How to gain weight fast - diet for thin

How to gain weight quickly - a diet for lean

For most people, the word "diet" is associated with constant malnutrition, depression from excessive weight, as well as an already rare consumption of not the most delicious foods. However, strange as it may seem, there are people and problems of a fundamentally different nature, in particular, thousands and millions of people are daily looking online for information on how to gain weight. ..

The sight at the root of the problem

First of all, it is necessary to decide on thea number of important issues. First, calculate your own mass index - if it is within the norm, then there is no reason to worry and go on a diet designed to save children from third world countries. Secondly, if you want this or not, ask your doctor - it is not at all necessary that you are something to be sick, but it's worth it to be sure of your own health before changing your lifestyle and nutrition.

Finally, visit the fitness center, whose specialists are able to determine the exact deficit of mass. In particular, they will be able to tell you which tissues are not enough in your body - fatty or still muscle, and then prepare for you the basic recommendations on diet and exercise.

Violate the rules of

As you might have guessed, in order to gain weight, it is necessary to violate almost every rule that the people suffering with excess weight try hard to observe. However, if you approach this question too literally, you can finish your diet not in front of a mirror, where a person with the forms that you would like to see is looking at you, but on a hospital bed, because an excessively wrong approach will simply kill half of your digestive organs.

So how to gain weight quickly and yet do not go off with a stomach ulcer? Start with the normalization of the diet. Is, as with weight loss, you need to evenly. Without fail, you must have breakfast, lunch and dinner, the company of which will be three snacks.

We make the list of purchases

To type weight for a week, both to the girl, and to the guy, it is quite real. However, for this it is necessary to go to the nearest store and pick up to your refrigerator such a "filler", which will migrate from it to your body and stay there for a long time.

how to gain weight quickly

Let's start with the fact that you should stock up on butter. Different spreads and margarines in this case will not help - only natural and natural products with animal protein. Dairy products, in principle, can do you a great service, because they have a very good effect on the digestibility of the food that you consume with them.

Together with milk, kefir, fermented baked milk and various yoghurts, you can also grab a cheese - with its help you can cook a variety of sandwiches, and with pasta it looks and eats quite with pleasure.

Now about the meat. Down with the chicken fillet - if you so want chicken, buy a package of shins or wings, which can be tasted bake in the oven. With a fillet this "trick" will not work, because it lacks peel, which preserves all the nutrients during baking. In addition to poultry meat it is necessary to stock up pork, beef and, if you know how to cook it properly, lamb.

How to gain weight quickly

What else can you eat in order to gain weight? Remember your childhood, when my mother and, in particular, my grandmother forced you to eat everything with bread - even pasta. It's time to return this forgotten tradition. Bread is and can be, preferring white. Perfectly suitable for various buns, which can be consumed just like that, and used as a "raw" for sandwiches with butter.

Finally, all the most delicious we left for last. In the store you should type and various sweets that will help you make snacks and regular tea drinking more useful and "hearty".First of all, it is worth buying dried fruits, milk chocolate, cookies, kozinaki and halva. All these products are not only tasty, but also have a very digestible composition that gives you the calories you need now.

We compose a menu for weighting

How quickly to gain weight to a girl, woman or man? Eat everything we bought in the previous section! Naturally, if you make a noble vinaigrette out of this, then the taste will turn out to be very refined, and it will not be of any use - your body will simply not survive such a thermonuclear portion of calories. Therefore, let's lay out all the calories bought in the store, in order to transfer them without too much haste into your body.

How to quickly gain weight to a girl

Let's start with the basic rules. First of all, when you choose the composition of food for the nearest use, try to combine carbohydrates and proteins. In particular, an ideal breakfast, suitable for this scheme, will be fried eggs with a sandwich of white bread, topped with butter or slices of cheese. If the eggs are fed up or you simply do not like its taste, you can replace it with the usual porridge for many, which is worth adding a piece of butter. Porridge can be any - rice, semolina or even oatmeal. In general, try to remember or get a list of dishes, which are fed by children in kindergartens - all this food is very nutritious and contributes to weight gain.

So, with breakfast everything is clear, what to eat for lunch? Try to cook something most delicious, hearty, fried and crusted. For example, if your lunch consists of macaroni or rice, in addition to which is a well-fried( and, ideally, baked) piece of pork, then you are doing everything right.

Dinner is built on the same principle as dinner, but with a small adjustment for serving size - you need to eat a little more. Pork can be replaced with beef or fatty fish. For example, if you are not indifferent to herring or mackerel, you can use it with baked or boiled potatoes - delicious, quick and very satisfying.

What to do to enhance the effect?

As with losing weight, when asking for weight, the question often arises: "How to eat to gain weight faster?"While speeding up weight loss can be difficult, speeding up weight gain can be very simple and fast. To do this, there are at least two recom- mendable prescriptions that will allow you to achieve the desired results and not undermine your own health.

First, start eating before bed. Naturally, you do not need to go to bed with a bun with a bun - it's not useful, and it's not convenient to lie in bed with delicious crumbs, when these crumbs broke off from a piece of bread and they do not want to give you a blanket under the blanket. At the same time, if one hour before going to bed you eat a plate of semolina or rice porridge, flavored with a slice of butter, the effect will be more tangible and no less useful.

How to eat to gain weight

Secondly, do not forget about the proven methods of recruitment, which are practiced by athletes with might and main. They are called gayners. In fact, they call any nutritional product, the main task of which is to supply the body with a large dose of kilocalories. These mixtures can be bought in shops and cooked at home - usually a dose of the geyner is diluted with warm water or milk, then used for a couple of minutes. Similar "neck" can replace snacks or the same notorious porridge before bed. As for the composition, these powders contain proteins and carbohydrates, deprived of excess substances that pass through your body. Ideally, a good gainer is absorbed almost completely.

If doubtful powders inspire distrust, they can be replaced by more natural analogs( however, there is no need, but still).The simplest geyner, which can be "depicted" at home, is made from 100 grams of cottage cheese, half a liter of milk and a couple of bananas. All this must be mixed in a blender and consumed.

By the way, in addition to these two methods, you can add another and third. It sounds quite simple: drink more water. Water actively participates in the creation of tissues - both muscular and fat.

Weight and Sport

How can a girl gain weight and, at the same time, achieve a beautiful, not fat figure? Just like the boy - it is worth going to the gym. Naturally, the training program for weight gain should be slightly different. In particular, do not abuse anaerobic and cardio loads - they are aimed at getting rid of fluid and, accordingly, weight. In this case, such loads do not give a significant increase in muscle mass.

Instead, you can resort to two methods of attending the gym. First of all, pay attention to the workouts aimed at gaining muscle mass. Since you hardly want to become a bodybuilder( or rather a "bodybuilder"), then the number of approaches and the volume of the load should be reduced at least twice.

In addition, if pulling bars and dumbbells disgusts your habits, you can turn to a more simple and exciting sport - swimming. It's only here that you should restrain yourself and do not try to beat the Olympic records. No high-speed swim, no exhausting hours of training - only pastime in the water on the principle "I'm going to splash around in the pool."

Plus sports loads in that they not only allow your weight to fix in the muscles, but also allow you to "work up" the appetite, through which the consumption of high-calorie food will be easier and more pleasant.

Finally, speaking of sports and healthy lifestyles, you can not fail to mention the kinds of loads that should be kept as far as possible if your goal is weight gain. This includes a sauna, a sauna and a solarium - all these procedures are aimed at evaporation of excess moisture, and if you try to compensate for its lack by drinking a glass of water or other liquid before the procedure, then just disperse the metabolism and burn everything that was typed with such difficulty.

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