Hair during pregnancy: growth, care

Hair during pregnancy: growth, care

When pregnancy occurs, in the female body great changes begin to occur. Starts the development of certain hormones that contribute to the normal maturation of the fetus. However, their effect on the body is reflected not only in the fetus, but also in the appearance of the woman. And it's not about the growing abdomen, but about the hair.

The structure of the curls also undergoes strong changes during pregnancy, and therefore require a special attention from the woman to herself. Therefore, I would like to talk separately about how the hair changes during pregnancy and how to properly care for them during this period.

Hair growth

For sure, every woman noted that with the onset of pregnancy, her hair became strong, strong, thick and began to grow better. They practically do not drop out and do not stay on the comb when combing. Naturally, such changes can not but rejoice.

There are such changes as a result of an increase in the body of the hormone estrogen, which supports the course of pregnancy. However, after the birth of a child, the level of this hormone begins to decrease and the hormonal background becomes the same. And the boundless happiness of a woman is clouded by the deterioration of the condition of the hair.

They again get the same look, lose their shine and become greasy or dry. Especially it becomes noticeable on 3-4 month after birth, when the hormonal background is completely normalized.

Hair during pregnancy

Quite often during this period, such changes in women are associated with abnormal hair loss. However, this is completely wrong. Hair loss after pregnancy is normal. During this period, those hairs fall out, which should have fallen out if there was no pregnancy.

If a woman is breastfeeding her baby, her hair loss process is not so pronounced, because her body is still "raging" hormones, which contribute to the production of breast milk.

As a rule, the loss of curls occurs six months after delivery. If this process does not stop by itself, then it most likely indicates a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In this case, the intake of vitamin complexes is required. If at the moment you are breastfeeding, vitamins should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Hair cutting during pregnancy

When women are carrying a child, they become superstitious and will be entrusted to the fact that hair can not be cut during pregnancy. Allegedly it helps to shorten the life of a future child or fade the development of the fetus.

Remember! Hair cutting does not affect the development of the fetus and the life of the child in the future. All this is utter nonsense, which was told by someone many years ago.

Hair cutting during pregnancy is simply necessary. First, it will preserve the aesthetic appearance of the woman, and secondly, the haircut helps to get rid of split ends, thereby improving the growth of curls.

So remember, cutting hair during pregnancy is not only possible, but it is also necessary. And do not believe all these signs that make a woman in this beautiful period of her life look not in the best way.

Hair coloring during pregnancy

Hair in pregnant women grows very quickly, which leads to the appearance of roots that differ in color of the basic tone of the curls. Naturally, the desire to look perfect always and everywhere arises in all pregnant women. Therefore, the emergence of the question of whether it is possible during this period to dye the hair, occurs quite often.

If you need to trim hair during pregnancy, there is no doubt, then there are a lot of them about staining.

Conventional hair colors contain chemical compounds that, when interacting with the scalp, penetrate the circulatory system. And already through it they get to the fetus. And the chemical effect of its development can not be reflected in the best way.
Of course, you can take advantage of the latest hair coloring technologies that prevent paint from contacting the skin. However, do not forget about the poisonous vapors that emit chemical paints. Inhaling them, a pregnant woman may feel bad, and this, too, can affect the condition of the fetus.

Therefore, it is best to abandon the idea of ​​dyeing hair during pregnancy. And if you are not at all patient, you should pay attention to colors that do not contain ammonia. They, as a rule, do not emit an unpleasant smell and do not emit harmful fumes. But they are not completely safe, as they also contain chemical elements in their composition.

Hair coloring during pregnancy

To color the hair of a pregnant woman, you should pay attention to natural dyes. This lemon, honey, onion peel, chamomile broth, cognac and much more. They contribute to changing the tone of hair by 0.5-1 units. And if you use them all the time, you can forget about coloring ringlets with chemical paints.

In addition, natural colors contribute to the strengthening and restoration of hair. Therefore, their use is not only harmless to the fetus, but also useful for the head of the future mother.

Hair care rules during pregnancy

Hair care during pregnancy is almost the same as caring for locks in a normal human condition. Wash your head with as much contamination and use the right cosmetic products. But here everything is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.

Despite the fact that the hair during pregnancy becomes strong and dense, do not make those gross mistakes that you must have done before you learned about your interesting situation.

The process of washing the head requires certain rules to be observed. First, you need to prepare the water for the right temperature. The optimum temperature of water for washing the head is 40С-50С.

Remember, you can not wash your head with hot or cold water, especially during pregnancy, when you can expect anything from the body. Cold water damages the hair, making it dry and brittle. The process of washing the head with cold water is not comfortable and can provoke the development of colds. And during pregnancy, any illness can lead to complications.

Hot water on the contrary has a good effect on the condition of the hair, but it helps to increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. And if you are naturally greasy curls, apply too hot water for water procedures is not necessary.

It is also very important what kind of shampoo is used during the washing of the head. At pregnancy it is necessary to use cosmetic means in which the natural components contain much more than chemical components. Of course, it is best if a woman during this period uses either baby shampoos( they contain the least harmful components) or natural shampoos( mustard, egg yolks, etc.).

If you use industrial cleaning products, carefully study its composition. If you have any doubts when studying the composition, it is better not to use this shampoo.

To determine whether natural ingredients are available in the product is very simple. To do this, it is enough just to pay attention to the shelf life of the shampoo. The more it is, the less it contains natural ingredients and more preservatives and other chemical elements.

So, back to the process of washing your head. Shampoo should not be applied directly to the hair. Otherwise, its uniform distribution in the locks will be impossible, and this will lead to poor-quality cleaning of the scalp and curls. Shampoo should be previously diluted in water and beat until foam appears.

The rules of hair care during pregnancy

Then this foam should be applied to the hair and left for a couple of minutes. To wash off the product from the curls you need a lot of water, and after it you need to use conditioner or balm. These cosmetics soften the curls and prevent their fragility.

Dry hair is also needed correctly. After washing, wrap your head with a towel and walk around for about half an hour. Then remove it and allow the hair to dry completely. Use a hair dryer or other tools to dry curls is not worth it, as they damage the structure of the hair and make them dry and brittle.

If you really need to dry your hair after washing your head, then you need to use thermal protection. However, it is worth remembering that they also contain chemical elements that can even cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, their use must be done with caution.

Remember! Never wet hair is combed. After washing, they become vulnerable and easily damaged, and also drop out. If you carry out the experiment and comb the hair after washing one comb, and after drying the other, you will see that the number of fallen hairs on the second is much smaller.

Hair care during pregnancy involves the use of natural cosmetics. Their use allows not only to clean them, but also to restore their structure, which will not remain unnoticed after delivery.

Do not be afraid of pregnancy. It's a wonderful time, which gives you positive emotions. And unless they can be when you look bad? The final, no. So do not be afraid to change your appearance during pregnancy. The main thing is, do it right!

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