoplasmas, for this, a more detailed diagnosis of the pathogen is needed. Mycoplasmas are sensitive to the action of tetracycline antibiotics, antifungal drugs, antiprotozoal drugs, macrolides, lincosamines.

For the prevention of mycoplasmosis, a man needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, to quit smoking whenever possible, to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed to zero, and to strengthen his body with physical exercises and healthy nutrition. Naturally, at this time a man should become selective during sexual intercourse, be sure to be protected from the possibility of contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually. The ideal option is the presence of a permanent partner, whom you trust and with whom you will be calm for your health. Very important is the absence of bad habits of a partner, as we know, a woman is much harder to get rid of them, and the harm that is done to the body has a catastrophic scale, because tomorrow you can decide to have a baby, and the consequences for both will be just awful. Take care of your health and the health of a person close to you today, take a survey for mycoplasma in the body, eliminate negative consequences for the functioning of the body.